Ganoderma Lucidium Reishi Lingzhi fungi


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Lingzhi is a mushroom. Its botanical name is Ganoderma. The Japanese calls it Reishi.
It’s a functional food, not medicine. Read more about Lingzhi, benefits, and frequently asked questions.
This slide made by Leona Chin, you may use it to gain more info about Lingzhi. We learn and we share. Do your part and share this useful information to others so that they know how good Lingzhi really is. I hope it will help you in your business and knowledge. All the best in Shuang Hor Business. Go Diamond!
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Ganoderma Lucidium Reishi Lingzhi fungi

  1. 1. LINGZHI – REISHI GANODERMA LUCIDIUM Lingzhi by the Shuang Hor Group
  2. 2. HISTORY – LINGZHI & REISHI & GANODERMA  Zhang Zhongjing, a prominent Chinese physician of ancient China , once said, “he who delivers cure before the onset of a disease is a great physician.”  In today’s context, it means “prevention is better than cure.”  Among the countless health-care formulations in the market today, Lingzhi stands tall as a miraculous and unparalleled health food.  Lingzhi is a mushroom. Its botanical name is Ganoderma. The Japanese calls it Reishi.  It’s a functional food, not medicine
  3. 3. MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT LINGZHI  There are many misconceptions about Lingzhi by people who are not well versed with the product or are affected by unfounded hearsay.  It is hoped that this slide will also help to address these issues and create a greater awareness of the superiority and goodness of Lingzhi.
  4. 4. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CONSUMING LINGZHI? A good quality Lingzhi contains many active components, of which the four most important are:-  Polysaccharide  Strengthens immune system, improve body constitution  Triterpenoids  Improves liver functions, alleviates allergy, promotes platelet aggregation  Adenosine  Improves blood circulation, inhibits platelet aggregation  Lingzhi 8 Protein  Modulates immune system, activates Natural Killer Cells, enhances cells regeneration
  5. 5. FUNCTIONS AND BENEFITS OF LINGZHI Protects the heart Improved blood circulation, Reduces cholesterol, blood thinner Improves/modulates immune system Prevents common cough, cold, allergies, improves body constitution and regulates the immune system Enhances cellular health Healthy cells lead to healthy organs and a healthy body, resulting in the prevention of degenerative diseases Improves detoxification Improves liver functions and other body systems Lingzhi does not cure but normalizes and regulates the body constitution via the above benefits It scans and highlights early symptoms of illness thereby allowing us to detect and take preventive measures
  6. 6. SHUANG HOR GROUP  Shuang Hor Group is the world’s leading producer of Lingzhi  It currently produces 3 types of Lingzhi,  Jia Hor Lingzhi  Yung Kien Ganoderma1  Yung Kien Ganoderma2  Shuang Hor Group was established in Taiwan in 1988. It has vast experience in cultivation, manufacture and distribution of Lingzhi.
  7. 7. SHUANG HOR GROUP – SUPERIOR QUALITY LINGZHI  Research and Development Center, which continuously researches into the species cultivation  Lingzhi Farm in Bai Ho, Taiwan, which is the world’s biggest and most professionally run Lingzhi farm.  Manufacturing plant, Yung Kien Industries where the Lingzhi is processed in accordance with the GMP standards. Shuang Hor Lingzhi is extracted using dual phase technology, whereby the active constituents like Polysaccharide, Triterpenoids, Adenosine and LZ 8 Protein are extracted.  Yung Kien Industries, Awarded – the Health Food GMP Accreditation and ISO 9001 – Version 2000
  8. 8. SHUANG HOR GROUP – SUPERIOR QUALITY LINGZHI  In Short, Lingzhi from Shuang Hor Group is the most professionally cultivated and processed Lingzhi, making it the world’s market leader today.  This is possible because the Company is a pioneer in this field and is in the forefront of Lingzhi Research & Development.  Shuang Hor Lingzhi Carries a Product Liability Insurance.  Shuang Hor Lingzhi has gained international recognition, such as endorsements from Japan Health Food Association (JHFA), Ministry of Health Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Health Science Authority of Singapore.
