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Muslim in europe presentation

  1. 1. Muslim In Europe “Burqa Ban In France” Leny Lediyawati (1111113000040); Muhammad Faisal Akbar (1110113000045); Dea Sonya Septiani (1110113000066); Miftahulia (10803000075).
  2. 2. Burqa Ban In France     In April (2011), France introduced a law against covering your face in public. Muslim women in full-face veils, or niqab, are now banned from any public activity including walking down the street, taking a bus, going to the shops or collecting their children from school. And also for the students (2004). As the result of the law, the only exceptions to a woman wearing a niqāb in public will be if she is travelling in a private car or worshiping in a religious place.
  3. 3. CONSTRUCTIVISM  Identity Matter  Western vs Islam, is it compatible?  France Nationalism based on “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”
  4. 4. Co’d Western View Islamic View
  5. 5. Clash Of Civilization  France version: Potentially social movement by “Jihaddist” based on Clash of Civilization by Samuel Huntington: - Etnicity - Minority Identity - Muslim integrity - Potencially for violence against Gov‟t. (Jocelyne Caesari, “Islam in France: The Shaping of a Religious Minority,” 2002, Oxford University Press, p 36-51. Hal. 1.)
  6. 6. Secularism in France Modernization Laicite French Revolution (1789)
  7. 7. Security Seen by France  Post Cold War Era: Terrorism act by Al-Qaeda (9/11)  “Islamophobia”  Muslim Radicalism, Fundamentalism, Extremist.
  8. 8. Feminist Critics  Burqa generates women‟s exclucivity.  Islamic veiling is a form of sexist patriarchal oppression.  burka is a symbol of force, of oppression of women by religious brutes who rule with an iron Islamic fist.  women are 'effectively under house arrest„.
  9. 9. Rationalist View of Niqab (Terri murray)
  10. 10. Co’d    Veil is a form of resistance to the West‟s objectification of women The assertion is that Western societies, no less than Islamic ones, pressure women into adopting forms of dress (and undress) that are intended to gratify the “male gaze” and turn women into sex objects. From this perspective, it is a bit rich for Western women (who “voluntarily” wear high heels, short skirts and make-up) to criticize Muslim women for choosing to wear coverings that liberate them from this sexist gaze.
  11. 11. Muslim’s Response     Assembly for the protection of Hijab (Pro Hijab) Pro-Hijab aims to reverse bans already brought in and prevent more "abuses of democracy" being imposed. The group, launched in London on Monday (14 June, 2004), wants to banish the "negative sterotypical image of the hijab which lies at the root of the discrimination“. and to offer Muslim women a platform from which they can speak out.
  12. 12. Co’d  The group has the support of a number of prominent groups such as the Muslim Association of Britain, National Assembly Against Racism, the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe and human rights group Liberty.
  13. 13. The Rise of Islam in Europe  Now, Islam is the second largest population in France.  The increasing of “mualaf”.  Increasing Islam Community Integration.
  14. 14. Thank you…  Any Question???