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MySQL vs NoSQL - The Innovator's Dilemna


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Published in: Technology
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MySQL vs NoSQL - The Innovator's Dilemna

  1. 1. The Innovator’s Dilemna WDYK Melbourne 2013-04-04 @lenidot
  2. 2. The bookClayton Christensen, 1997RRP $18Still relevant!
  3. 3. It’s about…The failure of great companies to stay on top…Despite doing everything right, like listening to customers, investing aggressively etc…In the face of disruptive changes in technology and market structure…
  4. 4. The disk drive industryA new product appears – low performanceBut with attributes valued by some other (smaller) marketTime passes … the new product becomes competitive in what was the larger market and eventually displaces the incumbent
  5. 5. Desktop  Portable drivesOEM manufacturers: 1. Design 2. Build 3. SellConner: 1. Sell 2. Design 3. Build
  6. 6. Vacuum vs Transistor radios
  7. 7. An example that is playing out now mongoDBvsMySQL
  8. 8. MongoDBMongoDB is a popular open source NoSQLdatabase.Intel Capital and Red Hat have invested inMongoDB, bringing the total raised by the parentcompany to $81 million.
  9. 9. What MongoDB users think…
  10. 10. What paying MySQL customers think…
  11. 11. What David Axmark, MySQL co-founder thinks…
  12. 12. The dilemna• External customers drive internal resourcing• Small markets don’t solve the growth needs of large companies• Markets that don’t exist can’t be analysed
  13. 13. Why is this interesting?If you’re looking for opportunity, this is fertile ground.You work at a company that faces disruptive change.