Platform 10.12 Tech updates


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Imaging technology and Internet updates by Leonard Goh at Platform 10.12.

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Platform 10.12 Tech updates

  1. 1. 5 imaging trends that affect photographers ways the Internet can help photographers
  2. 2. 5 imaging trends that affect photographers
  3. 3. What are trends- Persistent- Impact- Affect individuals, groups- Change outlook
  4. 4. Imaging TrendsThank you, Steve Jobs (Credit: Allan Hoffman/ Winter used an iPhone 4 with the Hipstamatic app and the pictures are published on front page of NYT.
  5. 5. Imaging TrendsDevice convergence Convergence of video and still images may bring about a new breed of imaging artist. Keep up, or lose out.
  6. 6. Imaging TrendsThe next Bresson will use a ...Lower prices of micro systems means that the next big name in the photo industry dont have to spend too much for his first serious camera.
  7. 7. Imaging TrendsStep back in timeThe camera industry is looking back to the past for inspiration, and it wont be soon before long that brands start to go all out in a specification-war again.
  8. 8. Imaging TrendsMore people are buying dSLRsMarket is changing. More people are shooting for monetary rewards now, and competition will only get stiffer. Exploit your knowledge to gain a foothold in the industry.
  9. 9. 5 the internet can help photographers
  10. 10. The internet- is everywhere- is anonymous- is policed- is here to stay
  11. 11. Internet and photographersGet syndicatedSacha Goldbergers works was syndicated across various popculture (BoingBoing), tech (Gizmodo), lifestyle and other Web sites. This doesnt include the Facebook and Twitter mentions he got. Another example is Philip Toledano with Days With My Father.
  12. 12. Internet and photographersStart blogging People want to know more about you, outside of your designated position. Another avenue to showcase personal works otherwise not suitable for publication.
  13. 13. Start blogging People want to know more about you, outside of your designated position. Another avenue to showcase personal works otherwise not suitable for publication.I use
  14. 14. Internet and photographersHop on the social media bandwagon Great way to seed your works fast. Free. Dont keep everything to yourself. Share, and others will do likewise for your works. The Internet will rate you. The more you share, the "higher" your ranking in the Webosphere. Allow others to get to know you as a human, not as a photographer.
  15. 15. Internet and photographersNo reason to not know The Web is a giant encyclopedia, and its all in your hands. Theres always Google. But your email shouldnt be on 24/7.
  16. 16. Internet and photographersIP issues Is everything on the Web free? If I were to alter something to your photo, is it considered mine? How much can I use? Creative Commons license?
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