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Persona powerpoint


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Persona powerpoint

  2. 2. NAMES Boys Girls1 John Mary2 William Helen3 James Dorothy4 Robert Margaret5 Joseph Ruth
  3. 3. FOODThe aim of new foods inthe 1910s was to makethings quick and easy.Canned Soup is anexample of this newaim.The Oreo was inventedin 1913.Groceries storesincreased in size
  4. 4. ENTERTAINMENTTop.... Popular Music GenresMovies and Actors Ragtime(Silent) BurlesqueFrankenstein Jazz/BluesOliver TwistCharlie ChaplinMusicians and BandsAugust HalmRoger DucasseGanville Bantock
  5. 5. DANCE - TANGO•The tango originated inArgentina•The first craze in Europestarted in Paris•The ballroom tango isone of the many styles oftango
  6. 6. FUN AND GAMES Toys •The Raggedy Anne Doll was popular with girls •Tinker toys were also invented (See picture opposite) •Erector sets allowed children to create intricate models. Sports•A number of sports increased its popularitythroughout the decade.•Tennis and Golf only started to become more popularin the 1910s
  7. 7. FASHION Women Men•The early 1910s featured •Short hair was infull length tunic worn over •informal and semi formala skirt occasions called for a sack•In 1914 skirts became coat worn with trousers.more cylindrical •Formal neckties were a•Soon in 1916 skirts requirement for the uppershortened in length class.
  8. 8. World EventsWorld War 1 and the Spanish Flu
  9. 9. WORLD WAR 1Technologies were being improved like fighterplanes and radiosWorld War 1 was the first example of trenchwarfare.The tank was also invented and used in the warAs men left for war women had to fill their places
  10. 10. WORLD WAR 1 - THE AFTERMATHThe war changed the landscape of europe with fourempires disappearing.It left 7.1 million people deadIt also cause famine in some parts of EuropeWhile it did not cause the spanish flu with troopsmoving around it assisted in the spread of it.
  11. 11. SPANISH INFLUENZA•The spanish flu infected over 500 million peoplewith an estimated dead of between 50 and a 100million worldwide.•The flu affected communities with the flu stoppingpeople from carrying out things in their everydaylife.•With so many dead people it also affected theeconomy with a loss of revenue to some business.
  12. 12. TECHNOLOGY - EVERYDAY LIFEThe refrigerator was first designedfor use at homeThe modern Zipper was invented
  13. 13. TECHNOLOGY - TRANSPORTThe modern traffic light was first invented allowingtraffic to be controlled.Bicycles were mostly used by people to get aroundCars were made cheaper when Ford brought out theModel T Ford
  14. 14. COMMUNICATIONMain FormsTwo way•Letterwriting•TelephoneOne way•SilentMovies•Music