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  3. 3. INDEX6 The Leo Club Program6 History and Objective6 Motto7 Worldwide Membership8 Sponsoring a Leo Club8 New Energy9 Types of Leo Clubs 9 Community-Based 9 School-Based 9 Alpha Club 9 Omega Club10 Organizing a Leo Club 10 Organization Fees 11 Liability Insurance12 Launching the Leo Club 12 Certification 12 Installation Ceremony12 Leo Club Leadership12 Being a Good Leader13 Leo Club Officer Roles14 Leo Club Advisor 14 Roles of the Advisor 14 Promotion of Leo Clubs 14 Graduating Leos
  4. 4. 15 Running a Leo Club 28 Leo Club Program Advisory Panel15 Club Administration 28 Composition 15 Important Dates to Remember 28 Qualifications 16 Club Bank Accounts 28 Nomination Process 16 LeoMMR 28 Leo Nominees 16 Ordering Club Supplies 28 Lion Nominees16 Club Meetings 29 Selection Criteria17 Club Elections 29 Selection Process18 Team Building 30 Club Cancellations and Transfers 18 Committees 18 Social Events 31 Resources19 Planning Service Projects 31 LCI Web Site 19 Project Ideas 31 LeoMMR20 Fundraising Activities 31 Newsletters20 Leo and Lions Emblem Use 31 Contacting International Headquarters22 Club Twinning 32 Publications23 Awards and Recognition 33 Leo Club Officer Installation and New Member 23 Awards for Individual Leos Initiation (Leo-8) 23 Awards for Leo Clubs 37 Sample News Releases 23 Awards for Individual Lions and Advisors 37 New Leo Club 23 Awards for Lions Clubs 38 Community Service Project24 Membership 39 New Leo Club Officer24 Keeping Members Involved 40 Leo Club Anniversary25 Club Recruitment and Promotion 41 Forms25 Member Induction 42 Leo Club Organization Report (Leo-51)26 New Member Kits 43 Leo Club Membership Application (Leo-50)26 Leo Districts and Multiple Districts 44 Leo Club Officers and Membership Report26 Structure (Leo-72)26 Leo District/Multiple District Officers 45 Annual Leo District/Multiple District Report 26 Roles and Terms (Leo-91) 27 Responsibilities 46 Leo Successful Project/Activity Report27 Leo Club Chairperson (Leo-SPA) 27 Role and Term 27 Responsibilities27 Associate District Leo Club Chairperson
  5. 5. THE LEO CLUB PROGRAM HISTORY AND OBJECTIVE THE LEO CLUB In 1957, the Glenside Lions Club from the U.S. PROGRAM state of Pennsylvania sponsored the world’s first Leo club the — Abington High School Leo Club — with 35 students. A decade later, the Lions Clubs International (LCI) Board of Directors adopted the Leo Club Program as an official program of the association. The objective of the Leo Club Program is “...to provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community.” Leo club members around the world fulfill this objective every day. Leo club activities and projects enhance the community and help young people develop and practice leadership, “...to provide the youth organization and social skills. Leo club of the world with an involvement can instill in young people a opportunity for lifetime commitment to helping others. development and MOTTO contribution, individually The Leo club motto — Leadership, Experience, and collectively, as Opportunity — says it all: responsible members LEADERSHIP: Leo members acquire skills as of the local, national and project organizers and motivators of their peers. international community.” EXPERIENCE: They discover how teamwork and cooperation can bring about change in their community and the world. OPPORTUNITY: Leos develop positive character traits and receive recognition for their contributions.6 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  6. 6. THE LEO CLUB PROGRAMWORLDWIDE MEMBERSHIPLions Clubs International (LCI) is the world’slargest community service organization, with1.3 million members. Today there are more than45,000 Lions clubs in approximately 200 countriesand geographic areas. Regardless of the languageLions speak, religion they practice or politics theysupport, they all share a common dedication tohelping people in need.An integral part of the Lions internationalnetwork, Leos also have their own networkof more than 5,700 Leo clubs in approximately140 nations. The international scope of LCIprovides Leo and Lions club members aunique global identity.Leo clubs are open to young people withgood character and an interest in servingtheir communities. T international scope he of LCI provides Leo and Lions club members a unique global identity. 7
  7. 7. SPONSORING A LEO CLUB NEW ENERGY SPONSORING Leo club sponsorship inspires Lions club A LEO CLUB members through involvement with their community’s youth and young adults, helping them develop into humanitarians and leaders. Connections to young people can bring new energy to a Lions club. The sponsoring Lions club will also become more visible in the community with exposure to new audiences — such as young professionals, students, parents and families — and Leo clubs provide a way to mentor future community leaders and encourage future Lions. Leo clubs are a sponsored affiliation of Lions clubs. The sponsoring Lions club is responsible for guiding and counseling its Leo club. By working closely with Leos, Lions ensure that their sponsored Leo club operates within and benefits from the policies of LCI. A Lion is appointed to serve as an advisor for the Leo club. This Lion should be someone who enjoys working with youth. The Leo club advisor serves as a mentor to the Leo club Leo clubs provide a officers and members. The sponsoring Lions club is encouraged to appoint the Leo club way to mentor future advisor as a member of the Lions club’s board community leaders of directors. Much of the guidance for the Leo and encourage club is carried out through the Leo club advisor. future Lions. Guidance for the Leo club is exercised in one or more of the following ways, agreed upon by the Leo and Lions club: • The Leo club advisor or a member of the sponsoring Lions club should attend each Leo club or Leo board of directors’ meeting. • Three representatives from the Lions and Leo club should meet monthly to discuss mutual interests and plans, and to review actions of the Leo club and/or its board of directors.8 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  8. 8. SPONSORING A LEO CLUB • If attending meetings is difficult, Leos should Leo clubs are divided into two tracks: submit a copy of their club or board meeting Alpha and Omega. minutes to the Lions club for review. Alpha Leo clubs are designed for youth betweenLCI highly recommends that the sponsoring 12 and 18 years of age. This track focuses onLions club verify and follow local laws and the individual and social development of teenscustoms dictating the provision of background and preteens.checks for adults working with young people. Omega Leo clubs are tailored for young adults between 18 and 30 years of age. This trackTYPES OF LEO CLUBS is designed for the personal and professional development of young adults.Whether community-based or school-affiliated,Leo clubs provide members with the camaraderieand growth that come from participation incommunity service projects, social functionsand leadership development activities.Community-based Leo clubs offer membershipto any eligible young person within the local areaof the Lions club. These clubs meet at a suitablelocation in the community, and a member ofthe sponsoring Lions club serves as the Leoclub advisor.School-affiliated Leo clubs draw on membersfrom one school. These clubs often require theappointment of a faculty-advisor — usually ateacher, counselor or school administrator —to act as a liaison between the school and theLeo club and also to assist the Leo club advisor,who is a Lion. The school must agree to fulfillLeo Club Program responsibilities and the Leoclub must agree to follow the policies, insurancerequirements and regulations of the school.The Leo club is subject to the same rulesestablished by the school authorities for allstudent organizations and extracurricularactivities. Before the Leo club is organized,the Lions club and school should agree onprocedures for organizing club activities onand off school property, which adhere toschool policies and LCI board policy. 9
