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150 phrasal verbs


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150 phrasal verb con traduzione, esempi e sinonimi

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150 phrasal verbs

  1. 1. PHRASAL VERBS SYNONYM EXAMPLE TRANSLATIONGet on To board The bus was full.We Salire couldn’t get on.Drive off To leave frome a A woman got into the car Partire da un posto place and drove off.Come back To return Sally is leaving tomorrow Ritornare and coming back on Saturday.Turn round Change direction When I touched him on the Girarsi shoulder,he turned round.Break down Stop Sorry I’m late.The car Smettere di funtioning,working, broke down. funzionare,guastarsi. Operating.Look out Be careful,be ware Look out!There’s a car Fare attenzione comingTake off To depart It was my first flight.I was Partire nervous as the plane took (con l’aereo) off.Get on To progress How was the exam?how migliorare did you get on?Get by To manage My french isn’t very good, Farcela,sopravvivere but it’s enough to get by.Run away (from) To escape,to Why did you run away Scappare via-litteral flee(fuggire). from me?-metaphoricalKeep up (with) Have the same You’re walking too fast. I Avere lo stesso ritmo pace(ritmo) can’t keep up with you.Look up (at) Raise your eyes, We looked up at the plane Alzare gli occhi to check(in a dictionary). as it flew above us.Look forward (to) To feel excited about Are you looking forward to Non vedere l’ora sthg that is going to your holiday? happenGet in To enter How did the thieves get in? entrareLet yourself in Allow someone to Here’s a key,so you can let Concedere a qualcuno di enter yourself in. entrareDive in To plunge Sally walked up to the edge tuffarsi of the pool and dived in.Move in Transfer one’s I’ve got a new flat.I’m Traslocare,spostarsi belongins to a new moving in on FridayCheck in To present document As soon as I got to the Registrarsi,presentarsi.(hotel,airport) airport,I checked in.Walk out To leave abruptly He just stood up and Uscire fuori,andarsene walked out.Lock out Be unable to enter I had no key,so i was Essere chiuso fuori. locked out.Climb out Exit with difficulty She swam up and down the Uscire,saltare fuori con pool,and then climbed out. difficoltà.Check out Give back the (at a hotel)What time do Liberare la camera document. we have to check out?Drop/call in Visit smbd for a short I dropped in to see Chris on Fare una breve visita a time without my way home. qualcuno. arranging to do this.Join in Take part in an We’re playing a game. partecipare activity that is Why don’t you join in? already going on.Plug in Connect it to the The fridge isn’t working Connettere la spina alla electricity supply because you haven’t corrente plugged it in
  2. 2. Fill in (U.K) Write the necessary Please fill in the Completare unFill out (U.S.A) information on a application form and send documento. form it to us by 28 february.Take smbd in Deceive somebody The man said he was a Ingannare (ingannare) policeman and I believed him. I was completely taken in.Eat out Eat at a There wasn’t anything to Mangiare fuori restaurant,not at eat at home, so we decided home to eat out.Drop out Stop before you have Gary went to university Ritirarsi,abbandonare completely finished but dropped out after a yearGet out Avoid doing it,don’t I promise i’d go to the Evitare di dover fare have to do sthg any wedding. qualcosa. longer. I don’t want to go, but I can’t get out of it now.Cut sthg out To remove sthg from There was a beautiful Tagliare per ricavare a paper or a picture in the magazine, so un’immagine,un articolo magazine,specially I cut it out pictures.Leave sthg out Omit it,not include itIn the sentence “She said omettere that she was ill”,you can leave out the word “that”Cross/rub To draw a line Some of the names on the cancellaresthg+out through to exclude. list had been crossed outGo out Block out Suddenly all the lights in Smettere di funzionare the building went out.Put out(a fire,a To extinguish We managed to put the fire Spegnere il fuoco.cigarette,a light) out.Turn out (a light) Turn off the light I turned the lights out Spegnere la luce. before leaving.Blow out ONLY CANDEL We don’t need a candle.You Spegnere una candela Stop sthg burning. can blow it out.Work out Do physical exercises Rachel works out at the Fare esercizio fisico gym three times a weekWork out Develop,progress. Good luck for the future.I Andare per il meglio hope everything works out well for youWork out To result The total bill for 3 people is Ammontare(mathematical £28.80 each. (fa + N°)calculations)Work sthg out Calculate,think about 345 x 76?I need to do this Calcolare a mente a problem and find on paper.I can’t work it out the answer. in my head.Carry out (order, Do sthg and finished Soldiers are expected to Eseguire,portare aexperiment,survey) it carry out orders. termine.Fall out (with smbd) Stop being friends They used to be very good Non essere più friends.I’m surprised to amici.Rompere legami hear that they have fallen d’affetto. outFind out + Get information The police never founwho ScoprireTHAT/WHAT committed the murder./WHEN/WHO etc.Give/hand (things) Give to each At the end of the lecture,the Distribuireout person,to distribute speaker gave out to people. information sheets to the audience.Point sthg out Draw attention to I didn’t realise I’d make a Far notare qualcosa a(to smbd) sthg mistake until somebody qualcuno.
