First pages - In the misty city of captive dolls


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eroticism and mystery novel

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First pages - In the misty city of captive dolls

  1. 1. (First pages) In the misty city of captive dolls Miguel Ángel Guerrero Ramos
  2. 2. Copyright © Miguel Ángel Guerrero Ramos © edition- La Lluvia de una Noche Front: La lluvia de una noche Translated from Spanish by Sebastian, authorized by the Author. November 2013
  3. 3. Dedicated to the magic of flowers, the breezes, the swallows and springs.
  4. 4. …I know there is beauty in the forest lighted and magical woman. Juan Carlos Mestre, La tumba de Keats Among life is beautiful. And worse: fascinating. Olga Malaver, Existencias
  5. 5. Synopses This is a story profoundly linked to affection and to the recollections of its main character‟s youth and underscoring, as a result, a boy and his two companions in a mystical mysterious city bursting with undisclosed secrets, where they meet and fall in love with several women of remarkable beauty and unexpected uniqueness, who gradually fade out without a trace. The tale appears to spread out, consequently, from a most intense passionate outbreak or from the hastiest strangest shudder of tenderness. It is also, it has to be said, a story surrounded all the way through by certain baffling aura, a thorough frenzy of eroticism and the setting of an immaculate invincible terror. An overcast account, just like the unstrained scenery where the outstandingly unusual occurrences take place, and where sundry damsels and inhibitions vanish and an assortment of diverse ambiguities flourish and become increasingly as peculiar as the most outlandish of locations for life itself to be situated.
  6. 6. ZERO Strange as it may seem, those three women are far more mysterious and hermeticthan the puzzling and semi-illusory city where they live. Nobody knows, by the way, if one day they were about to drown in a sea made with butterfly tears,or who knows if in those mystical secret life’s babblings that take shelterin the flowers of winter. The only thing that’s known about them, or at least all I can add about the limited knowledgeyou have aboutthem,my dearand highlyrevered friend, is that they profoundly, intensely and vigorously love the outstanding exquisite idea of fondling. Indeed! How wouldn’t those three women cherish the idea of stroking more than anything else in this world, if they believe them to be like a truly unique dance which is performed around a most passionate furnace? They also love and are outright fascinatedby the idea of dance,which portrays life itself in their eyes, being ableto speak with a tongue which can raze the forbidden fruits from heaven and whichcouldwellget to the pointof talkingwith a fiery hallucinated tongue capable of piercing life’s very own glance.
  7. 7. You know what? After thoroughlythinking aboutit, I’ve decided to help you putting up with the grime coming off from epileptic nostalgic cogs of this story. I’ll assist you with the incongruously crackling flames spawning the interstices of everything you and your two friends went through in that strange mysterious city you’ll neverforget. I’ll lend you a hand, starting right now, in supporting the weight of a roving song of luxury and the perfumeof each and every one of the reverberations of delusion and the echo of the various voices of a perpetually unconsummatedoblivion.At the moment,however,my way of aiding is limitedto telling you to be strong.No, don’t give any space to any kind of nostalgia or destructive sadness. You ought not to let your soul be smouldered by its own fire. Keep tears from a star or a coldly deferred moon from leaving you with nothing to live for. It is quite certain, on the other hand, that in the upcoming lines you’ll present the story in your own way (in fact, that’s something I could swearto), so before that, I’ll step in and submit my perspective as the tale of a relentless flux of temptations,as the chronicle ofyoursoul and
  8. 8. that of your friends, an unconventional city and five beautiful unique women slightly impregnated with evanescence.
  9. 9. I The hip-hop festival had begun over three or four hours earlier when my friend Julian and I arrived. He‟d decided, incidentally, to join me in order to reminisce about old school times in which both he and I were formidable emcees although, to be honest, neither of us knew that term in those times and simply went by „rappers‟. Turning up at the event, my friend Julian looked quite enthused with the idea of reviving the way in which, during our adolescence, both of us focused on such jagged rap pulses which so strongly evoke (to me, at least) a magical unstoppable beat of African drums. Those teenage exploits of our school days were, nevertheless, some ten years ago, and at the present time my friend Julian‟s clearly not so much into hip-hop anymore, or at least not to the extent he claims as he, indeed, does argue that hip-hop‟s still an essential part of him. Myself, I think he
  10. 10. says that in ordernot to lose face before me, since in our school years, both he and I used to say something along the lines of no matter how much time passed, we‟d always love hip-hop more than anything else in life, even far more than the uncertain complex scents of young love. If I currently state my friend Julian‟s no longer into hip-hop (at least not as much as he says he is), it‟s because as soon as we‟d arrived to the festival he immediately focused his attention towards a gorgeous girl who happened to have turned up to it, and right there and then he forgot his company and approached her. People who were enjoying the music at the place, which was a central urban venue, kept their arms up and moved them sideways to the beat of whichever song was being played. I suddenly turned around to check on Julian and saw him passionately kissing the girl he‟d just met. I was a bit resentful at first since her looks were really stunning, enough for me to have given everything for a girl like that in a different situation. If I‟m sure of something now is that, hadn‟t I attended the hip- hop festival with Julian, I would‟ve been the one talking to her. I‟m adamant of that, although what I wouldn‟t be able to tell is how far I‟d have gone with her. Oh, and I admit I was jealous because as soon as
  11. 11. I arrived to the City of the Crescent Mist (just as my friends and I have decided to name this hazy and hermetic city), my friend Julian hasn‟t stopped talking about another girl, more precisely some Amalia, the love of his life according to him, the woman who‟s made him spread the enthusiastic wings of passion and for whom he‟d be able to climb over the roughest steepest mountains of destiny. “And what does she do” was the first thing I asked Julian when he mentioned that Amalia for the eleventh time. „She‟s a woman of the easy life‟, he said, just like that, nonchalantly. Not even our prude friend Gonzalo, who happened to be there, dared say anything at the moment. Gonzalo is the third and last member to mention our group of friends. As Julian and I, ten years ago he was also a skilled hip-hop artist. I had a great facility, by the way, to make songs in reggae style, but was a little shy about getting on a stage to give a presentation.