  9. 9. SPONSORING A LEO CLUB ORGANIZING A LEO CLUB and from the Youth Programs Department at International Headquarters. The success of the Leo club depends on positive involvement of Lions and the Leo club advisor. d. In this meeting or a follow up meeting(s), Once the Lions club agrees to sponsor a Leo prospective Leos can choose Leo club leaders club, it should: — by electing the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer — and discuss the 01 Appoint a Leo club advisor and a Leo club projects they would like to adopt. advisory committee with at least three members, including the Leo club advisor. The Leo club e. Distribute the Application for Membership. advisory committee attends Leo club and Leo Ask prospective members to share information board of directors’ meetings. Lions clubs can about the club and bring a friend to the next contact the district or multiple district Leo club meeting. chairperson for support. ORGANIZATION FEES 02 Decide if the new Leo club will be community A sponsoring Lions club pays a one-time Leo club or school-based. Contact the school or other organization fee of US$100. This fee covers: organizations to ensure interest and support for a club. Agree on the policies and regulations of Leo • The cost of Lions club sponsor and Leo club activities with school or community officials. officer materials. • The Leo club Certificate of Organization. 03 Obtain the names of potential Leos from schools, universities, colleges, houses of worship, • Entrance fees for 20 Leo new members, youth groups, and friends and relatives of Lions which includes 20 complementary Leo club members. New Member Kits containing a: • Leo lapel pin 04 Organize a Leo club formation meeting to explain the Leo Club Program to potential • Leo club membership card members: • Leo club membership certificate a. Invite young people to this meeting • Leo new member guide. through promotional posters and notices sent If there are more than 20 originating Leo club to schools, religious youth groups, community members, a US$5 entrance fee is charged to the programs and the local media. See the sponsoring Lions club account for each additional Publications section of this handbook for member. This includes a Leo New Member Kit news release samples. for each as well. As new members join the club b. Answer potential members’ questions throughout the year, a US$5 entrance fee should concerning membership, the relationship be remitted to LCI for each new member. with the sponsoring Lions club and activities Fees are processed through the Youth Programs undertaken by Leos. Department at International Headquarters. c. Provide promotional materials to each Postage fees and taxes are the responsibility meeting participant. Leo club materials are of the sponsoring Lions club. available in the Leo Club Organization Kit10 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  10. 10. SPONSORING A LEO CLUBThe Leo club organization fee can be either: The sponsoring Lions club can pay the levy from its administrative or activity account. Or, the Leo • Billed directly to the sponsoring Lions club club may decide to reimburse the sponsoring account; or Lions club for the amount of the levy. • Paid at the time of applying for certification of a new Leo club (checks received will be applied A single Lions club usually sponsors a Leo club. to the Lions club account balance). The district governor should give written approval for two or more Lions clubs to jointly sponsorProcessing time a single Leo club. The Lions club sponsors willThe entire certification process can take four have equal representation on matters relatedto six weeks. Generally, Leo New Member Kits to the Leo club. However, only one Lions clubare shipped within two weeks after receipt of the can be designated to serve as the liaison withLeo Club Organization Report form. Each Leo International Headquarters concerning Leo clubclub Certificate of Organization is hand-lettered billings and administration. There is no limit toand sent by separate mail. Unless otherwise the number of Leo clubs that a single Lions clubrequested, all Leo club materials are forwarded can sponsor.to the Leo club advisor.Annual Leo club sponsor levy LIABILITY INSURANCEIn August, each Lions club that sponsors a Leo club members and their volunteers areLeo club is assessed an annual levy of US$90 covered under LCI’s comprehensive general(or currency equivalent). The number of Leo liability insurance program. The policy paysclub members does not affect the levy. sums that the insured becomes legally obligated to pay as damages to third parties because ofPro-rated levies for new clubs bodily injury or property damage arising out ofLeo clubs organized during the fiscal year or in the course of Leo functions and activities.(July 1 to June 30) are not charged the full US$90 The policy provides a $1 million liability coverageLeo levy. Instead, a pro-rated Leo levy is charged for bodily injury and/or property damage perbased on the month during which the club is occurrence and a $2 million aggregate liabilityorganized. See the graphic below for details about coverage. Coverage afforded by the program isthe pro-rated amount charged during each month automatic. If evidence of coverage is requiredof the fiscal year. for an event, a certificate of insurance may beFiscal Year of July 1 to June 30 obtained immediately online 24 hours a day at www.lionsclubs.org in the Member Center » JUL AUG Resources section, by calling +1 800 316 6705, or SEP OCT NOV DEC e-mailing the request to lionsclubs@willis.com.US$67.50* US$45* For more information, contact the Legal Department at International Headquarters. JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNUS$22.50* US$0*or currency equivalent 11
  11. 11. LEO CLUB LEADERSHIP LAUNCHING THE LEO CLUB The installation ceremony can also serve as a way to promote the club and recruit potential CERTIFICATION members. A sample news release to publicize The Youth Programs Department at International the new Leo club is available in the Publications Headquarters certifies new Leo clubs upon section of this handbook. receipt of the Leo Club Organization Report form. Certification entitles a Leo club and its sponsoring Lions club use of the Leo name and emblem. Clubs and members are also eligible for LCI LEO CLUB awards and recognition upon certification. Once a club is certified, the sponsoring Lions club LEADERSHIP receives the Certificate of Organization, a Leo The success of each Leo club depends on Club Sponsor Banner Patch and Leo Club the dedication of its leaders. Leo officers’ Extension Certificates. The official organization commitment to promoting the ideals of the Leo date of a Leo club is the date that the club is Club Program results in pride and satisfaction for certified by the Youth Programs Department them, the Leo club, the sponsoring Lions club and at International Headquarters. See the Forms the community. Leo leaders make many decisions section of this handbook for a copy of the that will affect the success and future of the club. Leo Club Organization Report. BEING A GOOD LEADER INSTALLATION CEREMONY Trustworthiness, the ability to communicate Once the Leo Club Organization Report form and inspire, knowledge of individual needs has been submitted to the Youth Programs and interests of club members, acceptance Department at International Headquarters, of responsibility — all of these are important the Leo club will function under the guidance leadership traits. Good leaders are also: of the Leo club advisor. Leo club officers should be invited to attend a Lions club meeting before • Fair the installation ceremony of a new Leo club to • Self confident plan the ceremony together. • Energetic For a successful ceremony invite: • Knowledgeable • Lions club members • Responsible. • Leo club members’ parents Strong Leo leaders form the foundation of • School and/or community representatives successful Leo clubs. • Lions and Leo district officers • Local media representatives.12 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  12. 