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Expansion management successful


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Expansion management successful

  1. 1. How to be successful in expansion management
  2. 2. before starting an expansion 1. Have  a  CLEAR  vision  of  what  that  expansion  will   be  remembered  or  will  bring  in  the  network.     Example:  being  the  fastest,  strongest  expansion   to  achieve  20  GCDP.     2. ADer  the  clear  vision,  build  the  PURPOSE  behind   it.  Answer  quesGons  like:  “Why  is  it  relevant  for   AIESEC  to  be  in  that  University/City?  How  can  the   university/city  grow  in  having  AIESEC  there?  How   can  your  home  LC  benefit  for  that  Expansion?    
  3. 3. before starting an expansion – define structure & responsibilities LCP   LEM   EIP   VP  ICX   VP  OGX   VP  COMM   VP  TM   If you are opening one EI
  4. 4. before starting an expansion – define structure & responsibilities LCP   LEM   SUP   TLs   If you are opening one SU
  5. 5. But wait… How to define if you are opening one SU or one EI? SU  should  do  just  focus  maximum  in  2  Exchange  Programs  and   should  not  have  any  plans  in  becoming  one  LC    -­‐  everything  is  sGll   part  of  the  home  LC  (Financial,  HR,  Events  management)       EI  should  start  with  maximum  2  Exchange  Programs  and  should  have   a  clear  year-­‐plan  in  becoming  an  independent  en?ty.  
  6. 6. But wait… How to increase cooperation between Expansion and Home LC? Focus  on  team  building!   •  Have  clear  communicaGon  channels  (and  rules  how  to  use  them)   •  Evolve  them  in  as  much  as  you  can  –  events,  elecGons,  etc.     •  You  may  create  a  “LC  HUB”  with  SU/EI  with  LC  and  have  also  one   idenGty  with  vision,  spirit  and  shouts    
  7. 7. Drivers to boost your expansion J
  8. 8. Driver  1:  U?lize  online  plaForms  to  increase   recruitment  results  for  ELD  programs   AcGons   •  Promote  recruitment  on  social  media  networks  and  official   website   •  Capitalize  on  physical  channels  that  are  accessible  to  you   easily.   Indicators   •  Number  of  views  &  followers  on  social  media  plagorms   •  Number  of  people  recruited  through  website  
  9. 9. Driver  2:  Ensure  financial  sustainability  by   genera?ng  opera?onal  revenues  from  our   exchange  programmes   AcGons   •  Focus  on  selling  the  most  relevant  exchange  programme,   according  to  the  reality.  E.g.  OGCDP;  instead  of  focusing  on   partnering  for  ER.   Indicators   •  Percentage  of  revenue  coming  from  the  targeted  program   •  %  growth  in  the  targeted  programme  
  10. 10. Driver  3:  Posi?on  AIESEC  externally  for   market  penetra?on   AcGons   •  Focus  on  delivering  quality  experiences  to  showcase  the   impact  created  by  the  AIESEC  experience.   •  Increase  visibility  of  AIESEC  in  community  through  media  and     youth  organizaGons’  partnerships   Indicators   •  Percentage  of  people  joining  programmes  through  referrals   •  Number  of  media  appearances   •  Number  of  partnerships  with  relevant  organizaGons  
  11. 11. Driver  4:  Drive  opera?ons  using  a  boNom-­‐up   strategy   AcGons   •  Start  operaGonally  instead  of  strategically  as  an  expansion   team  and  start  LC  funcGons  as  quickly  as  possible   •  Once  strong  local  capacity  is  developed,  the  expansion  team   can  evolve  to  a  more  strategic  role.   •  Create  fast-­‐tracked  leadership  experiences   Indicators   •  Percentage  of  members  directly  led  by  expansion  team  in   the  first  6  months  (should  be  100%)  
  12. 12. Driver  5:  Empower  local  talent  in  order  to   create  a  sustainable  leadership  pipeline  &   create  culture   AcGons   •  Have  locals  on  the  MC  expansion  team   •  Build  a  strong  AIESEC  culture  in  the  enGty   •  Involve  members  in  organizaGonal  decision  making     Indicators   •  Percentage  of  local  members  alending  conferences   •  Percentage  of  local  students  on  the  MC  expansion  team   (min.  1)    
  13. 13. Driver  6:  Drive  organiza?onal  behaviors  that   create  and/or  increase  accountability  and   governance.     AcGons   •  Create  a  strong  relaGonship  with  the  government     •  Establish  a  Board  of  Advisors   Indicators   •  Number  of  government  supporters   •  Number  of  people  on  BoA  
  14. 14. Driver  7:  Establish  long-­‐term  partnerships  for   sustainability  and  opera?onal  efficiency     AcGons   •  Integrate  AIESEC  into  universiGes  to  facilitate  running  the   ELD  programs.  (i.e.  Being  a  club  or  acGvity  on  campus)   •  Establish  cooperaGon  with  exisGng  students/youth   organisaGons     Indicators   •  Number  of  universiGes  and/or  faculGes  in  which  AIESEC  is   present