  9. 9. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA  This product was launched in Taiwan in 2000.  It is a premium quality Lingzhi that has chalked up two FIRSTS under the Health Food Act of Taiwan.  The Health Food Accreditation Certificate #A00003 for Yung Kien Ganoderma, with validity from 24th July 2010 to 24th July 2015, covers a full description for the following health maintenance efficacies:  (A) Immuno-regulatory Health Food Accreditation certifies that Yung Kien Ganoderma is:- 1. Capable of promoting the production of antibodies. 2. Capable of enhancing the production of immune cells. 3. Capable of modulating the functions of T cells. 4. Capable of promoting the vitality of natural killer cells. 5. Capable of promoting the vitality of phagocytes.  (B) Based on the results of animals tests, in which carbon tetrachloride was used to inflict damage on mouse liver with functions as shown below: 1. Capable of reducing the indices of GOT and GPT. 2. Capable of increasing the protein content in the liver.
  11. 11. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA – SUMMARY  Yung Kien Ganoderma is able to combat bacteria, virus attack and diseases related to the immune system such as cancer, allergies, auto immune system disorder, etc thereby providing an inpregnable shield of protection to our body system.  Yung Kien Ganoderma is capable of lowering the risk of liver diseases and at the same time promoting regeneration of liver functions
  12. 12. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  There are so many types of Lingzhi in the market. How do I know which is the best?  The criteria for selecting quality Lingzhi are: I. Specie I. A good specie with higher active components will ensure greater efficacy. II. Growing environment I. Lingzhi is a highly absorbent plant. Thus, it is important that it is grown in a clean environment, free from contaminants and pollutants. III. Age I. Different species of Lingzhi have different maturity period. However it is important that the harvest time is made when the effective components are the richest. Hence, the timing of the harvest is very important. IV. Processing method I. Different components in the Lingzhi can only be extracted using different medium, and at differing temperatures. As such, good quality Lingzhi is one that is extracted using multiple medium and differing temperature and is in water soluble form. V. Endorsements by relevant authorities I. Last but not least, a good quality Lingzhi should have endorsements from Government and Health authorities.
  13. 13. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  How can I be sure that Lingzhi marketed by Shuang Hor Group is the best?  Established in 1988.  Patented species  Cultivated in a controlled environment, free from pollutants  Constantly monitored and harvested at the optimum age  Contains 100% concentrated Lingzhi extract  Extracted using dual phase technology via multiple mediums and differing temperature  Stringent Quality Control exercised from cultivation to processing  Gained international recognition & endorsements
  14. 14. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  What is the main difference between Jia Hor Lingzhi and Yung Kien Ganoderma?  Different species of Lingzhi  Fruit body used in formulating YK Ganoderma has a much higher content of effective components.  Triterpenoid content is 3 times higher than Jia Hor Lingzhi  Macro molecular polysaccharide content is 2 times higher than Jia Hor Lingzhi
  15. 15. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  Why is Yung Kien Ganoderma being sold at a higher price than Jia Hor Lingzhi?  Effective components are much higher.  Involves different method of cultivation which results in a lower yield  Higher production costs.
  16. 16. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  Which Lingzhi should I take? Jia Hor Lingzhi or Yung Kien Ganoderma?  Yung Kien Ganoderma is recommended for:-  Those who have been consuming other Lingzhi products with no obvious health improvements  The health conscious middle age people and senior citizens  Those who have special health care need or those who require relatively larges doses of Lingzhi products due to their special health condition
  17. 17. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  Some people say that Lingzhi spores are more effective than Lingzhi fruit bodies  The optimum time to harvest the Lingzhi is just before the fruit body releases the spores and fruit body are obtained.  Lingzhi products made from fruit body would give more complete benefits, compared to those made from purely Lingzhi spores.
