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Weimar Republic Timeline


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Timeline done with Senior 2 students at Las Cumbres School. Argentina.

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Weimar Republic Timeline

  1. 1. 1919 Government opposition from left and right. Communists known as Spartacists. There was a revolt by the Freikorps (anti communist ex WW1 soldiers) Treaty of Versailles caused an economic crisis. Weimar Germany. 1920 1921 1922 Rebellion known Germany Ebert's foreing as Kapp Putsch started paying miméger was led by Kapp and reparations. ' F ‘k . Workersfi: /eCr)1rtp<En strike Ge'”i5§Wi8t°pped and brought the reparations Kapp @il@l| éQ,5itQ%'$med the Weimar Republic had support after all.
  2. 2. 1923 France entered the Ruhr and took what was owed to them. German workers went on strike and many were killed. Hyperinflation took place as Germany didn't have goodsvtgstrardrfiémd more money New government of Stresemann comes to power. Stresemann negotiated the Dawes plan JflU§rLl/ Mich GR received loans Munich Putshc led by Hitler and Ludendorff fails. 1924 Hitler left prison and started working with the Nazi Party. 1925 Stresemann signed the Locarno Treaties. (Accepted the borders with France & Belgium. The Rhineland would be a desmilitarised zone. )
  3. 3. 1926 Germany was accepted into the League of Nations. Germany started doing better economically. Hindenburg became president. 1927 German industries were almost as they were before W1. 1 928 Industries fully recovered. Reparations were Ex; t))c(>ar¥1sqA; ¢)a? eizdon the increase. The Nazis got FEW votes in the elections. 1929 Stresemann negotiated the Young Plan as regards Reparations.