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Business model


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Business model

  1. 1. NoveCo – Business Plan Kevin Moreau – A01291703 Ricardo Siller Erik Araiza Gloria Alva - A00948585
  2. 2. Company and Product Description NoveCo, S.A de C.V, is a company which aim is to maximize opportunities for emerging markets to have access to new technologies with sustainable purposes. The company looks for innovative products which are in a stable stage of development and whose manufacturing capacity on their national market is developed enough to meet international demand and export requirements. First product name: BoosterGas ® BoosterGas ® is a motor component that needs to be installed on a specific part of the engine. It allows gas consumption (gasoline, diesel) to be reduced by 5% to 10% for heavy vehicles (trucks etc.) and between 10% and 15% for light vehicles (cars etc.). It also reduces the CO2 emissions up to 50%.
  3. 3. Details of BoosterGas® Less consumption: BoosterGas® is a patented state-of-the-art technology that reduces gas consumption. It’s based on permanent magnetic fields that optimize the efficient use of gas on the vehicle, and depending on the motor itself, it can reach 20% of reduction. Less pollution and CO2: Particles emission tests performed on an Audi A6 3L TD and an Audi A4 2.5L TD proved that BoosterGas® can reduce pollution by 300%. More life for the engine: BoosterGas® protects the vehicle’s engine by retaining its magnetic field in a large amount of impurities, mainly iron oxides. More performance: BoosterGas® gives more power to the engine with less resources, making it a truly sustainable product. A great opportunity that lies here is the fact that BoosterGas® must be installed by a licensed professional Booster Distribution, making this a generation or more revenue by selling this service.
  4. 4. What is the need you fill or problemyou solve? Global warming is a concerning matter for people and companies. The transport sector is responsible for a considerable amount of emissions of CO2. Eco-consumers are aware of this issue and want to reduce their emissions. On the other hand, Mexican companies also want to reduce them in order to have social responsibility. Emerging economies such as Mexico do not have access to products and technology to prevent degradation of our ecosystem or at least to reduce the harmful effects of high consumption and transportation. Noveco, S.A. de C.V. will provide Mexican companies the access to this technology at a competitive price.
  5. 5. Who are you selling to? Private Transportation & Logistics companies: we will be selling the product to companies owning trailers and trucks, which have a high level of gas consumption monthly and running long distances per year. Private companies (e.g. TELMEX): Goal is to equip company’s cars with the BoosterGas product Private retailers (e.g Gamesa, Femsa, Pepsi): retailing trucks) Private MNE’s (e.g. CEMEX): Trucks using gas for both transportation and cement making (when stopped) Private garbage companies Public transportation companies: Public transportation in Mexican cities. Public state owned companies (e.g. PeMex): trailers retailing Gas stations. Public garbage companies
  6. 6. How will you reach your customers? Different ways of reaching customers will be used:  Private relationships and databases  Incubator networks  Direct call  E-mailing  Online website and social networks databases
  7. 7. Ho do you produce your product orservice? The product is manufactured in Lyon, France. BoosterGas ® company outsourced the production of this product, and is currently investing in production machinery in order to face to increasing demand in Europe, North Africa and soon Latin America. Thanks to the 3 founders respective experiences and abilities, the service provided by NoveCo SA de CV will be organized this way:  Quentin Margain will be in charge of Import & logistics operations  Morgan Amardel will take care of the whole financial part  Kevin Moreau will handle all the sales and marketing activities
  8. 8. How do you distribute your productor service? Given the size and weight of the product, it is possible to import via air freight up to 156 units in order to reduce delivery time The supplier will deliver the merchandise to Lyon St. Exupery airport if it’s by plane or to Marseille sea port if the transportation is maritime. The product will arrive to Monterrey G. Escobedo airport or to Altamira port. In case it arrives by plane, we will pick it up directly at the airport and our mechanic will deliver and install it at our customer’s office in Monterrey If it arrives by sea, a trailer will bring the product to the customer Again, the size and weight of the product makes it’s storage cheap
  9. 9. How do you make money? Sales of products Installation and maintenance of the product Customer’s mechanic training and official certification