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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. World software DO IT FOR: Douglas Jimenez Jhonatan Dahdah
  2. 2. The Careless of Our Cultural Patrimony:After the political independence of ourcountry they were in the forgetfulness andthe memory of the pain, the monumentslazy by the pre-Hispanic inhabitants andtheir technologies that did not get to beapplied at the republican time
  3. 3. The Society opens the eyes :As of 1950, the Peruvian state undertook the hardtask of protecting and of preserving old culturalmonuments lazy by Peruvian and the ecologicalzones of greater importance.In 1985, the Peruvian state gave the first statutes ofnational and international protection of the culturalpatrimonies of the nation. From then Peru it hasinitiated a slow process of recovery of the archaeologicalzones in our country
  4. 4. ArcTron, one good software dedicated to the care of our cultural patrimony: This software developed in Germany, allows us toreconstruct diverse cultural monuments digitally and toknow how delicate they are, whichever antiquity keep andother data that are of importance in the care of ourarchaeological zones
  5. 5. Archaeological software package of Bonn (BASP)The Archaeological Software package of Bonn (BASP) is anonlucrative project of development of a software by and forarchaeologists. It comes being developed from 1973 and itincludes more than 70 functions for the seriación andcataloguing, analyses of correspondences and cartographicapplications applied to archaeology.
  6. 6. PROPOSALS AND CONCLUSIONS• Creation of regional museums with the archaeological pieces that are in possession of the citizens and other patrimonial relics.• That the programs of artistic activities of the municipality go to other places to present them and as interchange form.• To make a documentary registry in different formats of the tangible and intangible patrimony from each community.• Integral Participation of the communities in the advantage of the cultural patrimony Aid for the rescue of archaeological pieces and dances.
  7. 7. Thanks