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Published in: Education, Sports
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  1. 1. Superlatives
  2. 2. Leonid is the tallest man in the world.
  3. 3. She has the longest fingernails in the world.The longest fingernails belonged to Lee Redmond (USA), who started to grow them in 1979 and carefullymanicured them to reach a total length of 8.65 m (28 ft 4.5 in) as measured on the set of Lo show deirecord in Madrid, Spain, on 23 February 2008. Lee lost her nails in an automobile accident in early 2009.
  4. 4. This is the heaviest motorcycle in the world.The heaviest motorcycle is the Harzer Bike Schmiede, built by Tilo and Wilfried Niebel ofZilly, Germany, which weighed 4.749 tonnes (10,470 lb) on 23 November 2007.
  5. 5. Tigger has the longest ears in the USA.The longest ears on a dog measured 34.9 cm (13.75 in) and 34.2 cm (13.5 in) for the right and left ears, respectively, on 29 September 2004. They belong to Tigger, a bloodhound, who is owned by Bryan and Christina Flessner of St Joseph, Illinois, USA.
  6. 6. He has the widest mouth in the world.The widest mouth measures 17 cm (6.69 in) and belongs to Francisco DomingoJoaquim "Chiquinho" (Angola).