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May 21st lenpick eyeglass frames


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May 21st lenpick eyeglass frames

  1. 1. Eyeglass Frame Styles for Your Face Shape
  2. 2.  Choosing the best frames for eyeglasses is a challenge and daunting task for most of the people. Trying to figure out which stylish frames match your appearance as well as your lifestyle can be quite difficult.  Check out the various types of eyeglass frames that make both men and women feel comfortable and luxurious. Choose The Best Eyeglasses Frames
  3. 3. Eyeglasses Frame Styles  It’s important to find frames that suit your style and fit better according to the shape of your face.  Full Rim Frames  Half Rim Frames  Rimless Frames  Shell Or Horn Frames
  4. 4. Full Rim Frames  Full Rimmed Eyeglass Frames are termed as a classic style and fashionable accessory.  These frames come in several different shapes such as Oval, Circle, and Rectangle.
  5. 5. Half Rim Frames  Half Rimmed Eyeglass Frames are a unique stylish and trendy accessory.  These frames are light weight, and enhance the comfortable experience to the wearers.
  6. 6. Rimless Frames  Rimless Eyeglass Frames have no rims.  It has only three main metal parts - two temples, and one bridge.  These are extremely lightweight frames.
  7. 7. Shell or Horn-Rimmed Frames  These were made from horn or shell material.  Frames are often sturdy and have rectangular rims.
  8. 8. Choose the Best Eyeglasses for Your Face Shape  If you’re confusing to select the best eyeglass frames for your face shape, then follow these steps to choose a best stylish eyeglass frames.  Broadly, there are five face shapes that we observe around the world.  Each shape has specific characteristics that would particularly draw attention and hence requires a sort of complementary features that the frame would provide.
  9. 9. Different Face Shapes
  10. 10. Eyeglasses for Oval Shape  Oval face shape is the most common face shape and is considered as an ideal one. These faces are characterized by a round forehead and chin.  We recommend oversized or rectangular frames because they highlight the high cheekbones and don’t attract too much attention to the usually curved jawline.
  11. 11. Eyeglasses for Round Shape  Round faces are usually proportional to width and length that features your full cheeks and a broad forehead.  We recommended rectangular or angular frames for round face shaped persons.
  12. 12. Eyeglasses for Square Shape  Square faces are characterized by a broad squarish forehead and a strong jawline.  We recommended round or oval shaped glasses.
  13. 13. Eyeglasses for Rectangle Shape  Rectangle faces are regarded as the elongated proportion that means a longer, narrower face and nose, along with the same strong jawline and squarish forehead.  We recommended you the best frame style that possess an accentuated brow and rounded edges.
  14. 14. Eyeglasses for Heart Shape  Heart shaped faces have a broad forehead and narrow jawline or small chin.  Those with heart-shaped faces would be quite wise to pick up modified wayfarer eyeglasses or small square shaped frames to make sure their face proportions don’t seem odd.
  15. 15. Conclusion  Now you can try the best eyeglasses with different frame styles that suit your beautiful face.  A wide range of various stylish and fabulous eyeglasses are available at, and you can also get your favorite eyeglasses with the aid of virtual mirror application without any confusion.  Take the right time to choose your eyeglasses that suits your face shape and intensify your great look.
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