  3. 3. pointed it out to me.Run out (of sthg) Finish completely We ran out of petrol on the Rimanere a secco,finire sthg of important motorway completamente qualcosa.Sort sthg out Find a solution to,put There are a few problems Risolvere un sthg in order. we nee to sort out. problema,mettere in ordine.Turn out to be To have right Nobody believed Paul at Risultare first,but he turned to be (avere ragione) right.Turn To improve only with The weather wasn’t so Farsi bello,cambiare inout+good/nice the weather good in the morning,but it meglio turned out nice later.Turn out+that To result I thought they knew each È andata a finire che other,but it turned out that (in positivo o in negativo) they’d never met.Try out Test it to see if it is The company is trying out Provare,controllare,verific( a machine,a system) OK a new computer system at are. the moment.Go on happen What’s all that noise? Accadere what’s going on?Call sthg off Cancel it The open air concert had to Cancellare be called off because of the weather.Put sthg off Delay it, postpone The wedding has been put Rimandare off until januaryPut off (doing sthg) Delay it ,postpone We can’t put off making a Rimandare decision.we have to decide nowPut on Wear,get dressed My hands were cold,so I Indossare put my gloves onPut on (weight) Get heavier I’ve put on 2 kilograms in Ingrassare the last month.Try on (clothes etc) To see if they fit,to I tried on a jacket in the Provare per vedere se la see if the size is ok. shop,but it didn’t fit me misura è giusta very well.Take off (clothes etc) remove It was warm,so i took off Togliere my jacketBe off (to a place) To set on a journey Tomorrow i’m off to Paris. Partire for going to I’m off on holiday. (avere intenzione)Walk,Run Walk away Diane got on her bike and Andare via etc.Drive,Ride + off Run awway rode off.goSet off Start a journey We set off very early to Iniziare un viaggio avoid the traffic.Take off Leave the ground After a long delay the Decollare (for planes) plane finally took off.See smbd off Go with them to the Helen was going away.We Salutare airport/station to went to the station with her say goodbye to see her off.Drive Continue Shall we stop at this petrol Continuare a camminareWalk + on walking/driving/pla station or shall we drive on ying etc to the next one?Go on Continue The party went on until 4 Continuare o’clock in the morning. The show must go on.Go on/carry on + Continue I don’t want to carry on Continuare a faredoing sthg (doing something) working here.I’m going to qualcosa look for another job.