12. LEO CLUB LEADERSHIPLEO CLUB OFFICER ROLES resource. There is additional information about the LeoMMR in the Running a Leo ClubLEO CLUB PRESIDENT: A Leo who is elected and Resources sections of this handbook.by fellow club members. The president managesclub and board meetings. The president LEO CLUB TREASURER: A Leo who receivesmentors other club officers concerning their and deposits all money into one of two accounts,responsibilities and includes all members which must be kept separate:in decision-making processes. With the club • Administrative account, which containssecretary, the president submits timely reports dues and other monies raised from fellowto the sponsoring Lions club and the Youth club members. These funds support thePrograms Department at International administration of the club and otherHeadquarters. operating expenses.A Leo club president’s first resource is his or • Activity account, which contains money raisedher Leo club advisor. Appointed by the sponsoring from public fundraising projects. These publicLions club, Leo club advisors are experienced funds must be used for charitable purposesLions. If the club is school-based, a teacher, as directed by club members.counselor or school administrator may act as The treasurer disburses club funds whena faculty-advisor. Leo club presidents may also authorized by the Leo club board of directors.call upon other active Lions or past Leo club Each month, the treasurer submits a financialleaders. By using these resources, presidents statement to the Leo club board of directors.can enhance their own leadership skills and helpdevelop club members into a successful team. LEO CLUB BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Leo club president, vice president, secretary, treasurerLEO CLUB VICE PRESIDENT: A Leo who assists and three elected Leo club members form thethe president throughout the year. The vice Leo club board of directors and execute thepresident assumes the duties of president if business of the club, including authorizationthe elected president cannot complete the term. of all club expenses.LEO CLUB SECRETARY: A Leo who maintainsclub records and meeting minutes and submitsthese documents to the sponsoring Lions clubon a regular basis. The secretary maintains lists T success of each heof officers, committee appointments, attendance Leo club depends onrecords and membership rosters. The secretaryis responsible for submitting the Leo Club Officers the dedication ofand Membership Report form and the Successful its leaders.Leo Club Project/Activity Report form to theYouth Programs Department at InternationalHeadquarters. See the Forms section of thishandbook for a copy of these forms. The secretaryshould use the LeoMMR (“monthly membershipreport”), an online database system, as a 13
  13. 13. LEO CLUB LEADERSHIP LEO CLUB ADVISOR Humanitarian: Advisors help Leo club members understand the compassionate Leo club advisors around the world contribute aspect of community service. to the success of the Leo Club Program. When working with youth, advisors fill the role of The Leo Zone section on the LCI Web site mentor, motivator, counselor and role model. features a section just for advisors. Visit Advisors guide Leo club members in managing www.lionsclubs.org and go to Member Center their club and developing effective community for more information about how to be an effective service projects to help increase confidence and mentor to a Leo club as well as a successful leadership abilities. Advisors also provide Leos liaison between a Leo and Lions club. with recognition for their achievements. PROMOTION OF LEO CLUBS ROLES OF THE ADVISOR To promote a Leo club, submit news releases to (Mentor, Motivator, Counselor, local newspapers and/or radio and TV stations. Liaison, Humanitarian) Encourage the Leo members to create flyers for Leo advisors accept many roles. Among them are: their events and post them in the community. Use the PR Tools section of the Lions Web site Mentor: Advisors guide Leo club officers and for templates, support and ideas. Also, see the members to attain their potential as leaders and Publications section of this handbook for sample teach Leos the importance of planning community news releases. projects prior to implementation. During April, celebrate Leo Club Awareness Motivator: Advisors understand that there Month. Organize a joint activity between the are many influences that motivate youth, sponsoring Lions club and Leo club. including peer acceptance, recognition for deeds accomplished and a sense of personal GRADUATING LEOS achievement. Although advisors should motivate Alpha Leos who have turned 18 years of age Leos to perform service activities, they should may join an Omega Leo club or may be invited to not impose their personal views on Leos. join a Lions club. LCI offers many programs and Counselor: Advisors must be familiar with incentives to encourage this. Advisors should visit the Standard Leo Club Constitution and Bylaws the Member Center at www.lionsclubs.org for (the publication is available on the Lions Web more details. site in the official Board Policy Manual). Advisors listen to the Leos and are sensitive to their needs. Advisors must know when to counsel the group and when to allow Leos to arrive at their own decisions. Liaison: Advisors are the link between the sponsoring Lions club and the Leo club. Advisors inform the Lions club of Leo activities and foster a healthy relationship between the two clubs.14 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  14. 14. RUNNING A LEO CLUBRUNNINGA LEO CLUBCLUB ADMINISTRATIONOnce a new Leo club is certified and theinstallation ceremony has taken place, it is timeto begin the work of a healthy and successfulclub. The Leo club advisor and Leo officers arecritical to the club’s success and will want to showstrong leadership and organization skillsto inspire committed membership. IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER Lions Clubs International calendar is July 1 to June 30. JUN JUL Lions Clubs International NOV 30 Leo October Membership Growth Convention Award nominations due* JUL 1 Annual Report for Leo Districts DEC 5 International Leo Day and Multiple Districts due* MAR Lions Day with the United Nations AUG 15 Leo Club Program Advisory Panel nominations due* APR Leo Club Awareness Month AUG 15 Leo Club Excellence Award APR 15 Suggested election date for the applications due* next year’s Leo club officers SEP Leo Club Extension Awards MAY 15 Leo Club Officers and and Top Ten Leo Club Extension Membership Report form due* Awards sent to recipients from the Youth Programs JUN 1 Leo of the Year Award Department applications due* OCT Leo Club Membership Growth Month *Submit form to the Youth Programs Department at International Headquarters. 15
