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I4ADA 2019 - Presentation Jacques Kruse Brandao


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See for additional information and videorecordings of the presentations held at the Hague Summit for Accountability in the Digital Age

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I4ADA 2019 - Presentation Jacques Kruse Brandao

  1. 1. | #Charter of Trust Charter of Trust on Cybersecurity Accountability Summit 2019 | No 06-07, 2019 in De Hague Jacques Kruse Brandao, Global Head of Advocacy at SGS Digital Trust Services
  2. 2. Key global trends that are making cyber security increasingly important Rising political interest in cybersecurity, caused by increasing cyber risks in an increasingly complex technological environmentGlobal level Growing Cybersecurity risk to businesses Cyber incidents named No. 2 global risk to businesses in 2019 Fundamental tech- nological changes Technological disruptive change such as IoT, Artificial intelligence, and ever-growing connectivity Resource shortage increasing Cybersecurity work- force gap is widening – and has increased to 3 million in 2019 “Policy is back” Increasing cybersecurity specific laws and regulations worldwide, e.g., Californian IoT law published in 2019 Local vs. global regulation Regulation is stuck bet- ween the urge for global harmonization and indivi- dual national approaches and lags behind techno- logical development Increasing threat landscape Increasing capabilities of state-sponsored hacking, professionali- zation of attacks and AI applications
  3. 3. Digitalization is changing the world It determines how we live, work, communicate and do business. But the only way people can truly support digital transformation and generate new potential for society is when they trust the technology. That’s why, together with strong partners, we launched the Charter of Trust. After two years, we can proudly say: The collaborative approach works best.
  4. 4. With our ten principles, we have taken an important step toward making the digital world more secure. 01 Ownership of cyber- and IT security 06 Education 02 Responsibility throughout the digital supply chain 07 Certification for critical infrastructure and solutions 03 Security by default 08 Transparency and response 04 User-centricity 09 Regulatory framework 05 Innovation and co-creation 10 Joint initiatives
  5. 5. The Charter of Trust combines three strong dimensions and … … offers proven approaches to secure the digital world – by establishing, piloting and implementing global requirements and concepts. … aims at a global regulatory framework for cybersecurity – by shaping the political debate worldwide through foresight and reason. … embeds cybersecurity in the digital transition of industry – by successfully putting security at the core of digital business models. Technology Politics Business TRUST Through a holistic approach we can make the difference.
  6. 6. Every day we prove and reaffirm that in the following areas We’re scaling Supply Chain Security. After setting the baseline requirements for our suppliers, we are now taking the next steps by understanding the needs and driving the implementation with respective tools and proven approaches.
  7. 7. We’re convinced: Security by Default will be a must-have across all our businesses. That’s why we came up with a joint definition and develop a first roll-out plan for use-cases, applications and industries.
  8. 8. We’re driving Cybersecurity education We believe people can be an organization’s best firewall. So we commit to driving education in our organizations. We’ve also launched activities for selected target groups – from students, via SMEs, to education providers.
  9. 9. We’re shaping the harmonization of regulation and standardization globally. Thanks to our collective efforts, we are shaping global political regulations on the national, European and global levels.
  10. 10. And by doing so, we’re living up to our purpose ─ Effective cybersecurity is a precondition for an open, fair and successful digital future. ─ By adhering to and promoting our principles, we’re creating an instrumental foundation of trust for all of us. As a credible and reliable voice, we collaborate with key stakeholders to achieve trust in cybersecurity for global citizens. Together we strongly believe:
  11. 11. We sign for cybersecurity! We sign the Charter of Trust. .