  4. 4. Go on with/ Continue Don’t let me disturb you. Continuare a farecarry on with sthg (doing something) Please carry on with what qualcosa you’re doingKeep on (doing sthg) Do it continuosly or He keeps on criticising me. Fare qualcosa repeatedly (always) I’m fed up with it! continuamenteGet on To progress How are you getting on in Fare progressi your new job?Get on Have a good Joanne and Karen don’t Avere una buona relazione(with somebody) relationship. get on.They’re always con qualcuno arguing.Get on (with sthg) Continue doing sthg I must get on with my Continuare a fare you have to do work. qualcosa dopo (usually after a I have a lot to do. un’interruzione. break or an interruption)Doze/ Fall asleep The lecture wasn’t very Addormentarsi per pocodrop/ interesting.In fact I tempo.nod + OFF dropped off in the middle of it.Finish sthg off Do the last part of Have you finished painting Completare sthg the picture?Nearly.I’ll finish it off tomorrow.Go off Explode A bomb went off in the city Esplodere centre,but fortunately nobody was hurt.Go off Ring Did you hear the alarm go Suonare off?Put smbd off Cause smbd not to We wanted to go to the Togliere la voglia(doing sthg) want sthg or to do exhibition,but we were put sthg off by the long queue.Rip smbd off Cheat somebody Dido you really pay£ Fregare (Informal) for that painting?I think you were ripped off.Show off Try to impress Look at that boy on the Farsi vedere people with your bike riding with no hands. ability/your He’s just showing off. knowledge etc. To boastTell smbd off Speak angrily to Clare’s mother told her off Sgridare,to not yell at smbd because they for wearing dirty shoes in someone did smthg wrong the housePut sthg up To hang I put some pictures up on Appendere,attaccare(on a wall) the wallPick sthg up To gather There was a letter on the Raccogliere (qualcosa o floor.I picked it up and tante cose) looked at it.Stand up Get up on your feet Alan stood up and walked Alzarsi outTurn sthg up To raise I can’t hear the TV.Can you Accendere,alzare il volume turn it up a bit?Take down I didn’t like the picture,so I Tirare giù(from a wall etc.) took it down.Put sthg down To set I stopped writing and put Appoggiare down my penSit/Bend/Lie + I bent down to tie my Sedersi,inginocchiarsi,sdrDown shoelace aiarsiTurn sthg down Lower The oven is too hot.Turn it abbassare down to 150 degrees
  5. 5. Knock/ Demolish Some old houses were Demolire,sradicareBlow/ + down knocked down to makeCut way for the new shopping centreBe knocked down A man was knocked down Essere investito by a car and taken to hospitalSlow down Go more slowly You’re driving too Andare più lentamente fast.Slow down!Calme down Become calmer,make Calm down.There’s no Calmarsi smbd calmer point in getting angryCut down (on sthg) Eat,drink or do sthg I’m trying to cut down on Fare meno sport,stare a less often coffee.I drink for much of dieta. it.Break down Stop working The car broke down and I Rompere (for machines,cars) had to phone for help Cry but histericlyClose/ Stop doing a business There used to be a shop at Cessare attivitàShut + DOWN the end of the street;it closed down a few years agoLet smbd down Disappoint smbd You can always rely on Deludere because you didn’ do Pete.He’ll never let you what they hoped downTurn smbd/sthg Refuse an I applied for several Rifiutaredown application,an offer jobs,but I was turned down etc. for each one.Write sthg Down Write sthg on paper I can’t remember Tim’s Scrivere solo un appunto. because you may address.I wrote it Take down:prendere need the information down,but I can’t find it. appunti later.Go up/come Approach.Quicken A man come up to me in Avvicinarsiup/walk up (to..) your once the street and asked me for pace.Hasten moneyCatch up (with Continue at the same You’re doing well.Keep it Raggiungeresmbd) speed or level. up!I can’ catch up with youSet up Start it The government has set up Avviare(organisation,company a committe to investigate,business,system,websit the problem.e etc)Take up Start doing it,begin Laura took up Iniziare(a hobby,a sport,an photography a few yearsactivity) ago.She takes really good pictures.Fix up (a meeting) Arrange it,to We’ve fixed up a meeting Organizzare organize for next Monday.Grow up Become an adult Sarah was born in Ireland Crescere but grew up in EnglandBring up (a child) Raise,look after a Her parents died when she Allevare child, was a child and she was To rear. brought up by her grandparentsClean/Clear/Tidy Make it clean,tidy Look at this mess!Who’s OrdinareUP etc. going to tidy up (or to tidy it up)Wash up Wash the I hate washing up Lavare i piatti plates,dishes,after a mealEnd up (somewhere/ There was a fight in the Sono finitidoing sthg) street and 3 men ended up