  15. 15. RUNNING A LEO CLUB CLUB BANK ACCOUNTS District/multiple district Leo presidents can Each Leo club has two distinct treasury funds. add officer information, and all district/multiple One is the administrative account, which contains district officers will be able to view and run dues and other monies collected from club membership reports specific to their district members to cover the club’s operating expenses. or multiple district. The second is the activity account, which contains This is a free service. There is no charge to all money raised from public fundraising projects. the club, district or multiple district for using It is important to remember that these activity the LeoMMR. funds must be used for charitable purposes as LeoMMR questions should be directed to directed by club members. These two accounts leommr@lionsclubs.org or +1 630 571 5466. must be maintained separately. In order to maintain these two accounts, the ORDERING CLUB SUPPLIES Leo club should open joint banking accounts Leo club supplies are featured in the Lions Club with its sponsoring Lions club. The sponsoring Supply Catalog and online at www.lionsclubs.org. Lions club can use its tax-exempt ID for the Leo clubs can purchase catalog items by: Leo bank accounts. • Ordering through their Leo club advisor or LEOMMR an officer of the sponsoring Lions club. The LeoMMR (“monthly membership report”) • Mailing a check or money order with order was created in line with features similar to those form to Club Supplies at International used with the LionsWMMR. This newly-developed Headquarters. online database system helps LCI staff better • Ordering online or by telephone with communicate with Leos from across the world, a personal credit card. providing real-time information about what’s new and exciting within the Leo Club Program. CLUB MEETINGS For club officers, the LeoMMR provides an online Leo club meetings should follow basic meeting database system to track your club membership. protocol known as parliamentary procedure. This includes adding members, updating existing This protocol is explained in publications such as members information, and generating club Robert’s Rules of Order (available in English only rosters, attendance sheets and other reports. from the Lions Online Club Supply Catalog). Club presidents and secretaries will be able to add and update membership and officer Through hands-on experience, Leo officers information, while all club officers will have learn how to run meetings. This includes leading access to specific club reports. discussions, requesting votes on motions, tabling a topic for future discussion, or deferring a topic to a committee for discussion. Leo club presidents are responsible for conducting well-organized club meetings. A written outline or agenda helps facilitate meetings.16 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  16. 16. RUNNING A LEO CLUBMeeting agendas can include: CLUB ELECTIONS • Call to order by the president. Hard-working committee chairpersons are • An opening ceremony, such as the excellent prospects for future club officers. In national anthem, salute to the flag or March, the club president appoints a committee other local custom. to develop a roster of officer candidates. • A roll call of members and the introduction Candidates must agree to accept the position if of guests. elected. Committee members cannot nominate • The introduction of speakers. themselves as officer candidates. On election day • The reading of the secretary’s report and (on or around April 15), the club president will minutes from the previous meeting. request the roster. Additional nominations may be accepted from Leos in attendance. Written • The treasurer’s report (a copy of this report ballots should be used when there are multiple should be filed for an audit). candidates for a single office. Winning candidates • The reading of minutes from the Leo board are those who receive a simple majority of the of directors’ meeting. votes cast. • The reading of new correspondence received After the election, the club secretary should since the last meeting. update officer records using the LeoMMR or • The reading of committee reports and the submit the Leo Club Officers and Membership approval of committee actions. Report form to the Youth Programs Department • The discussion of old business. at International Headquarters by mail, fax or • The presentation of new business. e-mail by May 15. Copies of the report should be • Adjournment. sent to the sponsoring Lions club and the district Leo club chairperson.Club presidents handle many situations. Conflicts,which occasionally occur during club meetings, Suggestions for an appropriate installationmay be minimized by: ceremony are available in Leo Club Officer Installation and New Member Initiation. The • Recognizing speakers from the floor. publication is available on the Lions Web site • Deciding when to bring a motion to a vote. and in the Publications section of this handbook. • Using the gavel to maintain order during meetings. • Adjusting the written meeting agenda to shorten or lengthen the meeting. 17
  17. 17. RUNNING A LEO CLUB TEAM BUILDING • Increasing the prestige of the club through local publicity. Successful Leo clubs need strong team members. • Celebrating successful Leo club projects. Leo officers should encourage fellow Leos to accept leadership roles to help make the club COMMITTEES stronger. Building a Leo team begins with: Participation on Leo committees provides a good • Establishing long-term (more than one year) way for club members to get involved and build and short-term (one year or less) club goals, teamwork and leadership skills. Committees which include service projects, fundraisers, can also help Leo leaders organize Leo activities membership campaigns and social events. throughout the year. Consider establishing some • Sharing with all club members the tasks or all of the following committees: needing to be completed. • Athletic • Attendance • Requesting additional ideas and suggestions. • Election • Finance • Creating committees and assigning • Fundraising • International relations specific tasks. • Membership • Projects Encourage club members by: • Publicity • Social. • Welcoming and introducing new Leos to current members. SOCIAL EVENTS • Including Leos in projects that utilize their When planning a Leo club calendar, include talents and interests. For example, an artistic social events to build friendships among club Leo may appreciate the opportunity to create members and to celebrate club successes. promotional materials for a Leo service Possible Leo social activities include attendance project. A member who likes animals may at or participation in: gladly organize a service project at the local • A Leo club certification signing ceremony or animal shelter. These opportunities provide a Leo club anniversary celebration. members with a sense of belonging and • Induction ceremony of new Leo members, achievement. or the installation of new club officers (see • Praising club members for their the Leo Club Officer Installation and New accomplishments. Member Initiation in the Publications section • Nominating Leos and the club for Lions Clubs of this handbook). International awards when eligible. • Outings, weekend retreats or holiday parties. Encourage fellowship among club members by: • A Leo bowling league or a Leo soccer, cricket or baseball team. • Rewarding Leos through public recognition or a Leo award. Consider publicizing some of these events, particularly ceremonies, in the local media. See the Publications section of this handbook for sample news releases.18 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  18. 