Chapter 7


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Chapter 7 Earth our homr.

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Chapter 7

  1. 1. Chapter 7 What a wonderful World
  2. 2. Overview of the Physical Environment • Components • Land – landforms, Rocks Land Landforms, roc ks • Water – River, lakes Oceans Air Weather, clima te • Air – Weather & Climate • Living Environment – Natural Vegetation, Wildlife Water Rivers, lakes, oceans Living Environment Natural vegetation, wildlife
  3. 3. Landforms and rocks • created and changed by processes beneath and on the earth’s surface • Examples : mountains and volcanoes , Limestone and granite Grand Canyon in USA A limestone cave
  4. 4. Rivers, lakes & oceans • Rivers are stream of water which flow from high ground to low ground • It may include waterfalls and deltas A river A waterfall
  5. 5. Weather and climate • Earth is covered with gaseous environment called the atmosphere. • Weather. Condition of the atmosphere over a period of time. • Climate is a weather pattern over 30 years and more. • Elements of weather & climate • Temperature • Rainfall • wind
  6. 6. Natural Vegetation • Plants which have not been planted by people but have grown naturally.
  7. 7. Interrelationships between the components • The amount of rain affects the natural vegetation. • Rivers create and change the landforms on the Earth’s surface
  8. 8. Activity 1 • This photograph of a rainstorm over Yukon River, Canada, demonstrates how the components of the physical environment such as weather, river and landforms are interrelated. • Can you describe their interrelationships?
  9. 9. Activity 2 • The physical environment comprises the living environment, water, air and land, which are all closely related to one another. • Discuss the interrelationships between the various components from this photograph.