  6. 6. in the hospitalGive up Stop trying Don’t give up.Keep trying! Smettere (a negative habit),Rinunciare,lasciare,ced ere (il posto)Give sthg up Stop doing it Sue got bored with her Job Lasciare and decided to give it upMake up sthg Consist of Children under 16 make up costituiscono(active form) half the population of the city.Be made up of sthg Consist of Air is made up mainly of È costituita(passive form) nitrogen and oxygen.Take up Use space or time Most of the space in the Occupare(space or time) room was taken up by a large tableTurn/Show UP Arrive ,Appear We arranged to meet Dave Presentarsi ,Arrivare last night,but he didn’t turn up.Use sthg up Use all of it so that I’m going to take a few Finire (es.1 rullino) nothing is left more photographs.I want to use up the rest of the film.Bring up Introduce it in a I don’t want to hear any Sollevare(a topic etc.) conversation,raise more about this matter.Please don’t bring it (il problema,l’argomento) once again(Active form) up againCome up Be introduced in a Some interesting matters Sono venuti fuori(Passive form) conversation come up in our discussion (sono state introdotte) yesterdayMake sthg up Invent sthg that is What Kevin told you about Inventare not true,tell lies himself wasn’t true.He made it all up.Cheer up Be someone happier You look so sad!Cheer up! RallegrareCheer smbd up Make smbd feel Helen is depressed at the Rallegrare happier moment.What can we do to cheer her up?Save up Save money to buy Dan is saving up for a trip risparmiare(for sthg,to do sthg) sthg round the worldClear up Become bright It was raining when I got Schiarire Il tempo (for the weather) up,but it cleared up during the morning.Blow up Explode The engine caught fire and Esplodere(Active Form) blew upBlow sthg up Destroy it with a The bridge was blown up È esploso(Passive Form) bomb etc. during the warTear sthg up Tear into pieces,to I didn’t read the letter.I just Strappare rip tore it up and threw it awayBeat smbd up Hit someone A friend of mine was Picchiare repeatedly so that attacked and beaten up a they’re badly hurt few days ago.He was badly hurt and had to go to hospital.Break/Split up To separate I’m surprised to hear that Dividere ,separare(with smbd) Sue and Paul have split up.They seemed very happy together.Do up Fasten ,til It’s quite cold.Do up your Allacciare (a coat/a coat before you go outshoelace/buttons)
  7. 7. Do up Repair and improve The Kitchen looks great Rinnovare(a room,a building) it,Renovate now that is has been done upLook sthg up Check sthg,to consult If you don’t know the Cercare meaning of a word,you can(in a dictionary/ look it up in a dictionaryencyclopedia)Put up with sthg Tolerate it,to We live on a busy road,so Sopportare bear,with stand. we have to put up with a lot of noise from the traffic.Hold up Delay Don’t wait for me.I don’t Fare ritardare qualcuno(a person,a plan) want to hold you upMix up/get people Get confused The 2 brothers look very Confonderemixed up similar many people mixed(people,things) them upAway Away from home We’re going away on Andare via holiday todayAway Away from a place,a The woman got into the car Andare via da un person and drove away posto/personaBack Back home We’ll be back in 3 weeks Ritornare a casaBack Back to place,a Afer eating at a Ritornare in un posto person restaurant,we walked back to our hotelGet away Escape,leave with We tried to catch the Scappare difficulty thief,but he managed to get awayGet away with sthg Do sthg wrong I parked in a no-parking Non essere scoperti without being zone,but i got away with it discoveredKeep away (from) Don’t go near Keep away from the edge Tenersi a distanza of the pool.You might fall inGive sthg away Give it smbd else Did you sell your old Dare via because you don’t computer?No,I gave it want it any more awayPut sthg away Put in the place When the children had Rimettere a posto where is kept,usually finished playing with their out of sight toys,they put them awayThrow sthg away Put it in the rubbish I kept the letter,but I threw Buttare via away the envelopeWave/Smile/ Return a wave,smile, I waved to her and she Scambiare un sorriso,unShout/Write/ shout etc. waved back salutoHit smbd + BACKCall/Phone/ Return a phone call I can’t talk to you now.I’ll RitelefonareRing smbd + etc call you back in 10 minutesBACKGet back Reply to them by I sent him an e-mail,but he Restituire la chiamata(to smbd) phone etc. never got back to meLook back Think about sthg that My first Job was in a Ricordare (on sthg) happened in the travel agency.I didn’t like it past,reminescence very much but,looking back on it,I learnt a lotPay back To return money If you borrow money,you Restituire soldi(money) have to pay it backPay smbd back To return money at If you borrow money,you Restituire soldi someone have to pay it back