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Reational choice friendman


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Reational choice friendman

  1. 1. Rational Choice by Milton Friendman Team 1 Mario, Sergio, Ricardo
  2. 2. • Corporations are analogous and moral persons• We can equate Corporations with individuals, or at least reduce their motives, decisions and behaviors to an individual level.• «Corporate ethical issues cab be reduced to aggregating ethical issues faced by the individuals who severally constitute those organizations» Keeley and Velazques
  3. 3. Milton Friedman in 1970There is one and only one social responsibility ofbusiness — to use its resources and engage inactivities designed to increase its profits so longas it stays within the rules of the game, which isto say, engages in open and free competitionwithout deception or fraud.What did he mean?
  4. 4. Examples of Organizations that operates at this level• War example