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F2F: Past Simple
F2F: Past Simple
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Mind map Simple Past



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Mind map Simple Past

  2. 2. +didn’t + V I didn’t walk to school yesterday. Tom played football yesterday. Did they clean their teeth yesterday? Regular + V ed/d Verbs Did + +V? ADVERBS: USE: PAST SIMPLE We use the past simple to talk yesterday, last week, two days TENSE about actions finished in the ago, in 2005, when I was younger past. + v (II column) Irregular Did + + V (I column?) Verbs I II I II He drove his car yesterday. Did you make a snowman yesterday? I II We didn’t swim in the pool yesterday. +didn’t + V (I column)
  3. 3. EXERCISES 1. We ___________ (HAVE) a lot of fun at your birthday party yesterday. A) DIDN’T HAVE B) HAD C) HAVED 2. My brother and I ___________ (FINISH) our homework a few minutes ago. A) FINISH B) FINISHED C) DIDN’T FINISH 3. He ___________ (NOT LISTEN) to music after school yesterday. A) NOT LISTENED B) DIDN’T LISTENED C) DIDN’T LISTEN
  4. 4. 4. ___________ they ___________ (VISIT) their grandparents last summer? A) DID / VISITED B) DID / VISIT C) VISIT / VISITED 5. Where ___________ your father ___________ (WORK) in 1985? A) DID / WORKED B) WORK / DID C) DID / WORK 6. They ___________ (SEE) lots of animals in the zoo yesterday. A) DIDN’T SEE B) SAW C) SEED