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Designing & delivering e learning in a multi device world


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Highlight some of the implications that mobile devices bring for e-learning development and delivery, and will talk about new technical advances which provide solutions to the increasing amount of learning that takes place on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

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Designing & delivering e learning in a multi device world

  1. 1. Designing & DeliveringeLearning in a Multi-Device Worlde-Skills SA - E-learning Professional DevelopmentLeo GagglManaging DirectorBrightcookieOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  2. 2. Workshop Outline1. Device Types2. BYO(X)3. Content Development Strategies4. DIY Tools / Cloud Services5. Standards / Tips / Challenges6. User Generated Content7. Learning AnalyticsPresentation URL: Solutions for Online Learning
  3. 3. Buzzword BingoOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  4. 4. Internet EvolutionOpen Solutions for Online LearningInternet ofboffinsInternet ofgeeksInternet ofmassesMobile Internet Internet ofthings1969 - 1995 1995 - 2000 2000 - 2007 2007 - 2015 2015 & beyond
  5. 5. Learning EverywhereImage: CC by SSA Rustici Software Solutions for Online Learning
  6. 6. Device Type - Mobile (Cell) PhoneStrengths● Mobility● Ubiquitous● PERSONAL● Immediate● Context (sensors)Weakness● Cost (monthly plans, data, sms)● Size (very small)● Keyboard● Interruption proneOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  7. 7. Device Type - TabletsStrengths● Mobility (limited)● Limited Personal (often shared)● Immediate● Content consumptionWeakness● Keyboard● Content creationsOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  8. 8. Device Type - Cloudbooks / Netbooks / NotebooksStrengths● Mobility● Keyboard● Personal● Immediate● Storage capacityWeakness● Size● Battery life● WIFIOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  9. 9. Device Type - DinosaursStrengths● Powerful● Expandable● Large ScreensWeakness● StationaryOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  10. 10. Device Type - Wearables (IoT)Strengths● Context● Ubiquitous● PERSONAL● ImmediateWeakness● No standards● Cutting edgeOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  11. 11. BYOD / BYOT / BYOEStakeholders● Users (comfortable with devices)● Trainers (often less comfortable)● IT Departments● VendorsIssues● Cross-device content● Student Support● Trainer Support / PD● EquityOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  12. 12. Cloud ServicesDiscovery● Search Engines● Alert Tools● News Feeds● Bookmarking● SurveysContent Creation● Image, Photo● Audio● Video● Blogging● WikiNetworking● Social Networking● Micro-blogging● Sharing● e-PortfoliosProductivity● Online Productivity Suites● Video Conferencing● Document Repositories● Learning ManagementOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  13. 13. Solutions for Online Learning
  14. 14. Learning Content DesignSource: CCbySA INCRIdea IndonesiaRESPONSIVE● One version - all devices● Resizing● Fluid layoutADAPTIVE● Extra/simplified content for devices● Reduced size● Different interactions for devicesAGNOSTIC● Content Types with "display" apps● Reduced sizeOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  15. 15. Native Device App Mobile Web (HTML5)Content / Development High costNeed to redevelopLow entry costReuse existing systems / contentAdvantages Fast, works perfect for each deviceGames, graphicsQuick to developDeployment across large number ofdevicesDisadvantages Development timesDevelopment and testing for eachdevice groupPerformanceNeed for data connectionApps versus WebOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  16. 16. DIY ToolsHTML5● DreamWeaver● Articulate Storyline● Raptor ( Builders● PhoneGap Builder● Sencha (● AppCelerator ( Solutions for Online Learning
  17. 17. Standards, Frameworks & Re-use,Standards● Content (HTML, CSS)● Resources (Video, Audio, Images)● MetadataFrameworks● popcorn.js (● HTML5 Boilerplate (● BootStrap (● Dont re-invent the wheelOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  18. 18. Key differentiators of mobiles / wearables● Context-aware● Location based / remote assessment● Camera (Front & Back)● QR-Codes (2D barcodes)● RFID / NFR● Augmented Reality (video overlay)● GPS● Sensors (Temp, Acceleration)Open Solutions for Online Learning
  19. 19. Tips● K.I.S.S● Atomic Objects (build in small chunks)● Think about device context (mobility)Resources / Links● E-Standards mobile● BYOT.ME● Responsive Design (Alistapart)● HTML5 Rocks● Open University - OUAnywhereOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  20. 20. Challenges● Batteries, batteries, batteries, ...● Screen size● No internet connection?● Privacy?● Technological changeOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  21. 21. ● Video, Audio artifacts● Mobile notes● portfolioUP - iOS App● Maharadroid - Android App● Mobile Video App● Mobile Video Assignment AppUser Generated ContentOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  22. 22. Data EverywhereOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  23. 23. ● Using the data you are alreadygathering● Measurement● Collection● Analysis● Reporting● Removing data-islands● Connecting the dots ..Learning AnalyticsOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  24. 24. Live Demos● QR-Codes● Moodle Mobile Video Assessment● PortfolioUP● Using Google Docs mobile data gathering● Google Goggles● Wordpress MobileOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  25. 25. ● Established 2003● South Australian based and owned● Web-development background● Initial system integration focus● Increasing educational content &instructional design focus● 7 employees● Various specialist contractors● www.brightcookie.comAbout BrightcookieOpen Solutions for Online Learning
  26. 26. ● Twitter: leogaggl● Google+: Leo Gaggl● leogaggl● LinkedIn: leogaggl● Foursquare: leogaggl● Skype: leogaggl● Flickr: leogaggl● Blog:● Private Blog:● Email: leo [at] ? IDEAS ? COMMENTS ?Open Solutions for Online Learning