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Los Angeles Valley College


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Photos of LAVC from 3/2009

Published in: Education
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Los Angeles Valley College

  1. 1. Los Angeles Valley College
  2. 2. Valley College is across the street from the “Valley College” stop on the Metro Orange Line (this is what you see when you are exiting the bus)
  3. 3. Coming into campus from the main entrance. Ahead is the Campus Center which Houses the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) Office.
  4. 4. Disabled Student Program and Services Office • Located in Room 100 of the Campus Center • Services include: academic counseling, priority registration, and note taking • Bring your IEP, but they want to also give you a learning disability assessment
  5. 5. The center of the campus is filled with walking paths and new grass!
  6. 6. A cozy place to study
  7. 7. This is a brand new gym only for the use of students with disabilities. There is also another gym for any student to use.
  8. 8. Check out the new pools!
  9. 9. The new Allied Health Sciences Building!
  10. 10. A practice ambulance for the EMT classes to use
  11. 11. The campus also has a planetarium!
  12. 12. This long walkway connects most of the buildings on campus
  13. 13. Two examples of typical department buildings
  14. 14. Valley’s Best-Known Programs -Graphic Design -Child Development -Motion Picture Production Technician -Respiratory Therapy -Music (recording, composing, performing) -Computer Science -Wildfire Technology/ Fire Science -Electronics Technology
  15. 15. Sports at LAVC -Football -Baseball -Softball -Basketball -Track -Cross-country -Water polo -Swimming -Diving
  16. 16. There is also a Learning Center for all students to use
  17. 17. The Library
  18. 18. The Performing Arts Theater
  19. 19. Performers sometimes do sword demonstrations or play shows here
  20. 20. There is an art gallery on campus
  21. 21. The Cafeteria
  22. 22. See it for yourself! Take the Metro red line To the North Hollywood Stop, cross the street and Board the Orange Line Bus (one comes every 5 minutes). Get off at the Valley College stop. 5800 Fulton Avenue Valley Glen, CA 91401