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Be Interesting on Twitter


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Be Interesting on Twitter is NOT about accumulating mass followers or selling products, or what buttons to press to use this social networking tool. The focus of this Dabble class is how to become a more captivating short-form writer. Students can expect to walk away with a clearer understanding of how to cultivate your Twitter voice, engage followers, and most importantly ... say things on Twitter that are response-worthy, follow-worthy, and just downright interesting! This presentation is dedicated to helping aspiring Twitter users develop their own unique styles and methodologies and more veteran tweeters expand their toolkit of writing strategies.

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Be Interesting on Twitter

  1. 1. Be InterestingOn TwitterBy @LenKendall
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. What this is…• From the heart (my personal experience and observations)• Opinionated (offensive?)• My first shot at “teaching” this topic (be harsh on me)
  4. 4. What this isn’t…• Research focused (Im lazy)• A Marketing tutorial (see• Me telling you what NOT to do (its about giving you a toolbox and inspiration, not a set of restrictions)
  5. 5. Quick Tips
  6. 6. Cut Cut Cut Try to never tweet the first thing you write.
  7. 7. Improv your writing skillsBe cognizant of what people respond to. Do you get response/retweets about certain topics? Time of day that worksbest for you and your readers?Tone or personality people like to see you display? Sketch comedy shows tend to bethe hundredth iteration of a storyline. They perform a base idea, see what gets laughs, see what doesn’t, thencurate the components based on the reactions of the audience.
  8. 8. Have a sandboxIf you don’t feel comfortable practicing your writing skills at first. Or if you feel restricting in what you can say inpublic, create a “sandbox” of sorts. Anonymous characters can often as a perfect venue to flex your creativitysans social pressure.
  9. 9. Schedule interesting stuff (secret rss sauce)While you’re away, you may want to consider scheduling tweets in advance. There are many tools that do this liketweetdeck and hootsuite, but beyond the technology, have an approach. Diversify your sources of content. Filter basedon your interests, and try to insert your voice/opinion to add color to the headlines you’re tweeting. Lastly, even if you’reaway when such tweets fire, try to respond later on if people ask you about them. This helps make this practice less ofa one-way broadcast.
  10. 10. Treat twitter as a journalA lot of us having a passion for the art of writing, but we often don’t have time to do it. Twitter is a tiny practiceground that lets us refine that skill. So write about what YOU want, not what you perceive other people areinterested in. Most people aren’t going to see your tweets anyways…so might as well make the experienceentertaining for yourself.
  11. 11. Creative tweet-starters
  12. 12. Take advantage of metaphor
  13. 13. Offer windows into your life
  14. 14. Wikipedia is a powerful source
  15. 15. Pick dense descriptors
  16. 16. Nudge people to search for context
  17. 17. Draw attention with confusion
  18. 18. Create characters
  19. 19. Play with other people’s words
  20. 20. Share your methods
  21. 21. Use ambiguity (horoscopeyness)
  22. 22. Evoke common situations
  23. 23. Make sarcasm obvious
  24. 24. Break the rules
  25. 25. Let the reader complete the story
  26. 26. Tap into news and cultural memes
  27. 27. Pleasantly deceive (occasionally)
  28. 28. TV is great fodder
  29. 29. Recommended Reading @ConanObrien @RobDelaney @UmairH @ShelbyFero @FakeAPStylebook
  30. 30. Thanksfor Coming!