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A Fish Called Guido


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Presentation at the 13th International Conference on Interactive Computer Aided Learning ( in Villach ( Austria.

Published in: Education, Lifestyle
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A Fish Called Guido

  1. 2. A Fish Called Guido
  2. 27. Advantages Reduced costs Cheaper computers Pay for time used Almost no downtime High reliability/upgrades Constant improvements Mobility & collaboration Disadvantages Who owns your data? Where is your data now? Who has access to your data? Data lock down Power failures?
  3. 32. pH = 7, TAN = ?, temp = 27.0, tag 1, latitude, longitude, hardness = %, feeding rate, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah Collect data ‘ DATA BLOG’ into CLOUD 2, 92.1,7, tag, hot, Guido hungry, %,?? ‘ MASH-UP’ into web page or MOODLE Feeds Collaborating Feedback to lecturer Adjust tank