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Concept map literature


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Published in: Education
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Concept map literature

  1. 1. LITERATUREspeeches creative novels songs tragicomediesutilitarian news reports biographies odesdrama non-fiction journals balladscomedy poetry narrative metrical talesmemoranda myths metrical romances autobiographiesfolktales short stories sonnets tragedy1. 6.examples7.functionsbranchessub-branchdivisionseditorialsfrom oral traditions other narratives9. 10.legends11. 12.fablesgenresgenres13. 14. 15. epistles17.genresdivisions18. 19.20.genres21. 22.elegyepicstypes25.variationssatiresLITERATURE BANKdramatic monologuesPROSEFICTION8.Answer in 6LYRIC16.Answer in 723.24.