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Working Template for Your Psychobiography
IMPORTANT: Each group should complete one working template based on which to mak...
Id           He had Libido (the sexual instincts) and Thanatos (Death instincts, he had said that he thought he
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Fokالرسالة سيكولوجيا -نحليل نفسي


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الرسالة سيكولوجيا -نحليل نفسي

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Fokالرسالة سيكولوجيا -نحليل نفسي

  1. 1. Working Template for Your Psychobiography IMPORTANT: Each group should complete one working template based on which to make an oral report to Dr. Yik during the scheduled meeting in Week 5. THE SUBJECT Who is your subject? Lam Kor Wan What is so special about him / her? He was the famous serial killer, titled as Rainy Night Butcher. What is the paradox / mystery? Why is it worth uncovering?  To link the relationship between his life history and his law violation  To understand the attitudes of his family members towards him and its relationship with his law violation  To compare and explain the process of murdering four victimstried to find his characteristic of psycho-health  To quote the psychoanalysis into this case and explain his law violation THE STRUCTURE MAJOR: Which stages of psycho-sexual development are you going to deploy to analyze the subject’s life? Why? Stage Age Key point Life events Fixation? Outcome 1 – Oral 0 – 18 months Dependence of the Separated with father Aggression, parents Cynical, Dependence of mother pessimistic Pleasure is derived in H.K.  was from mouth excessively gratified 2 – Anal 1.5 – 3 years Self –control Moved to Cruel and BruneiDinner event destructive 3 – Phallic 3 – 6 years Establish the Chatted with neighbor Solitary Oedipus Complex relationship with his  was forbad by parents father, afraid of father key lost event 4– 6 – 12 years Social and He didn’t dare to invite Isolated, Peer influence Latency communication and his friend to his home, self-confidence seldom to chat with his father 5– Puberty Tutorial of the Robbed, had a peep to Don Juanism Establishing Puberty onward adolescence from his sisters’ bathing, intimate Character (唐 the parents relationship his father’s remarriage, 璜型的性格, Shirt Event 或者叫唐璜症 Enjoyed the freedom 候群) became taxi driver Believed in God took action during rainy day Lam’s Consciousness: MALS521 Exploring Personality and Social Psychology Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Id He had Libido (the sexual instincts) and Thanatos (Death instincts, he had said that he thought he would face with the death) Ego As the ego aimed to satisfy himself and reduce the pains, he had used the following defense mechanisms:  Repression-he repressed his discontented feeling to his father in his heart-because he faced with traditional strict father and kind mother family. (His grandfather treated strictly to his father, and his father imitated his grandfather, then his father also expressed this behavior on Lam.  Projection-he projected his discontented feeling towards the four victims, he said that the first three victims should be punished  Rationalization-he rationalized his crime as to punish the four victims by the God and he declared that he had phobia to the rain  Identification-he imitated his father’s violent treatment when he was young  Dissociation-he addicted the dissection to reduce his unhappiness Superego Even though he said that he wanted to punish the first three victims, he had his original conscience, this could be expressed from his explanation to the forth victim, he had cried and doubted the reason of having dissection on her. Superego could be developed during childhood, the children would imitate their parents’ behavior and their growth experience, then developed their models of behavior Freud had said that Id, Ego and Superego should be kept balance, otherwise the person would suffer from psychosis. SUPPLEMENTARY: In addition to using Psychoanalysis as the backbone, what additional principles / concepts are you going to use in structuring your psychobiography? Why do you find these materials useful in analyzing the life of the subject? REFERENCES What references are you going to use? 我有三個心水,不過我要問過教授才行 Erik Erikson Alfred Alder Carl Gustav Jung OTHER CONCERNS? Historical significance: self-regulation, especially discipline Social significance: the government should spend more on the social, psycho-health and civil education Student balance the attitude towards Lam when they discussed with his law violation and the life imprisonment (should he get death sentence or life imprisonment?)link to the main purpose of studying LS course) MALS521 Exploring Personality and Social Psychology Page 2 of 2