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Soft vs. hard contact lenses – which one to choose!


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Thinking whether to choose soft contact lenses or rigid permeable hard contact lenses? No worries…. Read now to get an idea on which one is the best. For more details, call the experts at LensesOnline, click

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Soft vs. hard contact lenses – which one to choose!

  1. 1.
  2. 2. “Of all Senses, Sight Must Be the Most Delightful” -Says Helen Keller
  3. 3. Today almost all vision problems can be corrected with contact lenses. Contact lenses are safe, comfortable, simple and easy to use and right for almost everyone. They offer you the freedom to see clearly and enjoy life the way you want, free from glasses. This is why more and more people are stepping beyond contact lenses to bring their vision into focus.
  4. 4. Choosing the Right Contact Lenses If you’re looking to switch from specs to contact lenses, you have several options, which are not only fantastic but also confusing.... Knowing which contact lenses are right for you mean understanding the different contact lens options available. Contact lenses are made of many different types of plastic, but in general, they fall into two main groups: Soft contact lenses and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Let’s discuss in detail:
  5. 5. Soft Contact Lenses People often choose soft contact lenses as they are more comfortable and easy to use. There are three types, i.e.  Daily wear contact lenses  Disposable contact lenses  Extended-wear contact lenses
  6. 6. Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses  Rigid gas permeable lenses are generally made of harder plastic material and allow more oxygen to pass through to the cornea than do soft lenses. This reduces the risk of corneal irritations.  These lenses are easy to care for and more durable than soft lenses. They do not need to be replaced as frequently as soft contact lenses.
  7. 7. Soft Vs. Hard Contact Lenses – Which One is the Best? When it comes to picking between soft and hard contact lenses, it is often a matter of personal preference, but your doctor can give you additional guidance on making the best choice for your lifestyle.
  8. 8. Lenses Online NZ – The Best Place to Buy Contact Lenses Online Whether you are thinking of swapping your glasses for contact lenses, or simply want the option to occasionally wear them, visit Lenses Online to find the right contact lenses. For more details, Call 0800 800 536 Visit