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Finished productbooktest

  1. 1. New High Glass Finished Project Portfolio
  2. 2. Graciela CasasSalesNew High
  3. 3. Laurence Flat JarsNew High Glass© New High Glass
  4. 4. Ready to Launch!We can help you with every step of your countdown!
  5. 5. A Successful Launch ....requires coordinating the right package, pump, cap, decoration method, andmany other crucial decisions. For 30 years New High Glass has been helping itscustomers navigate the steps required to ensure a new project gets off theground and soars to success!
  6. 6. Project: Sarkany Women Project:ShaielCustomer: TVG-Virgin SA Customer: Rene DressesContainer: Delacroix bottle 100 ml Container: Mambo 100 mlClosure: Custom made overseas Closure: Mambo 20 mm shiny metal silver w/plastic inner sleevePump: Custom made overseas Pump: Metal shiny collar w/spray silver metal pump & white actuatorDecoration: Silkscreen Decoration: Silkscreen and sprayed© TVG-Virgin SA © Renee Dresses
  7. 7. Project: Cupcake CultCustomer: Brio Fragrance, LLCContainer: Queen 50 mlClosure: 20 mm aluminum capDecoration: Label© New High Glass
  8. 8. Project: Sarkany Women Limited EditionCustomer: TVG-Virgin SAContainer: Delacroix 100ml bottleClosure: Custom made overseasPump: Custom made overseasDecoration: Silkscreen© Sarkany
  9. 9. DiffuserContainer: Lucy 200 ml Container: Makao 100 mlDecoration: Silkscreen Closure: Custom made overseas Pump: Custom made overseas Decoration: Custom overseas© Elizabeth W © TVG-Virgin SA
  10. 10. Project: Eclat, Karina RaboliniContainer: Botero 100 mlClosure: Custom made overseasPump: Custom made overseasDecoration: Silkscreen© TVG-Virgin SA
  11. 11. Project: Feel ItCustomer: Alcora Group Inc.Container: Vlaminck 50 mlClosure: Metal matte gold dome overcapPump: 15 mm matte gold sprayDecoration: Silkscreen© Alcora Group, Inc
  12. 12. Project: CleverCustomer: Alcora GroupContainer: Signac 50 mlClosure: Shiny metalized overcapPump: 15 mm spray silverDecoration: Silkscreen© Alcora Group
  13. 13. Project: Tropical BreezeCustomer: Julius Air LLCContainer: Mambo 100 mlClosure: Custom embossed matte silver overcap w/insertPump: 20 mm matte silver spray w/matte silver actuatorDecoration: Silkscreen white logo and 2-toned color sprayed© Julius Air LLC
  14. 14. Petites Nail PolishDecoration: Silkscreen© Scherrer Inc.Assorted Nail PolishDecoration: Silkscreen© New High Glass
  15. 15. Project: Assorted Nail PolishAssorted bottlesDecoration: Silkscreen© New High Glass
  16. 16. Project: Florida SouvenirContainer: Heart Shape 50 mlClosure: Cork StopperDecoration: Silkscreen© New High Glass
  17. 17. Project: ParadisoCustomer: Brio Fragrance, LLCContainer: Humbro 100 mlClosure: CustomDecoration: Silkscreen and sprayed© Brio Fragrance, LLCProject: Pink IceCustomer: Romane, Inc.Container: Picasso 50 mlDecoration: Silkscreened and sprayed on the bottom© Romane, Inc.
  18. 18. Project: BarraContainer: Humbro 100 mlDecoration: Spray/silkscreen© Brio Fragrance, LLC
  19. 19. Project: InkCustomer: Brio Fragrance, LLCContainer: Queen 50 mlDecoration: Sprayed/silkscreened and rubber sleeve© Brio Fragrance, LLC
  20. 20. Assorted JarsContainers: Costanza Opal 30 ml, Laurence 30 ml and 50 ml JarsDecoration: Silkscreen/sprayed w/gold band, silkscreen w/silver band© New High Glass
  21. 21. Project: Anushka Project: AlizéCustomer: Biosea International IIContainer: Baby Ariete Container: Eco-Line 600, 250 mlClosure: Baby Ariete White Decoration: SilkscreenDecoration: Silkscreen© Biosea International II © New High Glass
  22. 22. Assorted Cosmetic BottlesDecoration:1. Frosted/silkscreen, 2. Spray/silkscreen3. Spray/hot stamped and silkscreen, 4. Spray/silkscreen© New High Glass
  23. 23. Assorted Plastic JarsDecoration: Silkscreen© New High Glass
  24. 24. Omnia AmethysteContainer: Prezioso 690A 200 mlClosure: Prezioso metalized silver capDecoration: Silkscreen© New High Glass
  25. 25. Project: Placenté Gold EssenceContainer: Bombato 560 125 mlClosure: Bombato Metalized goldDecoration: Gold hot stamping© New High GlassProject: Thymes GoldleafContainer: Goya 50 mlDecoration: Frosted/silkscreened© New High Glass
  26. 26. Project: Marvel HeroesCustomer: I Marmol & AssociatesContainer: Tulip 100 mlDecoration: Labels© I Marmol & Associates