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Boost your Google Shopping sales with SEM Rush, Lengow & AdWords


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Mix the features of SEM Rush, Lengow and Adwords to improve the indexing of your products and boost your sales on Google Shopping. Learn how to optimize your titles, descriptions and keywords and set up automatic rules with Lengow.

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Boost your Google Shopping sales with SEM Rush, Lengow & AdWords

  1. 1. BOOST YOUR SALES ON GOOGLE SHOPPING with SEM Rush, Lengow & AdWords
  2. 2. AVAILABLE TOOLS THESE THREE TOOLS CAN HELP IMPROVE YOUR INDEXING ON GOOGLE SHOPPING: ➢ Easily determine the most relevant keywords ➢ Establish a list of negative keywords (keywords to exclude) ➢ Optimise the title and descriptions of your ads
  3. 3. CHOICE OF KEYWORDS IS IMPORTANT DIFFERENTIATING COMPETITORS With SEM RUSH, you can analyse the number of searches completed through keywords. The results can be used to determine which search terms are the most relevant. Then, you can establish a list of words to exclude. Such as: - Keywords that are not in the top searches. - Keywords used by competitors, and those that aren’t used a lot in searches.
  4. 4. CHOICE OF KEYWORDS IS IMPORTANT Analyse a multitude of data with SEM Rush: - Keywords, - SEO results, - SEM results, - CPC per country… And of course - keep on top of what your competitors are doing, to stay ahead! For example : I want to boost the sales of my winter boots, from my (fictional) brand “Caloroda”. I will therefore conduct an analysis of my results on SEM Rush:
  5. 5. CHOICE OF KEYWORDS IS IMPORTANT The research gave the following results: I now know I need to focus on: - Related keywords - CPC - SEA et SEO results And I can now define my keywords based on this Tip: Don’t hold back from testing out a great number of keywords. Your analysis will only be more precise!
  6. 6. MANAGE YOUR KEYWORDS WITH ADWORDS IMPROVE YOUR SEO It's here that Adwords is shown to be really efficient. As well as allowing you to manage your campaigns and ads, AdWords also allows you to create a list of negative keywords. These negative keywords allow you to hide your products from results when they are used in a search. In essence, they serve as a search results filter.
  7. 7. For example, I only want to sell the latest product of the brand Caloroda (called the “Caloroda 3”), we’re therefore going to define “Caloroda 1” and “Caloroda 2” as negative keywords. People who search “Caloroda 3” will easily find my ad. On the other hand, it won’t appear in the results from a seqrch that contains other products from the brand (“Caloroda 1” and “Caloroda 2”). MANAGE YOUR KEYWORDS WITH ADWORDS
  8. 8. OPTIMISE YOUR PRODUCT TITLES WITH LENGOW ...AND BOOST YOUR SALES Use Lengow’s automatic rules to optimise your product titles The headings of your product ads are essential for differentiating your ads from those of your competitors. Once you’ve found the most relevant keywords, Lengow can help you optimise the titles and descriptions of your products. When you describe a product, make sure you give as much relevant information as possible, so that your ad can be found more easily.
  9. 9. OPTIMISE YOUR PRODUCT TITLES WITH LENGOW After having used SEM Rush to analyse associated keywords and studied the strategy of your competitors, and after using AdWords for defining keywords to exclude, there’s one step left: Adapting my ad by changing the title of the product on different channels with Lengow’s automatic rules. By using the most precise keywords possible from the results of my analysis, I can get the best heading possible for my product titles for each specific channel. (The most searched phrases, relevant keywords, etc.)
  10. 10. OPTIMISE YOUR PRODUCT TITLES WITH LENGOW After saving the automatic rule, the product title for each channel will be edited automatically. Here’s a preview of how the title attribute will be changed: Therefore becomes Winter Boots Caloroda - Leather Winter Boots Caloroda - Leather Winter Boots Caloroda - Leather Winter Boots Caloroda - Leather Winter Boots Caloroda - Leather Winter Boots Caloroda - Leather
  11. 11. OPTIMISE YOUR PRODUCT TITLES WITH LENGOW ➢ You can apply these automatic rules to all the attributes in your product catalogue. During certain periods, you can also define a set time that your automatic rule is applicable. ➢ By establishing your rules in line with your goals, the possibilities become vast!
  12. 12. OPTIMISATION RESULTS With a bit of patience and some good ideas, you can optimise your SEO on Google Shopping - now it’s your turn! Winter boots Caloroda – leather Lengow 99,99 €