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Know These 5 Photo Booth Posing Tips


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Photo booths completely change the picture-taking experience. Instead of rigid, awkwardly-posed photographs, you get colorful, fascinating photos that people can’t stop looking at and laughing at. You will have lots of great taking the shots too.

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Know These 5 Photo Booth Posing Tips

  2. 2. Here are the list of 5 simple tips that you can apply in doing photo booth, aiming each time to come out with pictures t hat would go beyond the traditional photo booth pictures and have the extra wow factor.
  3. 3. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS Keep your eyes peeled for details in your surroundings. This includes on people (clothing, accessories, etc) as well as at your venue/location (centerpieces, tabl e settings, utensils, etc) RUN WITH THEIR PERSONALITY When you direct people in a photobooth, its important to take into conside ration the personality of the people you’re working with. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NUMBERS With the new photobooth designs these days (especially with open air photobooths), its not uncommon to be able to squeeze in anywhere from 1 to even 15 people in a single photobooth shot!
  4. 4. DON’T POSE, DIRECT Imagine yourself the director of a very simple movie. Rather then tell each pers on exactly what gesture to make, what facial expression to have, with the exact timing, try giving them a “story” or “concept” that they can take and run with. SHOW ME THE ACTION! Just because a picture captures a single moment in time doesn’t mean th at picture itself needs to be of a static pose!
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