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I4ADA the hague summitCAHAI


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See for additional information and videorecordings of the presentations held at the Hague Summit for Accountability in the Digital Age

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I4ADA the hague summitCAHAI

  1. 1. The Hague Summit for the accountability in the digital age Panel on accountability & AI: the Council of Europe and AI Clementina Barbaro Co-Secretary of the Ad Hoc Committee on artificial intelligence (CAHAI)
  2. 2. Accountability: definition
  3. 3. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) • IEEE standards for ethical design, development and implementation of machine learning technologies – Human rights – ensuring that AI does not infringe on internationally recognised human rights – Well being – prioritizing metrics of human well being in AI’s design and use – Accountability – ensuring designers and operators of AI systems are responsible and accountable – Awareness of misuse – minimising the risks of AI being misused
  4. 4. Accountability & AI CoE member states are accountable for ensuring effective human rights protection (Article 1 of the ECHR) …..they respond of the behaviour of private actors
  5. 5. The CoE response: CAHAI Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence Very first intergovernmental Committee tasked with examining the feasibility and potential elements of a legal framework on AI Based on CoE standards on rule of law, democracy and human rights 2-year operational framework Transparency ? Explainability ? Responsibility? Certification ?
  6. 6. Its establishment is the sign of the willingness of CoE member states to go beyond ethical standards; Why is the CAHAI unique ? For the transversal character of its work For its innovative and democratic working methods, based on consultations with the private sector & civil society
  7. 7. Thank you! Any questions? #CoE4AI (Council of Europe and AI) #CAHAI (Committee)