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My city


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My city

  1. 1. Leonard Walker<br />CS 102<br />Ernest Hayes<br />April 25, 2011<br />New York City<br />New York City is among the most populated states in America. It is heavy populated with immigrants and is also one of the most diverse cities in the United States. According to the New York Times the city of New York after the 2010 consensus saw a rise in the Non-Hispanic blacks who account for 23 percent of New Yorkers. The number of Asians increased 32 percent, passing the one million mark. They now constitute 13 percent of the population. The Hispanic population rose 8 percent and now makes up 29 percent of the total. Whites constitute for 33 percent of the population CITATION Sam11 l 1033 (Roberts).<br />There are a lot of immigrants that live in the City of New York and like those immigrants I also have a lot of family in New York. My transition from college to the working world would be easier I think if I should live in New York because I have family there. 36 percent of the city’s population was born outside of the United States CITATION Coo08 l 1033 (Cool Facts About New York City). I do not have a car and in N.Y a person can make it with a car because unlike other subway stations around the world N.Y has a 24 hour transportation system. The city of NY as they say never sleeps and that is something I can take advantage of. The New York subway system is the largest in the mass transit system in the world with 486 stations and 842 miles (1355 km) of track CITATION Coo08 l 1033 (Cool Facts About New York City). <br />I am currently a communications major with a concentration in journalism. I like to write as well as to describe events. I am therefore looking forward to a career in sports writing. Sports have been a big part of my life since I played soccer growing up. If I have the opportunity to live in New York, I would be able to cover sports in the city. New York is blessed with some of the craziest fans. Playing in the big apple is pressure and you are constantly under the bright lights. Ron Artest, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers and a New York native, commended Amare’ Stoudemire for signing with the New York Knicks. Artest stated that Stoudemire should be given credit. At the same time he also hinted that top free agent Lebron James possible did not sign with the Knicks because of the pressure of playing in the city of New York CITATION Mar11 l 1033 (Lelinwalla). <br />I would love to have an opportunity to visit the Madison Square Garden to watch the New York Knicks. If I live in the city I would have the chance to see the team play in one of the biggest arenas. Also the city of New York there is the Yankees and we already know how crazy people get about baseball in general. Can you imagine playing for the Yankees? Hockey I am not a big fan of but the fights are arguable the reason why a lot of fans watch the sport. I do not think I would be any different. If I live in New York City I would be able to attempt my dream job of being a sports writer as well as to enjoy sporting events in one of the world’s largest cities.<br />Works Cited <br /> BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 9 October 2008. 25 April 2011 <>.<br />Lelinwalla, Mark. "Ron Artest says LeBron James avoided pressure by not signing with New York Knicks, commends Amar'e." Daily News (2011).<br />Roberts, Sam. "N.Y/Region." New York Times (2011).<br /> <br />