18. RUNNING A LEO CLUBPLANNING SERVICE EnvironmentPROJECTS • Plant tree seedlings.The Lions publication, Community Needs • Organize a roadside or beach clean-upAssessment (MK-9), can help Leos organize campaign.a community service project and is available on • Adopt an endangered species.the Lions Web site in the Member Center section. • Teach the community about the benefitsWhen organizing a project, Leo clubs should: of “going green.”Identify a community need. A good place to start Literacy and culturemay be a food or clothing drive. Or, consider if the • Collect school supplies for students in need.community needs a new playground, nature trail • Donate books to a local library.or recycling center. • Organize a talent show.Contact other community organizations. Verifythat other organizations or government agencies Health servicesare not currently undertaking this project or • Distribute information about HIV/AIDS.planning to do so in the near future. • Assist health care professionals duringCalculate costs. Assess the current financial and vision, hearing or diabetes screenings.membership resources within the club. If needed, • Collect and distribute eyeglasses.consider creating a joint project with another Leo • Distribute information about diabetesclub or with the sponsoring Lions club. prevention.Complete the details. Establish a timeline. International service projectsObtain permission from the school and legal • Participate in the International Clubclearance/permits from local authorities, if Twinning Program.necessary. Obtain all necessary supplies. • Host a party for Lions InternationalPublicize the project. Inform the media about youth exchangees.the project. Place large signs throughout the area, • Organize a shoe recycling project andif appropriate. See page 21 of this handbook for an donate the shoes to countries in need.explanation of Leo emblem use.PROJECT IDEASSocial service • Visit children in an orphanage or the pediatrics Plant ward of a hospital. • Collect and distribute food and clothing for tree those in need. seedlings. • Help a senior citizen with household chores. 19
  19. 19. RUNNING A LEO CLUB FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES • Inform family members and friends about the fundraiser. Inform the sponsoring Lions club When raising funds for the administrative as well as neighboring Leo clubs. or activity account, allow time for planning, publicizing and implementing the activity. Implementation • Start the project on time. Possible fundraisers for the administrative account include membership dues and raffles • Assign tasks to all involved. among club members. • Designate one Leo to assist with unexpected situations such as replenishing supplies during Popular public fundraising projects include the event. car washes, dances for young people, or the sale of food, beverages or homemade items at school Additional service project suggestions appear on or community events. Remember that all money the Leo Zone section of the Lions Web site and in raised from public fundraising projects must THE LION Magazine. be used for charitable purposes as directed by club members. LEO AND LIONS EMBLEM USE ACHIEVING SUCCESS Any reproduction of the association trademarks, including but not limited to the Lions emblem Plan first and Leo emblem, may be downloaded by Lions • Define the club’s fundraising goals. How and Leo members from the official format of much money does the club hope to raise? the emblems provided on the associations Web Is this a realistic goal? site. These are the only trademarks that may be • Agree on a project. Does the club have reproduced electronically or otherwise, including enough members to complete the project? sites on the Internet. What supplies are needed? Does the club Leo clubs, Lions clubs and districts are have the money to purchase needed supplies automatically authorized to use the association in advance? trademarks in the promotion and furtherance • Agree on a date, time and place for the project. of the association’s purposes and club or district Be certain that the project does not conflict operations, such as printed materials, web pages, with other local events. sponsored programs, projects, community service Publicize and other events, so long as such use is done in • The club should submit details about the accordance with the policies adopted from time activity to club members, local newspapers, to time by the International Board of Directors radio stations and television stations at least and the trademarks are not used on any item one month in advance. to be sold or otherwise available from the Club Supplies and Distribution Division and • Members can place posters throughout the official licensees. community. See page 21 of this handbook for an explanation of Leo emblem use.20 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  20. 20. RUNNING A LEO CLUBLeo and Lion members, clubs and districtsare authorized to use, purchase and sellitems bearing the association trademarksobtained through the Club Supplies and LionsDistribution Division and official licensees. EmblemFor all apparel items, excluding vests, Leo andLion members and districts are automaticallygranted permission to use, purchase, sell,manufacture or distribute items bearing theassociation trademarks when the total numberof each individual item does not exceed thirty(30) in one fiscal year, and clubs are automatically Leogranted permission to use, purchase, sell,manufacture or distribute items bearing the Emblemassociation trademarks when the total numberof each individual item does not exceed thirty(30) or a total of one (1) per club member, in onefiscal year. For all vests, apparel items exceedingthirty (30) in one fiscal year, and all other itemsnot otherwise identified, Leo and Lion members,clubs and districts which desire to use, purchase, Alpha Leosell, manufacture or distribute items bearing the Emblemassociation trademarks, must obtain approvalfrom and pay such license fees and/or royaltypayments as determined by the Club Suppliesand Distribution Division or the Legal Division.For further information about the trademarkpolicies or to secure a license, please contactthe Club Supplies and Distribution Division at+1 630 571 5466 or clubsupplies@lionsclubs.orgor the associations General Counsel at+1 630 571 5466 or legal@lionsclubs.org.The Fundraising Seal is available for use onfundraising items. Use of this seal requireswritten authorization from the Legal Divisionat International Headquarters before enteringinto a contract with a manufacturer. 21
  21. 21. RUNNING A LEO CLUB CLUB TWINNING DEVELOPING THE RELATIONSHIP Initial correspondence should include: Leo clubs can participate in the International Club Twinning Program. Club twinning provides Leo • Interest in becoming a twin clubs with an opportunity to learn about another • Details about club members club and its culture. Twinning should not be • Club activities initiated to persuade others to adopt ones ways, • Information about the local community nor is it to be entered into for financial or material assistance. The selection of a club twin varies • Local customs. from club-to-club. Twinnings often occur: The two clubs continue their friendship • As a result of friendships that develop through the exchange of: when club members from different • Club and district bulletins countries meet at international forums • Pins and banners or conventions. • Magazines, periodicals, newspapers, books • As a result of searching the twinning list or the club locator on the LCI Web site. • Photographs • Music CDs or DVDs Most club twins do not experience a serious problem with language barriers. If a translator • Other items that foster mutual friendship is needed, members should request assistance and understanding. from other club members, their families and Another consideration is the organization of acquaintances, or students/teachers of the a joint service project, possibly on behalf of language. Another solution is to use a third a third country. This is a voluntary and mutual language that is understood by members endeavor. Each club should contribute. of both clubs. Leo clubs interested in twinning must follow the Club Twinnings Guidelines and submit their club details to be included in the Leo Club Twinning List. Visit the Member Center on the LCI Web site for more information. After clubs have become friends, they can apply for an International Club Twinning Banner Patch Award. Clubs that enter into additional twinning relationships within the fiscal year receive a letter Learn about of congratulations. Clubs can only receive one twinning award per fiscal year. another club and The Club Twinning Award indicates participation its culture. in the International Club Twinning Program. Although the club does not receive annual recognition for twinning, it is expected that the twinning will continue.22 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  22. 