Nike Video Viral Campaign


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Nike Video Viral Campaign

  1. 1. + Campaign Management Prof. David Gracia Fabre IE Business School - MDMK2010 Nike Video Viral Campaign By Leonardo Bittan June 1st, 2009
  2. 2. + What is Viral Marketing? Definition Types  Marketing techniques that use  Video clips pre-existing social networks to  Interactive Flash games achieve certain objectives such as increases brand awareness or  advergames product sales through self- replicating viral processes, very  Ebooks similar to the spread of  Brandable software pathological and computer viruses.  Images  text messages.  Applications
  3. 3. + Nike Viral Video Campaign: 'Laker Kobe Bryant Attempts Massive Stunt'
  4. 4. + Objectives Brand awareness – Nike Product awareness - Hyperdunks Brand engagement High and intense viewership Quality comments
  5. 5. Strategy •Over a dozen of seeded placements in video platforms like and MySpace TV •Free to share •Easy to share •Major sport celebrity – Kobe Bryant •Exotic car •Home video look-and-feel makes the stunt look more real •The viewer is likely to wonder whether it was a true or a fake jump •Launch the campaign during end of NBA season - Playoffs +
  6. 6. + Results Viral Placements in % Placement in Units Copies Seeded Viral Derivatives 20 40% 60% 260 Total Views Seeded Seeded 5,920,000 , 37% Viral 10,080,000 Total Views 16,000,000 Viral, 6 3%
  7. 7. + More Results Comments Engagement Curve  35,000 Comments  Based on a term frequently analysis, we can conclude that the audience was strongly engaged  Admiration: ‘best’, ‘must-see’ High Captivation  Skepticism: ‘fake’, ‘stunt’, ‘real’ As Kobe takes the jump, there is a  Product placement: curve spike indicating the amount of ‘Nike’, ‘shoe’, ‘Aston’ people who wanted to re-watch the video to see if it was real or not.
  8. 8. +  Provides effortless transfer to others  The selected medium (Internet) has characteristic to ease the replication and transfer of messages  It is free to share  Scales easily from small to very large  The platforms selected to seed the videos were Reasons of Success appropriate to sustain high volumes of spread  Exploits common motivations and objectives  The featured person (Kobe Bryant) is highly known and followed  Home video look-and-feel intrigues viewers. Is it true?  Takes advantages of others’ resources  Social networks carry with them a huge database of possible viewers  Emotion appeal  Risk of death experience factor was crucial
  9. 9. + Viral Videos - Derivatives
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  11. 11. + Leonardo Bittan Skype: leobittan MSN: