Storebites Q1 2010


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Storebites is the Leo Burnett Arc newsletter of top in store innovations from around the region.

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Storebites Q1 2010

  1. 1.            
  2. 2. Perhaps it was the fact that it was the first quarter of the year and marketing budgetsfor most brands, but it seems noteworthy in-store initiatives weren‟t rolled out untillater on in the quarter.The work that we did take notice of was not as innovative as it was consistent,impeccably executed and well thought out.At the risk of sounding repetitive, it seems shopper marketing as a practice isbecoming more and more mainstream with share of voice in store becoming a rarecommodity. Some brands such as Ariel have resorted to extraordinary solutions, tograb attention.Judging by the state of the market, it may be safe to say that all brands have eitherjumped on the bandwagon or not, and those that have, firmly grasp the basics aboutPOSM.It now seems to be time to innovate in terms of communication, design and in-storeactivation. At the source is a thorough understanding of our shoppers habits. It is up to us to analyze how people shop with our categories or brands. Whetherwe are speaking of cars, apartments, kitchenware, laundry detergents or chocolatebars, our shoppers behave differently depending on the environment and stimulus weand our partners in retail offer them.
  3. 3. Consumers Praise Store Brands - They earn high marks for more than just low pricesRespondents to a 23-country survey largely agreed that store brands are at least as good as nationalbrands in many respects.Released yesterday by Ipsos Marketing the Consumer Goods poll (conducted last November through thisJanuary) found 89 percent of respondents saying store brands are "the same as or better than" nationalbrands when it comes to "providing a good value for the money."But its not just that theyre seen as a bargain. Large majorities of respondents also said store brands are atleast the equal of national brands in "offering products that meet my needs" (87 percent), "offering productsthat are good for the family" (86 percent), "offering food products that taste good" (81 percent) and "offeringhome products that work well" (81 percent).Another indication that store brands have shed the fly-by-night aura they had in years past: 80 percent ofrespondents agreed that theyre as good as or better than national brands at "offering products I trust."Likewise, 73 percent said theyre at least as good at "offering high-quality products."Smaller majorities rated store brands as highly as national brands in "offering innovative products" (69percent) and "having appealing packaging" (65 percent).Besides the U.S., countries covered in the survey included Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden,Britain, Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland,Russia, Turkey, India, China, Japan, South Korea and Australia. Ad Week , (4/10)
  4. 4. First MENA Shopper Checkout survey carried outMENA Checkout had 2,398 respondents from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It wascarried out in February.The findings arent particularly earth-wobbling - people mainly want quality products, decentservice and an easily navigable store - but they do show the importance of garnering localinsight, as opposed to relying on data from other parts of the world, something Evans waskeen to point out. Shoppers in the Middle East, for example, place far more emphasis onbrand names than their counterparts in the US. In this region too, unsurprisingly, shopping isa more social affair than in America. A significantly larger percentage of MENA respondentssaid that they enjoyed going shopping with friends and family.Overall, though, Evans says the results show that there are "more similarities thandifferences between MENA and US shoppers". Ad Nation , (4/8/10)
  5. 5. Al Othaim to enter EgyptSaudi Arabia-based retail chain Al-Othaim is looking to expand beyond its home marketand has announced plans to enter Egypt.The company is expected to either acquire an existing grocery chain or set up asubsidiary to operate a network of small format convenience stores. If the companyplans to enter the market via an acquisition, Al Othaim will be looking to benefit from anexisting loyal customer base and established store locations. The retailer will then belooking to refurbish and rebrand them accordingly. Retail Planet, 23/06/09SUBWAY to open 300 outlets in Middle East and AfricaUS-based sandwich chain Subway has announced that it is expanding across theMiddle East and Africa and has set itself a goal to open 300 additional locationsthroughout the region. The expansion plans would bolster the brands total number offranchises in the region to 550. “With minimal equipment needs and spacerequirements that are extremely flexible, a Subway franchise is the perfect solution formany park and recreational facilities that want to bring in a branded fast food concept,”said Hisham Ghazal, Regional Marketing Manager for the Subway chain. Retail Planet, 26/05/09
  6. 6. New packaging prolongs shelf life of bananasTo health-conscious consumers, bananas are a welcome part of a conveniencestores offering. That is, until they turn brown. Which is why Del Monte developed anew plastic wrap for bananas that promises to more than double their shelf life bykeeping out air and moisture. 7-Eleven convenience stores have been trialing thesecond skin in 27 of its Dallas-area stores. If the trial is successful, the bananas-in-bags could be stocked in the majority of the chains 5,787 shops by early 2010., 8/12/2009Bloomingdales opens in DubaiPeople in Dubai are now able to indulge in the magic of Bloomingdale‟s as theAmerican department store ventures outside the US for the first time in its 138-yearhistory.Customers crossing the threshold of the store will be able to abandon themselves to athree-storey shoppers‟ heaven. With about 200,000 sq ft of floor space, the store willsell fashion wear, furniture and accessories, while a “street of shops” in its homewaresection will include an ice-cream parlour and the Magnolia bakery, made famous in theTV series Sex and the City, where a glass front allows customers to watch their treatsbeing iced before them. The National Newspaper, 1/02/2010
  7. 7. Al-Futtaim building towards regional IKEA growthAl-Futtaim, the Dubai-based retail group, is in talks to bring the home-furnishings giantIKEA to Egypt even as it begins construction on the chain‟s largest outlet in the regionon Yas Island.Officials from Al-Futtaim – the IKEA franchise holder in the UAE, Oman and Qatar –and the Yas Island developer Aldar Properties broke ground at the site of the 32,000-square-metre store that would mark the beginning of IKEA‟s expansion plan across theGulf. IKEA‟s regional expansion comes after a year of contracting retail sales, asconsumers cut spending amid economic turmoil. Still, Al-Futtaim is relocating its store inthe capital from Marina Mall to a space more than twice the size on Yas Island becauseit had outgrown the location, and the lease ends this year. The National Newspaper, 3/02/2010TESCO launches cooking tips and recipes websiteTesco has launched a new food website,, offering a widevariety of cooking tips and recipes. It comes in partnership with a new quarterly foodmagazine „Real Food‟ which launches on 22 March. The site features cooking videos, ablog, as well as information on the origin of some of Tesco‟s fresh produce. It alsoincludes a search feature allowing users to search for their favourite recipes oringredients. The site is linked to Tesco‟s online grocery shop, allowing users topurchase items featured from Retail Planet, 23/02/2010
  8. 8. Carrefour is currently working on new concepts aimed at getting customers backinto its French hypermarketsAt the presentation of its 2009 full year results, Carrefour CEO Lars Olofsson hinted atthe strategic programme to reinvent its hypermarket format in France. While the fulldetails of the programme will be unveiled at an analyst presentation in June, he said“work is in progress” and that four to five types of hypermarkets have been identifiedhighlighting hypermarkets close to city centres and those located at the periphery. Retail Planet, 3/03/2010TESCO to create recycled clothing rangeUK retailer Tesco is to create a line of recycled clothing for its Florence and Fredclothing range in collaboration with an ethical fashion label. The collection, called FromSomewhere to F&F and which includes six pieces, is made from end of line Tesco stockwhich would otherwise have gone to landfill. It is being produced in one of the world‟smost environmentally friendly factories located in Sri Lanka, having been awarded agold rating for environmental responsibility by LEED. Prices for the clothing range startUS$25.97. Retail Planet, 3/03/2010
  9. 9. Maggi had a big bang launch for its soup. This is by far the most extensive brandexercise undertaken in store by a brand that we‟ve seen this quarter. Thecommunication followed shoppers from the escalators to the shelf, passing throughthe promotional area, making it almost impossible to miss it‟s „3x richer‟ claim. If wewere to make one comment, it would be, as is the case with all in storecommunication, that the copy was not location specific.
  10. 10. Strategically located Dunhill display selling units at eye-level next to cashiers make for good visibility and easy, convenient access to pick up and purchase. Considering there was a dedicated area for all tobacco brands, having a dedicated and eye catching unit played to Dunhill‟s advantage.Capri-Sonne had a palette wrap thatgrabbed shoppers attention with goodlocation, an unusual design and thehighlight of a word every shopper loves:WINNER. Perhaps not the best example for organization and merchandising, but Almarai is able to have an imposing presence is the congested HFS landscape with dedicated fridges.
  11. 11. Maggi „s communication followed shoppers from the escalators to the shelf, passing through thepromotional area, making it almost impossible to miss it‟s „3x richer „claim.
  12. 12. Admittedly just a simple shelf flag, the copy tackles thePringles made it shopper (moms) and insightvery clear, and about them (they shop for thedifficult to miss for family with each members‟ likesconsumers, that and dislikes in mind) to developeach of its new very simple and smart copy:containers on please everyone.display would carry90 chips. Basic at first sight but very effective when you think of its usage. Colgate used its prime location to its fullest with an attractive set of units that had great stock ability and eye-level visibility of their most recent campaign.
  13. 13. From a simple palette wrap, McVities was able to clearly illustrate its promotion to shoppers passing by, with a fresh look at headers.Activia made sure to getpasserby attention with massivebranding.
  14. 14. (UAE)
  15. 15. Braun‟s FSUs were designed to capture the shoppers attention by highlighting the key benefit claim (visually) on the side panel and header, whilst reinforcing it onto the shelf stripsPanadol used flashy colors, exciting imagery and bilingual copy to reach a larger audience and stand out from the crowd.
  16. 16. Babyliss mounted a unitonto a pillar in store andhad an LCD screenintegrated looping itsdemonstration video. Agreat use of what wouldotherwise be deadspace in a store! Aquafresh spoke directly to its younger consumers hoping they would get mom the shopper to pick up a toothbrush.
  17. 17. Snickers followed through on their „active‟ campaign and past work with football by setting up a mini pitch and net in store. Kellogg‟s went with the family brand approach at the corner of the aisle.Coco Pops took the typical palette wrap and brought itto life with vibrant colors and their family of mascots.
  18. 18. As a great merchandising effort, Energizer batteries are placed with electronics and kitchen appliances. Although none of these items require batteries, we assume they‟re banking on the consumer‟s associations with durables. Small screens were placed beside various products playing TV ads and edits,definitely setting them apart from competition.
  19. 19. Philadelphia had tasting stands in the snack aisle. A great moveto push trial and remind shoppers of the many uses of theproduct. Super Max also had a very attractive stand, but did not make the most of the space it had at its disposal. Dove‟s stand had great design that made it very attractive. Perhaps not the best for navigation, but very attractive nonetheless
  20. 20. In a push to build their ownbrands, Carrefour has beenusing shelf stoppers to point outtheir generic brand.
  21. 21. M&M‟s managed to use its own pre-packed displays to create an easy to spot branding solution for its otherwise ordinary palette wrap.Ponds may not get the award for mostcreative display unit, but does take the cakefor most efficient and best merchandised. Close Up uses its space wisely with clear messaging and ample stock for people looking to quickly pick up some toothpaste.
  22. 22. Kit Kat took over one end of the storewith a branded area any chocolatelover would die for! This cute colorful FSU gave customers information on the Cerelac brand with typical baby colors to ensure a calm peaceful ambience. Away from all the clutter, Majdi spices stood out with its brightly lit up branding and colors. The division of the spices makes it very practical and efficient for shoppers to select from.
  23. 23. Adidas stood out in the men‟s sectionwith overhead and on-floor branding.Shoppers were sure not to miss thisone! Almarai leveraged its local heritage for all to see.
  24. 24. Always got primelocation and made themost of it by usingstrong branding andhaving each of theirvariants available foreasy off take. Ariel used design cues from its promotional stands at the entrance of the store to remind shoppers at the shelf of the product‟s main benefit.
  25. 25. A first! Two competing floor stickers in the same aisle! Shopper marketing seems to be taking off.Oral B has very strongcolors and messaging, making this stand a definite success.
  26. 26. Ariel had a gigantic display stand topromote its campaign :„Power onImpossible Stains‟ .As soon asshoppers would walk into the store, oneof the biggest supermarkets in Jeddah,they were immediately struck with thesize of the stand. A great way to grabattention and make sure people readyour message!
  27. 27. Always drew attention to its brand with a shelf flag and floorsticker combination, making it almost impossible to miss! Dove had a beautifully designed display fully stocked and ready for shoppers.
  28. 28. Wrigley Extra‟s bespoke stand – shaped after the product itself, it is a welcome change from the usual counter shelves shown belowNescafe‟s advertisement The Whirly Pop stand – a for their “3 in 1” packs very conspicuous display, but asking customers to it was hiding the branding choose the favorite cup behind it.
  29. 29. Kinder‟s eye-catching stand - Frito-Lay took an opportunity attractive coloring & proper to stock each of it s brands stocking puts it amongst the near the cash, making picking best stands for the month a snack easier than ever.
  30. 30. The Snickers campaign lines “Step Up” & “Don‟t Stop” covered every corner of the store: A great campaign coverage through different BTL adaptationsGood visuals & consistent themes makethe Snickers campaign one of the bestfor this month
  31. 31. A Mars rack situated in theSweet Cred candy stand – clear communication, a full stock of all their snacks area next to thecandies and an appropriate placement (next to the door) where shoppers coffee machine – Aiming forcan easily spot it impulse purchases targeted at coffee buyers
  32. 32. Front windows– a very competitive area for brands to advertise theirproducts on, especially near the magazine rack.
  33. 33. Mars reminded people buying drinksof their products as a greatcomplement, with a simple sticker.Genius! Emarat‟s oil products take over a gondola end; attractive packaging makes for an aesthetically-pleasing addition to the store.
  34. 34. Red Bull‟s tent card has amessage relevant to MEEDoutlets which are usually adjacentto a gas station and tire workshop.The message says “Cars can beimproved. So can the drivers” in alink to their energy drinks‟ effect.Very smart!
  35. 35. Gillette dedicated an entire area to men SkinCeuticals had the most premium of alland men‟s grooming with a breakdown of units we saw with clean and crisp design.the perfect shave! Great execution for alocation where shoppers are known to bemore responsive to advice. Vichy had a great set up for browsing.
  36. 36. For any enquiries,please contact any member of the team.