22. RUNNING A LEO CLUBA club is eligible to receive another International AWARDS FOR INDIVIDUAL LIONSClub Twinning Recognition only if it enters into AND ADVISORSa new twinning relationship during a different • Leo Club Advisor Five-Year Service Awardfiscal year. • Leo Club Advisor Outstanding Service AwardVisit the Leo Zone on the LCI Web site for more • Leo Club Chairperson Achievement Awardinformation. • Leo Club Extension Award Lions Opportunities for Youth ChairpersonAWARDS AND RECOGNITION • Recognition AwardLeos, Lions and their clubs may be eligible for • Top Ten Leo Club Extension Awardone or more of the numerous awards LCI offersto recognize outstanding achievement. There is AWARDS FOR LIONS CLUBSmore detail available on the Leo Zone of the LCI • Leo Club Sponsor Banner Patch and ExtensionWeb site, but a list of awards appears below. Award CertificateAWARDS FOR INDIVIDUAL LEOS • Leo Club Sponsorship/Anniversary Award • Leo Award of Honor • Leo Lion Serving Together Award • Leo Club Extension Award • Leo October Membership Growth Award • Leo Spotlight on Children Award Certificate • Leo of the Year Award • Top Ten Leo Club Extension Award • 100% Leo Multiple District President Award • 100% Leo District President Award • 100% Leo Club President AwardAWARDS FOR LEO CLUBS • International Club Twinning Award • Leo Club Excellence Award • Leo Club Sponsorship/Anniversary Award • Leo Lion Serving Together Award • Leo Spotlight on Children Banner Patch Award 23
  23. 23. MEMBERSHIP MEMBERSHIP KEEPING MEMBERS INVOLVED Leo members will remain interested in the Leo club as long as it is organized, fun, keeps members involved and continues to provide valuable community service. Observant Leo leaders can help prevent the departure of Leo members. COMMON REASONS HOW TO PREVENT IT FOR LEAVING Leo club officers should seek advice from the Leo club advisor, sponsoring Disorganized Club Lions club, Leo district officers and district Leo club chairperson. The Leadership sponsoring Lions club or Leo district leaders can provide additional leadership training for club officers. Leo club officers should provide a thorough orientation for new members Inadequate Orientation and conduct an impressive induction ceremony. Leo club officers should combine new and old members to serve Social Cliques on committees. Leo club officers should praise members and present awards Lack of Recognition whenever appropriate. Leo club officers can meet with the Leo club advisor and district Leo club Lack of Club chairperson to discuss suggestions for growth and development, including Membership new ways to promote the Leo club and to attract new members. Lack of Important Leo club officers can form a committee to study local needs. Activities Lack of Interest in Leo leaders can consider altering or adding projects using ideas a Club Project from Leo members.24 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  24. 24. MEMBERSHIPCLUB RECRUITMENT AND to prospective new members, such as:PROMOTION • Having funLeo club membership is open to young people • Friendshipof good character with an interest in serving their • Social eventscommunities. New Leo club members should • Community servicereplace Leos who graduate from the club. October • Leadership and teamwork opportunities.is Leo Membership Growth Month. During thismonth and throughout the year, the club should Leo clubs can publicize their club with localorganize a Leo new member recruitment news coverage, newsletters, Web sites and flyerscampaign. Potential new Leos may include: promoting service projects, social activities and fundraisers. See the Publications section of this • Friends handbook for sample news releases. • Family members and relatives Leos can invite potential members to attend a • Neighbors fundraiser or service project. During the event, • Fellow students introduce prospective members to current Leos. • Sports teammates April is Leo Club Awareness Month. This is an • Members of other organizations and clubs. ideal time for Leos to work with the sponsoringLeos can also contact the following people who Lions club to promote the Leo Club Program.interact with potential new members: Possible activities include: • Teachers • A high visibility, Leo-Lion service project, such • Coaches as a highway or beach clean up. • Clergy • A news release submitted to the local media about recent Leo accomplishments or roster • Community leaders of new members. See the Publications section • Family members of this handbook for sample news releases. • Lions. • A Leo club exhibit placed in a library orIn addition, the club can: other public building that illustrates Leo club service projects. • Place a recruitment announcement in a school or local newspaper. MEMBER INDUCTION • Place Leo recruitment posters throughout the community. An impressive ceremony should be created • Arrange a Leo information display at school to induct new Leo club members. See the or community events. Publications section of this handbook for a copy of the New Member Initiation Ceremony. • Contact young community leaders who have been previously identified by local media. • Create a Leo club Web site.Leos should explain the benefits of membership 25
  25. 25. LEO DISTRICTS AND MULTIPLE DISTRICTS NEW MEMBER KITS Ten or more Leo clubs in a Lions multiple district can form a Leo multiple district. Leo membership Each new Leo receives a Leo New Member Kit as within the multiple district must exceed 100 part of the US$5 entrance fee. The sponsoring members. The Lions council of governors must Lions club president, secretary, treasurer or Leo approve the formation of a Leo multiple district, club advisor can order Leo New Member Kits. and the territorial boundaries of the Leo multiple These kits can only be purchased by an officer district must match those of the sponsoring Lions or Leo advisor of the sponsoring Lions club multiple district. The Standard Leo Multiple and are only available from the Youth Programs District Constitution (available in the Youth Department at International Headquarters. Programs chapter of the Board Policy Manual Contact the Youth Programs Department on the Lions Web site) governs all Leo multiple at +1 630 571 5466 or leo@lionsclubs.org district councils. to order kits. In July, report your Leo district/multiple district officers using the LeoMMR (“monthly membership report”), an online database system. LEO DISTRICTS There is additional information about the LeoMMR in the Running a Club and Resources sections of AND MUL TIPLE this handbook. If the LeoMMR is not available, DISTRICTS report your officers with the Annual Report for Leo District/Multiple District form included Leo club activities at the district and multiple in the Publications section of this handbook. district level encourage Leos from clubs in the same territorial area to share ideas, promote the Leo Club Program, strengthen community LEO DISTRICT/MULTIPLE service, focus on membership growth and DISTRICT OFFICERS expansion, and offer further leadership ROLES AND TERMS development opportunities. DISTRICT AND STRUCTURE MULTIPLE DISTRICT (MD) OFFICERS TERMS Six or more officially certified Leo clubs in a District/MD Leo Lions district can form a Leo district. The district Elected annually President governor must approve the formation of a Leo district, and the territorial boundaries of the Leo District/MD Leo Elected annually district must match those of the sponsoring Lions Vice President district. Leo districts are subject to the guidelines Appointed annually in the Standard Leo District Constitution, which District/MD Leo by Leo District/MD Secretary is available on the Lions Web site in the Youth president Programs chapter of the Board Policy Manual. Appointed annually District/MD Leo by Leo District/MD Treasurer president26 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  26. 