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Professional development


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Professional development

  1. 1. Professional Development
  2. 2. Educational trajectoryAcademic education: • B. Eng in Mechanical Engineering (1982) • Grad. Cert in Education (1999) • PostGrad in Corporate Management (2002) • MSc. in Applied E-learning (2011)
  3. 3. Career‘Again, you can’t connect the dots lookingforward; you can only connect them lookingbackwards. So you have to trust that the dots willsomehow connect in your future. You have totrust in something — yourgut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approachhas never let me down, and it has made all thedifference in my life’ (Steve Jobs, 2005).
  4. 4. Management experienceKnowledge management: • Service Manager (1982-1994) • Principal (1995-2001)
  5. 5. Teaching experience• Training Instructor • Construction and agricultural machinery • Vehicular mechanics• Technical Writer • Machines manuals • Software and hardware user guides• Instructional Designer • Estate Agents course • Management course • Centre of Learning and Teaching
  6. 6. Artifacts that influenced me• Books: • Barbosa, 1994. ‘Applying Total Quality Management in Education’. • Gardner, 1995. ‘Frames of Minds: The Theory of Multiples Intelligences’.• Technology / Software: • PC, Internet • Microsoft Word • Microsoft Power Point
  7. 7. Transition to education• Prior experiences: • Passion: • Management • Teaching • Instructor • Reach outcomes • QA applier • Technology “Applying Total Quality Management in Education” Management Research Innovation
  8. 8. Instructional Design• Maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal in the teaching and learning process• Determine the current state and the needs of the learner• Define the end goal of instruction• Create intervention to assist during transition• News technologies applied in education
  9. 9. Relevant learning objects• Distance learning course content• Community of learning in IT industry• User guides to support lectures• Tutorials to improve students learning• Academic knowledge repository• Collaborative learning environment
  10. 10. Skills & knowledge applications • Publishing Industry • Instructional Designer • Higher Education • Elearning Developer and Researcher • IT industry • Technical Writer • Manufactory industry • Instructor and Technical Writer
  11. 11. © Leonardo Langaro, 2011