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Apa creating_references_ile_may2009

  1. 1. Center for Language Development Across the Disciplines Creating Reference Pages in APA Format
  2. 2. Essential elements: list• Title the list. • References • Arrange entries in alphabetical order by the last name of the author (or authors). • Include the initials of the first name of the author (or authors).
  3. 3. Essential elements: listExamples:Brown, A. (1998) Social discourse and moraljudgment. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.Browning, A. (1996) Public relations: The newera. NJ: Prentice Hall.
  4. 4. Essential elements: entriesIndent the second line of each entry (Word 2007) • Select all the text in your bibliography (except the title). • Go to the toolbar and locate the “Paragraph” section. • Click on the small arrow at the corner of the “Paragraph” box. • Under “Indentation” go to Special and select “Hanging”; then click on “Okay”.
  5. 5. Essential elements: types of entries• Titles • Books (should be written in italics) • First word in caps (after colon [:] symbol too) and the rest in small caps• Magazine or journal articles • Must include: title and volume, issue and page number.
  6. 6. Editorial information Year of publication Author’s name Text copyright © 2006, 1997 by Rebecca Elliot Illustration copyright © 2006, 1997 by Barron’s Educational Series, Inc. Publisher information Hauppauge, New York 11788 City of publication
  7. 7. BooksEditorial information to include in APAbibliographical entries: • Who wrote it? • When was it published? • What is the title of the book? • Where was it published? • Who published it?
  8. 8. Book (with one author)Author’s Year of name publication Book titleAllen, G. (2002). Pandas in pandemonium. San Francisco: Bally Press. Publisher information
  9. 9. Book (with two to six authors) Authors’ Year of names publication Maldonado, M., Ireland, V., & Fox, C. (2004).Book title Training can be more efficient. Phoenix, AZ: Huxley-Madison Press. Publisher information
  10. 10. Groups as authors Goverment agencies, associations, cientific institutes, etc. Name of author Year published American Psychological Association (2001). Publication Manual of the AmericanTitle of book Psychological Association (5th ed.). Washington DC: Author. Publishing house * When the author is the publisher, use the word Author to identify the publishing house.
  11. 11. EncyclopediaName of author Year published Llorca, C. (1991). Revolución francesa. En Gran Enciclopedia RIALP. (Vol. 20, pp.237- 241). Madrid: Ediciones RIALP. Publishing house
  12. 12. Unpublished Master’s Thesis Name of author Rocafort, C.M., Sterenberg, C., & Vargas, M.Year published (1990). La importancia de la comunicación efectiva en el proceso de una fusión bancaria. Tesis de maestría no publicada, Universidad del Sagrado Corazón.
  13. 13. Book (with an editor) Editors’ names Year of publication Fibber, F. and McGee, G. (Eds.). (2001). Using Web-based training to your advantage: A Book title(use italics) compilation of essays. New York: Jackstrap Press. Publisher information
  14. 14. Book (custom-cover edition)Author’s name Year of publicationBruno, J. (2004). APA made easy (University of the Sacred Heart). Boston: Quagmire Press. Publisher information Book title with custom edition information
  15. 15. Book (more than one volume)Alexander, M. (2003). A concise look at instructional design. (vols. 1-43). New York: Gamut Press. Bound volumeSmith, P. (2004). Instructional design across the decades. (vol. 13). San Francisco: Paul Bunyan. Unbound volume
  16. 16. Article or chapter in a book (edited book) Author’s Year of publication Title of article (or chapter) name of article Fox, C. (2001). Building a team from scratch.Book title In C. Peterson & M. Maldonado (Eds.), Change is the constant (pp. 89-95). London: Majesty Press. Publisher information Editors’ names
  17. 17. PeriodicalsPublished in intervals: • Journals • Magazines • NewspapersSpecific information needed: • Name of the author/s (in alphabetical order by last name; include initial)
  18. 18. PeriodicalsSpecific information needed: • Year of publication (in parenthesis) • Title of article • Name of source in italics • Volume and issue number • Page number(s)
  19. 19. Periodical (magazine article) Author’s Date of publication including name month and dayWelzant, H. (2003, October). Going to school online. Time, 22-23, 89. Title of article Title of Page periodical numbers
  20. 20. Periodical – journal article (continuous pagination) Author’s Year of Title of article name publicationPhelps, Y. (2003). Academic stress: Working around and through the dissertation process. Edupsych Bulletin, 104, 156-158. Title of periodical Volume number Page numbers
  21. 21. Periodical – journal article (issues paged separately) Author’s Year of name publication Title of articleSherman, K. (2004). Editing for fun. Entrepreneurial Guide, 6 (3), 48-51. Page numbers Title of periodical Issue number Volume number
  22. 22. Periodical (abstract of article) Author’s Year of Title of article name publication Beckwith, D. (2002). Movies for a changing society. Cinematic Clips, 8, 271-282. Abstract obtained from Literary Abstracts, 2003, 42, Item 421. Title of Title of work from which the Year of publication of work fromperiodical abstract was obtained which the abstract was obtained
  23. 23. Periodical (newspaper article) Author’s name Date of publication including Title of article month and dayDunham, A. D. (2002, May 31). Catching the crime. The San Francisco Chronicle, pp. A5, A9. Title of periodical Page numbers
  24. 24. Periodicals (newspaper article) (no author) Title of articleNew drug appears to sharply cut risk of death from heart failure. (1993, July 15). TheWashington Post, p. A12. Publication date Name of publication Page number
  25. 25. Electronic sourcesTwo types of references:• Internet resources: • Databases • Periodicals • Newsgroups • Discussion groups • Newsletters
  26. 26. Electronic sources (university library) Author’s name Year of publication Title of article Title of periodical Batschelett, M. (2001). Seeking Atlantis. Law Review, 6(2), 25-29. Retrieved April 1, 2004, from ProQuest database. Retrieval dateVolume, issue and Storage location page numbers
  27. 27. Electronic resources (Internet document) Author’s name Title of documentAutor, A. A. (2000). Título del trabajo. Recuperado el 8 de marzo de 2008, de www.abcdefghi.com. URL Date in which document was retrieved
  28. 28. Electronic sources – Internet Author’s Date of publication including name month and day U.S. Department of Education. (2004, August 11). Prepared remarks for Secretary Paige at the “Kids Read: Kids Succeed” grant award. Retrieved September 10, 2004, from http://www.ed.gov/news/speeches/2004/08 /08112004.htmlRetrieval date URL Title of work
  29. 29. Wrap-Up• Document all the sources cited in your paper.• List only the ones which are cited in your paper.• Alphabetize by first author’s last name.• Use hanging indentation.• When in doubt, refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA)
  30. 30. Questions? Comments? Barat Norte 223 (BN 223) 787-728-1515 ext. 2294 E-mail:lad@sagrado.edu Web: http://www.sagrado.edu/lad