26. LEO DISTRICTS AND MULTIPLE DISTRICTSRESPONSIBILITIES • Team up with key district leaders to reviewDuties of the Leo district/multiple district officers goals and encourage involvement.include the following: • Publicize and promote the program. • Provide a leadership-training seminar for • Conduct leadership training for Leo advisors district Leos. and officers. • Promote at least one major service activity or fundraising activity with participation from ASSOCIATE DISTRICT LEO the majority of the Leo clubs in the district. CLUB CHAIRPERSON • Publicize and promote the Leo Club An associate district Leo club chairperson Program, and encourage active involvement may be appointed by the Lions district governor in the program. where no Leo district has been established. The appointee to this position is an active member ofThe sponsoring Lions district/multiple district a Leo club which is in good standing. An associatemust approve the following: district Leo club chairperson assists the district • Dates of the annual Leo district/multiple Leo club chairperson in promoting the Leo district conference. program and helps form new clubs. The name • Leo district/multiple district conference and address of the appointed associate district activities. chairperson should be reported annually to the Youth Programs Department at International Headquarters.LEO CLUB CHAIRPERSON A special lapel tab will be provided for eachROLE AND TERM reported associate district Leo club chairperson.Leo club chairpersons contribute to thesuccess of their districts through the promotion,development and continual support of Leo clubs.Appointed at the district and multiple districtlevel, Leo club chairpersons serve a three-yearterm during which they encourage Leos and Leoadvisors to bring new energy, inspire fresh ideasfor service, and grow the Leo Club Program.RESPONSIBILITIES • Oversee Leo club development for a three-year term. • Mentor existing Leo clubs and Leo advisors. • Coach Lions in Leo club extension activities. • Encourage graduating Leos to transfer into a Lions club. 27
  27. 27. LEO CLUB PROGRAM ADVISORY PANEL NOMINATION PROCESS LEO CLUB Nominations must be submitted via official PROGRAM nomination form, with required signatures, to the Youth Programs Department at International ADVISORY PANEL Headquarters. The Leo Club Program Advisory Panel provides Leos and Lions with an opportunity to represent LEO NOMINEES their respective constituents in matters that affect District Leo presidents (not part of a multiple the Leo Club Program. The panel acts in an district) shall be nominated by the district Leo advisory capacity with Lions Clubs International club chairperson (if applicable) and approved as it evaluates issues related to the program. by the district governor. Only one nomination Items that impact the program will be presented is allowed per single district (not part of a to Lions Clubs International Board of Directors for multiple district). consideration and final approval. The panel will Multiple District Leo presidents shall be be on-going until determined otherwise by the nominated by the multiple district Leo club Board of Directors. chairperson (if applicable) and approved by the council chairperson. Only one nomination COMPOSITION is allowed per multiple district. The panel will be comprised of the following LION NOMINEES from each constitutional area: Two Lions, two Omega Leos and two Alpha Leos. Each year, District Leo club chairpersons (not part of a one Lion, one Alpha Leo and one Omega Leo multiple district) shall be nominated by the from each constitutional area will be selected. district governor. Each single district (not part of Panelists will serve a two-year term. a multiple district) is limited to one nomination. Multiple district Leo club chairpersons shall be QUALIFICATIONS nominated by the council chairperson. Only one nomination is allowed per multiple district. Leos shall be district/multiple district Leo presidents in good standing. District Leo presidents must be from a single district (not a sub-district of a multiple district). Lions shall be current district/multiple district Leo club chairpersons in good standing. District Leo club chairpersons must be from a single district (not a sub-district of a multiple district).28 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  28. 28. LEO CLUB PROGRAM ADVISORY PANELSELECTION CRITERIALions Leos01 Must be a current District/MD Leo club 01 Must be a current District/MD Leo clubchairperson. president.02 District Leo club chairpersons must be 02 District Leo presidents must be fromfrom a single district (not a sub-district of a single district (not a sub-district of aa multiple district). multiple district).03 Knowledgeable of the principles and 03 Knowledgeable of the principles andprocedures of Leo clubs and the Leo Club procedures of Leo clubs and the Leo ClubProgram. Program.04 Knowledgeable of the Leo Club Program 04 Knowledgeable of the Leo Club Programresources from the Youth Programs Department, resources from the Youth Programs Department,LCI, and local resources. LCI, and local resources.05 Ability to commit to meeting with the panel 05 Ability to commit to meeting with the panelseveral times a year via web conference and/or several times a year via web conference and/orin person. in person.06 Ability to stay informed of the latest news 06 Ability to stay informed of the latest newsabout the Leo Club Program. about the Leo Club Program.07 Ability to serve as the official liaison between 07 Ability to serve as the official liaison betweenthe advisory panel and the district/multiple the advisory panel and the Leo district/multipledistrict and LCI. district and LCI.08 Ability to serve in an advisory capacity with 08 Ability to serve in an advisory capacity withthe Youth Programs Department as it evaluates the Youth Programs Department as it evaluatesand plans Leo initiatives. and plans Leo initiatives. SELECTION PROCESS The Youth Programs Department will compile the nomination forms and present them to the Service Activities Committee each fiscal year for final panel member selection at the June/July board meeting. In addition, the Service Activities Committee will select one Lion, one Alpha Leo, and one Omega Leo per constitutional area as alternates, in the event a member of the panel is unable to complete the two-year term. 29