  18. 18. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  Some people say wild Lingzhi is better than cultivated Lingzhi?  When Lingzhi is gathered from the wild, the species, growing environment and age are usually unknown.  Difficult to determine the exact quality of wild Lingzhi  Cultivated Lingzhi is much safer and consistent in quality compared to Lingzhi grown in the wild
  19. 19. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  Some people say the Lingzhi is poisonous.  There are a few thousand types of mushroom  Only 10% are edible, because most are poisonous  Lingzhi has been documented in the Chinese Medical Pharmacopoeia “Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing” (BC 100) and “ Ben Cao Gang Mu” (AD1518) as a superior quality herb that is  non-toxic  Neutral in nature  Long term usage will promote good health  Longevity  Prevent aging
  20. 20. YUNG KIEN GANODERMA FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS  Lingzhi is no good because it has side effects  Lingzhi does not cause side effects  However there is a particular phenomenon worth mentioning  Lingzhi helps normalize the body constitution by helping the body to detoxify and improve metabolism  Consumers of Lingzhi will experience some Vertigo Reaction also known as “Healing Crisis”, meaning the body will go through a period of discomfort before it gets comfortable  This happens when stored toxins are being dissolved and discharged from the body.  These discomforts have been misunderstood as side effects
  21. 21. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE HEALING CRISIS/ VERTIGO REACTIONS?  Flatulence / Passing out gas  One may pass out gass many times a day for about a week or so. ( a sign of toxic and trapped gas being eliminated from our congested colon and tissues).  Frequent bowel movements  Watery, smelly and black stools may be experienced for a number of days. This bowel movement reaction may sometimes be up to 3-4 times a day ( a sign of colon cleansing)  Perspiration  Those who seldom perspire will now swear it out even in a cool environment. Others may find themselves perspiring more. ( a sign of skin cleansing)
  22. 22. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE HEALING CRISIS/ VERTIGO REACTIONS?  Discharging of clots  Whatever blockages and / or infections are in the womb, uterus and cervix will be flushed out in the form of blood clots, extra menstrual flow, white/brown discharge for a number of days. ( a sign of reproductive organ cleansing)  Phlegm and mucus discharge  Lingzhi is indeed very helpful for asthma and bronchitis sufferers. More phlegm and mucus will be discharged. The longer the illness has advanced, the long the time is needed to clear the affected organs.  Lingzhi is also helpful for those who have sinus. Persistent running nose and itchy nostril will occur for a few weeks. Do not attempt to stop the running nose reaction, as this is only temporary. In some cases, blood debris and clots are discharged, a sign of final cleansing from the nose ( a sign of respiratory system cleansing)
  23. 23. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE HEALING CRISIS/ VERTIGO REACTIONS?  More urination  Increase in urination. Dark coloured urine will be passed our in advanced cases of high uric level and kidney malfunction. The colour will become clearer as the condition improves. (a sign of kidney and bladder cleansing)  Itchiness / Rashes  If the lymphatic vessels are contaminated with toxins, bacteria or virus, rashes will appear on the skin. Itchiness over the lymph nodes area will cause some discomfort for a few days ( depending on the level of contamination). If itchiness is unbearable apply ointment for relief. (a sign of lymphatic vessels cleansing)
  24. 24. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE HEALING CRISIS/ VERTIGO REACTIONS?  Dark stools and/ or blood traces in stool  Alcohol harms the liver. It hardnes the liver and causes it to malfunction. Lingzhi is able to remove alcohol toxins to allow cells in the liver to regenerate and be normal again.  Reactions such as dark and bloody stools can be seen passing out for a number of days  However, bowel movement will resume normal function once this temporary reaction is over  A sign of liver cleansing  Other general Vertigo Reactions  Better sleep, increased energy level, sleepiness, fever are some of them.
  25. 25. HOW LONG DO THESE VERTIGO REACTIONS LAST?  Reactions will differ from person to person  Depending on the amount of toxins in the body that are being eliminated  Consumers who experience the vertigo reactions will have faster results.  Those who do not encounter any reactions will find recovery slower.  The length of reaction also depends on the individual  A light reaction may last for about 3-7 days.  Severe ones will last for 7-30 days  Most importantly, they are only temporary phenomenon.
  26. 26. HOW LONG DO THESE VERTIGO REACTIONS LAST?  Sometimes symptoms of pain may surface.  If so, this is an indiction of tissue or organ weakness in the body  When pain appears at any point of time, increase dosage to double or triple to speed up the cleansing proess.  Should the pain persist for a longer period seek medical opinion.
