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Arabic 6


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Arabic 6

  1. 1. 簡單句子 Arabic Sentences Pronunciation Translation Man Anta? Who are you? . Ana Talibu. I’m a student. Man hiya? Who is she? . Hiya Zamilati She is my colleague. Ma Hadha? What is this? Hadha Kitabu. This is a book. Hal tilka kutubu aidhan? Are those books too? ,. La, tilka suwaru. No, those are pictures. Hal hiya suwaruka? Is it your (male) pictures? ,. Naam, hiya suwari. Yes, it is my pictures. ! Arini min fadhlika! Show me please (male). . Tafadhali Please. Ma hadha? What is this? . Hadha kitabu. This is a book. Hal hadha kitabuka? Is this your (male) book? ,. Naam, hadha kitabi Yes, this is my book. Hal kitabuka mufidu? Is your book useful? ,. Naam, kitabi mufidu. Yes, my book is useful. Ma hadhihi? What are these? . Hadhihi dafatiru. These are books.
  2. 2. Hal hiya dafatiruka? Is it your books? ,. La, dafatiru zumalayi. No, it is my classmate’s books. Hal dafatirukum kathiratu. Are your books so many? ,. Naam, dafatiruna kathiratu. Yes, our books are so many ,! Tayibu, ila ligayi. Fine, Goodbye.