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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  1. 1. QUOTES What gems of painting or statuary are in theOne must be a wise world of art, or whatreader to quote wisely flowers are in theand well. - Amos world of nature, areBronson Alcott gems of thought to the cultivated and theThe maxims of men thinking. - Oliverdisclose their hearts. - Wendell HolmesFrench Proverb Stealing someoneTo select well among elses words frequentlyold things, is almost spares theequal to inventing new embarrassment ofones. - Nicholas eating your own. -Charles Trublet Peter AndersonI have gathered a posie A short saying oftof other mens flowers, contains muchand nothing but the wisdom. - Sophoclesthread that binds themis my own. - Michel de It often happens thatMontaigne the quotations constitute the mostProverbs are mental valuable part of agems gathered in the book. - Vicesimusdiamond districts of Knoxthe mind. - William R.Alger
  2. 2. A collection of rare A proverb is muchthoughts is nothing less matter decocted intothan a cabinet of few words. - Thomasintellectual gems.- FullerWilliam B. Sprague A maxim is the exactGood sayings are like and noble expressionpearls strung together. of an important and- Chinese Proverb indisputable truth. Good maxims are theA proverb is to speech germs of allwhat salt is to food. - excellence; whenArabic Proverb firmly fixed on theProverbs are the cream memory, they nourishof a nations thought. - the will. - JosephUnknown JoubertThere is not less wit, It is delightful tonot less invention, in transport ones self intoapplying rightly a the spirit of the past, tothought one finds in a see how a wise manbook, than in being the has thought before us,first author of that and to what gloriousbook. - Pierre Boyle height we have at last reached. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  3. 3. Time is of of no Human success is aaccount with great quotation fromthoughts, which are as overhead. - Charles H.fresh today as when Parkhurstthey first passed A well-cultivated mindthrough their authors is, so to speak, mademinds ages ago. - up of all the minds ofSamuel Smiles preceding ages; it isThe diamond may only one single mindadorn royalty, which has beenregardless of personal educated during all thisworth; but jewels of time. - Bernard dethought render even Bovier de Fontenellepoverty illustrious and Maxims are thesublime. condensed good sense- found in Gems for of nations. - Sir J.the Fireside MackintoshProverbs may be said Many ideas growto be the abridgment of better whenwisdom. - Joseph transplanted intoJoubert another mind, than inThe proverb answers the one where theywhere the sermon fails. sprung up. - Oliver- W. G. Simms Wendell Holmes
  4. 4. Always have a book athand, in the parlor, onthe table, for thefamily; a book ofcondensed thought andstriking anecdote, ofsound maxims andtruthful apothegms. Itwill impress on yourown mind a thousandvaluable suggestions,and teach your childrena thousand lessons oftruth and duty. Such abook is a casket ofjewels for yourhousebold. - TryonEdwards