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I have a secret_ #CBSME Pitching Contest


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A pitch project for the #CBSME Pitching Contest. Details here:

Google Doc Version:

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I have a secret_ #CBSME Pitching Contest

  1. 1. I Have a Secret Something that No Millennial would ever openly Tell...
  2. 2. I know this is embarrassing coming from a Millennial, but this is something that people need to know. . . . . . . and hopefully act on.
  3. 3. I hope that if we get the chance to talk to each other, either online or offline , you wouldn’t hold any prejudice against me or see me as inferior human being just like my contemporaries used to do.
  4. 4. I had confessed it to a friend (or two). Then, they walked away. And Yes, I was hurt.. . . But I don’t care anymore. So I’m telling it to you now.
  5. 5. THE SECRET IS...
  7. 7. Sounds petty, right? But the TRUTH is The Story represents. . . • • • • Majority of students rarely access the Int Typical story of barrio students in their college life. ( 4 of 5 Filipino homes have no Internet access • Internet freedom costly for ) Filipinos (Phil Star) Only • "Usage is concentrated in urban 33.6 million or 35 percent of the total 95 million Filipinos areas, with rural areas largely have access to Internet. underserved“ ABS-CBN The current statistics represent 2 decades of development.
  8. 8. At first, Internet was overwhelming. “Friends” were asking me if I know how to play online games. . . . . . .But, it was not my thing.
  9. 9. What I did . . . • Downloaded more than a hundred of “free” e-books online. • Subscribed to selfdevelopment websites. • Printed as many books that can be accommodated by my extra cash. How did it help me? • Improved my self-esteem (I’m an introvert by nature.) • Help me cope with my studies. ( I was an academic scholar for three years.) • Most Importantly, I learned how earn online.
  10. 10. Who I used to be? • Shy boy from a Barrio in Camarines Sur:D • A longanisa, bologna, and embutido vendor ;) • Eldest son of a barrio Teacher and a single mom.
  11. 11. Now, I’m Mon • A Freelance Yuppy – Founded Adventures of a Freelance Yuppy . A blog focusing on freelancing career development, self-improvement, life-hacks, entrepreneurship, and finance. • I’m a Mind Pesterer - I write about social issues, mind’s daily banalities, literary pieces, spirituality, and etc. • Social Media Enthusiast/Strategist- I share about growing businesses through genuine interactions on social media platforms.
  12. 12. So what the heck?! What’s my pitch for #CBSME Pitching Contest?
  13. 13. Guerrilla Hope Movement ( This is a website and a movement focusing on inspiring small acts of hope through online and offline camaraderie. Project: Barrio Digital Mentoring Objective: Promote and establish Self-Education in Camarines Sur through online Literacy by replicating Sugata Mitra’s (India)and Juárez Correa ‘s (Mexico) methods.
  14. 14. Replicating methods of who? Sugata Mitra Juárez Correa • Proved that children can learn even without assistance through the internet (Hole in the Wall Experiment) • 2013 TED prize winner School in the Cloud • Literacy Evangelist • • • A School teacher in Mexico who replicated the methods of Mitra. He discovered Paloma Noyola Bueno from his class who exemplifies extraordinary intelligence. His class got the highest Math 2012 Achievement Test in Mexico
  15. 15. What is Barrio Digital Mentoring? • It is an educational program which promotes the use of technology in improving the approach of education in the country. • It aims to replicate the methods of Sugata Mitra and Juárez Correa. • It will benefit public schools in far-flung areas of Camarines Sur. • It will be manned by volunteers. • The result will be measured quarterly through the accepted performance metrics of public schools system.
  16. 16. Key Results for #BDM • Use of online marketing to established network, support, and cooperation to realize Barrio Digital Mentoring. • Recruit and organize Volunteers for the project. • Communicate the advocacy to established brands, companies, similar NGOs, and influencers for potential partnership and support network. • Provide the school children guides on how they can leverage internet in their education and lives.
  17. 17. How will it be Implemented? • Volunteers will be oriented about the program and the methods of “mentoring” the beneficiary public schools students. • Weekly there would be a day of mentoring using the methods of Sugata Mitra and Juárez Correa. • Progress will be measured quarterly using the metrics of public school system • Encourage corporate entities to sponsor the project.
  18. 18. Why would this matter? • It is a test project that could open thousand of opportunities to public school children. It also aims to tap the inner genius of Filipino children through established methods of education. • The internet marketing will be used as system/approach of the country. • If ever sponsorships will be established, companies can market their brands in a more meaningful way. • It gears up Filipino millennial to embrace the future. • Hopefully, the project would inspire other volunteers to start similar projects and maximize the use of internet. • It will create an educated mass in the long term time frame. We would see more educated youth who would be (hopefully) making informed choices and decisions for our country. a tool to improve the educational
  19. 19. What’s the challenge? • Mentorship on how to make this idea work. • Improve advocacy-based online marketing campaigns. What could the #CBSME program mean for this project? • This project will “grow” the market targeted by online entrepreneurs.
  20. 20. VISION T H A N K Y O U • Hopefully, this would eradicate inferiority complex of youth coming from the barrio unit of our society. (Like me;) • Educate the youth that there is more in social media sites, online games, and addiction to other online vices. • Hone our Youth to become better responsible and productive netizens and learners.