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Anatomy of a competent 5-minute pitch


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Structure, content and a few tips on crafting a competent 5-minute startup pitch.

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Anatomy of a competent 5-minute pitch

  1. 1. Crafting acompetent 5-minute pitch Leo Exter, founder @ westartup
  2. 2. Competentpitches only.For an awesomepitch, dosomethingcompletelydifferent.
  3. 3. Eyes on the prize… your objectives:Explain clearly Pre-empt basicwhat you do questions
  4. 4. • Problem you’re solving• Market you’re addressing• Your solution• Business model• Current status• The Ask
  5. 5. Start with audience in mind
  6. 6. Is the audience familiar with your marketand problem?Yes: No:Appeal to their Describe problem“personal” pain Prove market size
  7. 7. PlatformUse words youraudienceunderstands.
  8. 8. Craft a “Hollywoodcinema pitch”. +Kill Bill meetsWizard of Oz.
  9. 9. Prove that your solution works 1,219 users
  10. 10. You (and your team) are part of the solution!
  11. 11. Business models aren’t magical…keep it simple!Who’s buying? Are they payingWhat are they enough to make itbuying? worthwhile?
  12. 12. What’s the status?Choose one!• Prototype• Just launched• Getting traction• Need to grow faster!
  13. 13. What do you want from your audience?Money: ContactsHow much? AdviceFor what? Test users
  14. 14. "How can you tell agood painting from abad one?”“All you have to do islook at a millionpaintings, and thenyou can never bemistaken.“ Kurt Vonnegut, Blue Beard
  15. 15. Got questions?