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  1. 1. The iPhone unlocking method
  2. 2. Why fans of hi-tech equipment concern hi- about unlocking iPhone? http://unlockiphonesource.comSince the iPhone launched, it has always been a hot topic for fans of hi- hi- tech equipment. The outstanding feature, the unique way of marketing, rumors of a "redefinition" of mobile devices thanks to the iPhone and the curious have made the user cannot stop it desires own property for an iPhone. The outstanding So that 4 million iPhones have been sold up to now. That is the figure which recently announced Apples MacWorld conference. Also, recently, the channel has officially announced the iPhone on the number of iPhones are sold together with the telephone subscribers. 2 million iPhone subscribers the iPhone is that AT & T, the largest mobile operator announced the United States. Now add the numbers are given from the mobile operators and distribution channels is the iPhone in other countries as 200,000 in the UK, 70,000 in France, 100,000 in Germany ... easy to realize that while 1.6 million iPhones have been sold but not as a subscriber.This means that this had been "purchased illegal" and waiting for opportunities to unlock.
  3. 3. Why fans of hi-tech equipment concern hi- about unlocking iPhone? http://unlockiphonesource.comThus, for every 10 people owns iPhone, up to 4 people shopping on your own "brick" value not less than 400 dollars to create jewelry. If there is no other way to unlock, the "brick" iPhone, the other know what to do? This is certainly very difficult to answer.Fortunately, there are still ways to solve problems. It was to have iPhone unlockedCommunity use iPhone has found ways to do this. The iPhone unlocking method has recently been found and up to date. Whenever this value information, community networking and transmission simmering together in the fastest way.The unlocking is also legal in many places. Currently, the U.S. government gave people the right to unlock iPhone.
  4. 4. How to unlock iPhone safely? http://unlockiphonesource.comThere are two different ways of unlocking is "hard" and "soft". "Hard" is the workers will intervene by replacing the chips, solder, wire connector on the motherboard ... the phone. "Soft" is the method using computer software to active intervention, the workers did not intervene to hardware. The cracking "software" users are always preferred for its safety.
  5. 5. How to unlock iPhone safely? http://unlockiphonesource.comPreviously, when the iPhone was first sold in the world, unlocking it is a difficult problem resolution. And VN is one of the earliest methods of unlocking the iPhone. To unlock, the iPhone had to pry the shell off, then interfering with computer chips and then unlocked. It was unlocked "hard". At that time, many workers willing to put the machine to pick a lock, but also many people willing to wait several months for unlocking solution "soft", non-interference in machine to machine non- more stable and not prying sometimes scratch your skin.
  6. 6. How to unlock iPhone safely? http://unlockiphonesource.comThe unlock "hard" second pair is to use SIM. This most commonly used for carrying the phone from Japan. To unlock, they cut a SIM of the mobile network SIM VN attached to a particular base, "fool" the phone to be able to use other network SIM VN. This still applies on most phones from Japan, but the unlocking network jitter, and that is one reason why Japanese phones are not really popular in VN though the models are very nice.
  7. 7. How to unlock iPhone safely? http://unlockiphonesource.comWhen a machine lock sold overseas network, mobile network users usually have to use that network committed about 2 years. After two years of his contract users may use it for other networks. After 2 years like that, or for any reason it wants to cancel the contract, mobile networks will provide a code for the user. Users enter a code (code) into the machine and the machine will be locked out. Here is how the sex shop is called unlocking by code, is the way unlock the safest, most recommended. Currently, in addition to the network key, the phone is also s old as the international version, news networks in the world can also be used. Just so that the international phone or unlocked by code always more expensive than the machine unlocked by other methods.
  8. 8. How to unlock iPhone safely? http://unlockiphonesource.comSo when choosing the phone, to make sure, you should buy your international instruments, or unlocked by code. How to unlock "hard" should only be selected when no other way.