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Lab News 2013 1ª Edition


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Published in: Education
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Lab News 2013 1ª Edition

  1. 1. 1stEditionMay, 2013Editors: Teachers Renato andTelma.Collaborators: Teachers: Adriana,Dionísia, Fernando,Vanessa andstudents.A way to communicate, share information and promote students’ ideas.- What is your name?My name is Emídio Nicodemos Angelotti.- How old are you?I am 64 years old.- Where are you from?I am from Curitiba.- What is your job?I am a teacher.- How long have you been working here?I’ve been working here for 38 years.- What are your hobbies?I like fishing.- What is a good student in your opinion?A good student is one that has academicperformance and discipline.- What is your message for the students?“Students, enjoy the most of school time, asthis is the basis of all life. Who does notstudy, does not have vision.”By Marylin and Roseane – 6ºano J (Interview)By Ellen Sthefany – 7º ano B (Vocabulary: Jobs and occupations/ Can)Introductions and greetings By João Lucas Caetano –6ºAC(Vocabulary: Places and directions)The Perfect Son.  B: Does he drink whiskey? A: I have the perfect son.  A: No, he doesnt. B: You really do have the perfect son! How old ishe? B: Does he smoke?  B: Does he ever come home late?  A: He will be six months old next Wednesday.A: No, he doesnt.  A: No, he doesn’t.For a chance to get a better job, learn differentthings from magazines, books and websites in English.(By Leonardo Pereira and Diego Antônio – 8ªA)To seek new knowledge at work, always seekingto evolve and someday visit other countries. (By Wesley and Wilian – 8ªA)Because we want to have a good life, know the world and communicatewith people. (By Isis Mayara and Isabela – 8ªA) (Vocabulary and writing)By Emanuelle de O. Floriano 7ªDFrom: Letícia 6ºACTo: Teacher MariaPerpétuoDear teacher, Iam very gratefulto you. Thank youfor helping me. Ilove you!From: AmandaSouzaTo: Ariane 8ªAI love you so much!From: Giovanna 8ªCTo: Emily 7ºACYou are the bestsister!From: Luiz H. 6ºACTo: All teachersI love all thesubjects!From: Scarlete6ºACTo: Teacher GiseleYou are elegant!From: Amanda S.8ªCTo: Thayná 8ªBI love you, mybest friend!From: Alexia 6ºACTo: Teacher DirceYou are beautiful!I adore you!From: Madalena6ºAATo: Kauana 7ªDYou are so nice!From: Marya E.6ºACTo: Sthefani 6ºADYou are special! Iadore you!From: Daieli 6ºAATo: Rebeca OliveiraYou are intelligent!From: Suely 6ºAATo: Brenda 6ºAAGood morning! Howare you?From: Rebeca 6ºAATo: Daieli 6ºAAYou are my bestfriend!From: Mayara 6ºACTo: Thiago 7ºAAYou are nice!From: Flávia 6ºAATo: Aline 6ºAJYou are special!From: Ingrd 6ºACTo: Teacher MariaPerpétuoGood morning, niceto meet you!How are you?