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I4ADA 2019 Presentation Stepheni baraki


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See for additional information and videorecordings of the presentations held at the Hague Summit for Accountability in the Digital Age

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I4ADA 2019 Presentation Stepheni baraki

  1. 1. ITU Briefing on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good” Smart Humanity Conference The Hague Summit for Accountability in the Digital Age November 6-7th 2019 – Peace Palace – The Hague Stephen Ibaraki Chairman-Managing General Partner REDDS Capital
  2. 2. ITU Briefing on “Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good” Viewpoint: Chairman/Founder/Board roles in: Business/finance, serial Entrepreneurship, global Science orgs, UN innovation progs, Industry- orgs/think tanks, Summits (acronym BE-SUNIS) as: - Venture Capitalist (REDDS VIP—investing in best 1 / 100K startups) - Chairing/boards No.1 global computer science orgs (ACM, IEEEcs/tems, IFIP) - Chairing/advising No.1 industry organizations (FSR/BPI ~$100 Trillion USD, IFIP Global Industry Council, CEO ILPA) - Founding member of No.1 innovation think tanks, advisory councils, contributor… (VW/Audi, UN WFP Innovation Accelerator, AI Pioneers Forum, Cognitive World, IDG-IT World, Forbes…) - Founding, chairing, advising within UNITED NATIONS ITU on innovation (AI for Good Global Summit, ICT Discovery, Infrastructure, FG AI4H ITU/WHO) - Founding/organizing/keynoting/chair-moderating/governing/speaking: No.1 global innovation conferences/summits (IEEE TEMS China, YPO EIS2020, AI Vienna, KingfoMarket 2019, IEEE TEMSCON, YPO Edge, SxSW, Fintech Ideas Festival, UN ITU ACM XPRIZE AI for Good Global Summit, Wuzhen Summit World Internet Conference, UNIDO General Conference Industry 4.0, Digital Africa Industry 4.0, UN UNIVERSITY ICEGOV, World Business Dialogue, ACM AIDecentralized, UN System CEB ICT Network 35+ CIOs, UNDESA Public Service Forum, … ) 300+ global engagements guiding $10+ Trillion in sustainable investments 2019 supporting the UN SDGs
  3. 3. SRC: Adapted from CBINSIGHTS Open-source: • Google: TensorFlow • Facebook: Caffe2, PyTorch – combined • Keras • Microsoft: Cognitive Tooklit • Apache: MXNet NExTT FRAMEWORK – AI TRENDS 2019 Open source Facial recognition Edge computing Application: Computer vision Application: Natural language processing/synthesis Application: Predictive intelligence Architecture Infrastructure Predictive maintenance Medical imaging & diagnosticsE-commerce search Conversational agents Cyber threat hunting Synthetic data Drug discovery Crop monitoring Back Office auto Language translationAnti- counterfeit Check-out retail Health biometrics Auto claims processing Clinical trial enrolment GANS Federated learning Next-gen prosthetics Capsule Networks EXPERIMENTAL Reinforcement learning Network optimization Autonomous navigation HOT TRENDS Bloomberg: Graphcore Intelligent Processing Units or IPU
  4. 4. AI FOR GOOD: May 27-31 2019 -- APPLICATIONS OF AI & DATA, SOCIALLY INCLUSIVE AI, SMART MOBILITY, HEALTH, EQUALITY, SCALING AI, AI FOR SPACE, EDUCATION, SCARY AI, ART-FE (ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY, TRANSPARENCY, FAIRNESS, EQUITY/ETHICS); AI CHANGE MAKERS AI FOR GOOD: 200 Use Cases; 100 Projects as outcomes – Example: ITU/WHO Focus Group AI for Health (#FGAI4H) producing standards for AI in healthcare; Autonomous 2019: 37 UN Agencies, ACM, XPRIZE Partners: UN Examples: World Food Program & Innovation Accelerator, UNICRI 1.3 billion–May 4-8 2020
  5. 5. CALL FOR GLOBAL COOPERATION 5th Machine Age (5 MUX): help solve humanity’s grandest challenges and implement new opportunities THANK YOU