  27. 27. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE VERTIGO REACTIONS PERSIST, SAY 3-4 WEEKS?  Lingzhi is also a SCANNER, in that it is able to scan the body of any diseases that is in the pre- illness stage.  Therefore, if the Vertigo Reactions persist, consult a doctor to get another opinion on your state of health
  28. 28. SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT LINGZHI DOES NOT WORK ON THEM  Lingzhi is not a medicine, so the effects of Lingzhi on the body are not immediate  Lingzhi is a functional health food, that slowly but steadily helps the body return to its normal functions  It does do by helping the body to get rid of toxins built up over the years, improve the immune system, and improve blood circulation, amongst others  It could be due to low Lingzhi dosage, short duration of Lingzhi conusmption of inconsistent consumption  Important to consume sufficient dosage consistently over a duration of 3 to 6 months to experience the full effects of Lingzhi
  29. 29. CAN I TAKE SHUANG HOR LINGZHI TOGETHER WITH MEDICATION?  It is important to note that all medication and treatment from doctors must be adhered to when taking Shuang Hor Lingzhi.  Shuang Hor Lingzhi should be taken hand in hand with western or traditional medicine and or any other form of therapy.  This is combined method of treatment has proven to be very effective and successful
  30. 30. SOME PEOPLE SAY THAT LINGZHI IS NOT SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE  The misconception that “Lingzhi is not for everyone” comes about because some consumers of Lingzhi were not properly briefed on what to expect after consuming Lingzhi, and mistaken the Vertigo Reactions as a negative reaction.  In fact Vertigo Reactions are a positive indication that the Lingzhi is taking effect in the body.  Lingzhi can be consumed by everyone.  Pregnant ladies, new born, elderly have consumed Lingzhi and found it very beneficial
  31. 31. IS THERE A DOSAGE GUIDE FOR LINGZHI?  Lingzhi is not a medicine.  It is neither a nutrient not vitamin.  It is classified as a food in the Chinese herbal medical compendium  It is harmless and has no side effects even on high dosages  Lingzhi is a scanner, cleanser and detoxifier, it helps our body to eliminate laden toxins to promote cells regeneration and enhances our body to heal itself  The more Lingzhi we consume, the more toxins are expelled.
  32. 32. IS THERE ARE DOSAGE GUIDE FOR LINGZHI?  Generally we suggest consuming 4-6 bottles within the first month for a thorough cleansing.  Thereafter, for maintenance of good health, consume at least 2-4 capsules per day.  However, we advise those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, asthma and kidney problem to start consuming Lingzhi with a lower dosage. For a start, 1 capsule per day for the first 3 days.  Then increase to 2 capsules per day ( i.e. 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night) for a week.  Subsequently, increase to 4 capsules a day ( i.e. 2 capsules in the morning 2 at night). After which, maintain at 6-8 capsules a day until the condition is normalized  Please continue with your western medication while consuming Shuang Hor Lingzhi until such time when your illness has improved. Then only do you reduce your western medication, with your doctor’s approval.
  33. 33. WHY MUST SHUANG HOR LINGZHI BE CONSUMED WITH YUNG KIEN POLLEN?  Health problems of modern generation are mostly caused by chronic nutritional imbalance.  Dietary bias, irregular eating habits and various reasons have brought about insufficient intake of essential nutrients. As a result of physiological degeneration, we will eventually fall ill.  Yung Kien Pollen contains more than 200 nutrient, including vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid, enzymes, co-enzymes, minerals etc.  Pollen can be readily assimilated and utilized by chronically undernourished body cells, it helps to restore the vitality of our body in a rapid manner.  Research found that it enhances the assimilation of polysaccharides in the body
  34. 34. LINGZHI IS TOO EXPENSIVE  In today’s living environment, it is not cheap to have and maintain good health.  Visits to clinics and specialists are expensive.  However when one is diagnosed with degenerative diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problem kidney malfunction etc, long-term medication which is needed for the whole life is not cheap either.  Thus, if Lingzhi can help promote good health and delay the onset of degenerative diseases, hen it is not expensive.  If one prescribes to the philosophy of “Prevention is better than Cure”, then one will find Shuang Hor Lingzhi inexpensive because of its health promoting capabilities.