  29. 29. CLUB CANCELLATIONS AND TRANSFERS The sponsoring Lions club’s board of CLUB directors should give the above-named officers an opportunity to become acquainted with the CANCELLATIONS situation and to consult with them. The Lions AND TRANSFERS district cabinet, when reviewing the issues, should give the Leo district president, the associate To cancel a Leo club, an officer of the sponsoring district Leo club chairperson, or the Leo multiple Lions club must contact the Youth Programs district president, if any, the opportunity to be Department at International Headquarters heard or to present written submissions. in writing via mail, e-mail or fax. A notice of If the issues cannot be resolved through the cancellation received by the Youth Programs intervention of district officers within the 90-day Department at International Headquarters before period, the matter will be brought before the December 15 entitles the sponsoring Lions club to Lions club’s membership at a regular meeting. a credit for the current fiscal year’s Leo levy only. If two-thirds of the Lions members in good In rare cases when a Lions club believes it standing vote to terminate sponsorship of the is necessary to cancel its Leo club without the Leo club, an officer of the sponsoring Lions club agreement of the Leo club members, the Lions should submit a written request to cancel the club should give the Leo club 90 days’ notice Leo club to the Youth Programs Department at with a written report listing the reasons for International Headquarters, with copies to the cancellation. A copy of this report should be six officers previously listed, as applicable. Upon sent to the following officers: receipt of the cancellation notice, the international 01 Leo club advisor office will process cancellation of the Leo club. 02 District Leo club chairperson If sponsorship from a Lions club has been cancelled, the Leo club has 180 days to find a 03 Multiple district Leo club chairperson (if one new sponsoring Lions club to avoid termination. has been appointed) To transfer sponsorship, a letter from the new 04 Leo district president or associate district Leo sponsoring Lions club (stating that it accepts club chairperson (if one has been appointed) sponsorship) should be submitted to the Youth Programs Department at International 05 Leo multiple district president (if one has Headquarters. In addition, a letter from the been appointed) current sponsoring Lions club (stating that it 06 District governor. relinquishes sponsorship) should be submitted to the Youth Programs Department. Upon receipt of both letters, a new Certificate of Organization will be produced and sent and the annual Leo levy will become the responsibility of the new sponsoring Lions club.30 ALPHA LEO CLUB PROGRAM HANDBOOK
  30. 30. RESOURCESRESOURCESLCI WEB SITE CONTACTINGThe Leo Zone section of the LCI Web site, INTERNATIONALwww.lionsclubs.org, is the primary online HEADQUARTERSresource about Leo clubs. It features additional Lions Clubs Internationaldetails about information that appears in this Youth Programs Departmenthandbook and much more. 300 W. 22nd Street Oak Brook, IL 60523-8842 USA www.lionsclubs.orgLEOMMR E-mail: leo@lionsclubs.orgThe LeoMMR, a membership reporting Web site, Phone: +1 630 571 5466allows Leo club officers to enter and track data Fax: +1 630 571 1692about club members. Go to www.lionsclubs.organd click “Submit Reports” to access the site.Direct questions about the LeoMMR toleommr@lionsclubs.org.NEWSLETTERSInternational Headquarters will communicateimportant deadlines, resources and additionalinformation on a regular basis to Leos, Leoclub advisors and Leo club chairpersons viapost and e-mail throughout the year. 31
  32. 32. LEO CLUB OFFICER In a meeting such as this, the small, oftenINSTALLATION AND NEW overlooked details can add much to the finalMEMBER INITIATION success of the function. Consider the following:Leo Club Procedures • A printed program - Include the agenda as well as the names of each officer and memberAfter organizing a new Leo club, the sponsoring of the Leo club. This provides a fine souvenir.Lions club acquires certain responsibilities.The most obvious of these is to arrange a well- • Greeting committee - To greet members andorganized meeting for the presentation of guests as they arrive. Greeters also assurethe Certificate of Organization. This meeting that each guest is properly seated.corresponds to a Charter Night meeting for a • Decorations - Welcome signs and/or flowersLions club and should be a memorable meeting on the speaker’s table.for all concerned. Invite local civic or school • Public address system - If the meeting is in aofficials to the event. Perhaps the entire large room, make sure that all guests will bemembership of the Lions club could attend able to hear the speakers.and consider this a joint meeting or a spousesnight. The evening will vary according to localcustoms and conditions.The following list is a guideline only. Clubs candelete or add items as necessary. • Meeting called to order • Suitable opening (may include a song) • Salute to the flag • Invocation • Dinner • Introduction of people at speaker’s table • Brief description of Leo club (given by Leo club advisor or Lions club president) • Induction of new members, installation of Leo club officers • Presentation of Certificate of Organization • Presentation of gift (the Lions club may present a gift to the Leo club. The Lions Supply Catalog includes items such as a gong, gavel, banner, flag, etc.) • Program or entertainment • Adjournment 33
  33. 33. Ceremony for Installation of Leo Club Officers INSTALLING SECRETARY: “Leo (name), you have The Leo club advisor or a Lions club officer been elected to serve your club as secretary. presides over this ceremony. You will be under the supervision and direction of the president and the board of directors. You INSTALLING OFFICER: “It is my privilege to be shall keep the general club records, including here to install the officers of the (name) Leo Club. the board of directors’ meeting minutes, officers Having received the trust of the club membership, lists, committee appointments, attendance I am sure that they will carry out faithfully their records, and up-to-date membership lists. You duties with respect to their community and their will be responsible for sending activity reports fellow members. and the Annual Leo Club Membership Report to the international office. You will also be vigilant To that purpose, I would like to call each to in keeping and building the spirit of unity and the podium, to repeat the duties that each has cooperation with the other Leo club officers, freely accepted upon his/her nomination as a the board of directors and the Leo advisor. Leo club officer.” Will you perform these duties to the best of INSTALLING TREASURER: “Leo (name), you have your ability?” been elected to serve your club as treasurer, and as such you will receive all monies and deposit SECRETARY: “I will.” the same in a bank recommended by the board INSTALLING VICE PRESIDENT: “Leo (name), of directors. You will pay out money on their you have been elected to serve your club as vice authority and will prepare and submit monthly president. You shall occupy the position of the financial reports to them. You will also be vigilant president if, for any reason, the president is in keeping and building the spirit of unity and unable to perform his/her duties. In this event, cooperation with the other Leo club officers, you shall have the same authority as the president the board of directors, and the Leo advisor. and shall fulfill his/her role accordingly. You will Will you perform these duties to the best of also help the president in fostering unity among your ability?” the Leo club members, with the sponsoring Lions club, and with the Leo club advisor. Finally, you TREASURER: “I will.” will support and aid the president in his/her initiatives and service projects. Will you, as vice president, perform your duties to the best of your ability?” VICE PRESIDENT: “I will.”34