  35. 35. LINGZHI FROM MEDICAL HALL IS CHEAPER  It may or may not be true  What is more important is one should consume quality Lingzhi  Good quality Lingzhi should be of a good species, properly cultivated/ grown, of the right age and professionally extracted  One might not be able to ascertain the above in Lingzhi purchased from the medical hall
  36. 36. I AM HEALTHY SO THERE IS NOT NEED FOR ME TO CONSUME LINGZHI  A person may feel that he is healthy, however he may not be sure that his body is free of toxins.  The colon, skin, kidney/ bladder, lymph and lungs are the 5 major elimination channels, which help expel body toxins and wastes.  If one of the elimination channels in our body is not functioning well, the other channels are forced to compensate.  If they are unable to handle the overload, the toxins and wastes find their way back into the bloodstream circulating throughout the body and settling in the weakest organ and tissue areas.
  37. 37. I AM HEALTHY SO THERE IS NOT NEED FOR ME TO CONSUME LINGZHI  Toxicity in the body lays the groundwork for diseases. Of course the accumulation of toxins, which can cause injury to the cells, tissues or organs, does not happen overnight.  It takes many years before any symptoms of diseases can be seen of felt.  Taking Shuang Hor Lingzhi daily is assurance that toxins are being expelled from our body, making way for our cells to regenerate to promote better metabolic activities.  Shuang Hor Lingzhi is not meant only for the sick. Everyone should consume Shuang Hor Lingzhi for better health and for the prevention of future illness
  38. 38. While you still have your body intact, take good care of it now before it is too late. Love your body and give it the best. Take Shuang Hor Lingzhi
  39. 39. THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER TYPES OF HEALTH FOOD IN THE MARKET…  So what is so unique about Shuang Hor Lingzhi?  Most health food in the market today addresses only a specific problem or area.  However Shuang Hor Lingzhi is unique because  It is an Adaptogen- it does not cure but enables the body to heal itself. An adaptogen possesses these 3 qualities.  NON TOXIC, NON SPECIFIC, OVERALL NORMALIZING EFFECT  It has a 2 way efficacy. Lingzhi can promote platelet aggregation ( Triterpenoids) and inhibit platelet aggregation ( Adenosine)  Lingzhi is a proven product. It existed more than 3000 years ago and today it is one of the world’s most highly researched herbs  It can scan and highlight hidden illnesses  It can be taken on a long-term basis to promote good health and longevity  LINGZHI IS A STAR OF ALL HERBS  It is a single product for general health and many health related problems as it addresses most problems at ROOT
  40. 40. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BENEFITS EXPERIENCED BY SHUANG HOR LINGZHI CONSUMERS?  Better skin tone, smoother, clearer and fairer complexion  Acnes and pimples will disappear within a short period of time  Even scars and marks will fade away  Sound and deeper sleep  Regular bowel movements  Normalized blood pressure  Calmed nerves, less agitations  More energetic, no more fatigue, improved stamina  Less frequent sore throats, infections, enlarged lymph nodes and allergies,  Less frequent fever, cold and flu  Speedier recovery if one catches fever, old, flu, bacteria or viral infections  Improved conditions of high cholesterol, high lipids, high/low blood pressure  Improved conditions of various diseases like chronic bronchitis, hepatitis, diabetes, and various other diseases.
  41. 41. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE BENEFITS EXPERIENCED BY SHUANG HOR LINGZHI CONSUMERS?  Cancer patients undergoing western treatments ( chemotherapy) find supplementing with high dosage of Shuang Hor Lingzhi and Yung Kien Pollen helps them  Complete the course of Western treatment in a shorter period with less side effects and suffering  Improve their appetite and energy level, giving them a better quality of life
  42. 42. ARE THERE TESTIMONIES TO SUPPORT THE HEALTH PROMOTING FUNCTIONS OF SHUANG HOR LINGZHI?  There are plenty of testimonies available.  Kindly get a copy of testimonies from the friend who shared this slide with you.