3 Hot Chinese Internet Markets - barcamp shanghai '10


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Groupon's explosive growth in the West has fueled 400 (yes, really) Chinese clones. An overview of how the websites and market compare to the original. Additionally, a look at the private buying club model in China (like Gilt Group) and China social games.

3 Hot Chinese Internet Markets - barcamp shanghai '10

  1. 1. Social  Market  Intelligence. 3  Hot  Startup  Models  in  China Lucas  Englehardt
  2. 2.    1.    Group  buying  -­‐  “ Tuan  Gou”  is  new  again    2.    Fashion  E-­‐commerce-­‐  Not  so  private  buying  clubs    3.    Social  games  -­‐  Chinese  are  crazy,  Happy  Farmers
  3. 3. Groupon  -­‐  with  Chinese  characteris;cs  Group  buying  is  well  established  in  China  Currently  400+  Groupon’s  have  appeared  in  3  months  Groupon  clones  focusing  on  discounts  /  products  CreaPve  markePng  campaigns  (-­‐1  RMB  mystery  box)  Very  early,  companies  sPll  just  geXng  started
  4. 4. E-­‐commerce  has  finally  arrived
  5. 5. Fashion  E-­‐commerce
  6. 6. Fashion  E-­‐commerce    Taobao  (and  Alipay)  dominate  the  market  Largely  Cash  on  Delivery  (COD)  -­‐  60%+  Consumers  are  spoiled  already,  expect  Zappos  style   service  and  return  opPons  Generally  very  price  sensiPve,  looking  online  for  deals
  7. 7. Not  so  Private  Buying  clubs  Open  plaborms  -­‐  people  weren’t  sharing  deals  enough  Consumers  are  weary  of  “grey  market”  fakes  Limited  reliable  service  providers  -­‐  companies  doing   everything  in-­‐house  PredicPon:  this  space  will  explode!
  8. 8. China  Social  Games  China  social  game  developers  very  fragmented  Game  themes  and  mechanics  translate  between   China,  Facebook  and  other  markets  (universal  love  for   farming  games)  Chinese  social  gamers  are  more  compePPve  than  their   FB  counterparts:  status  and  stealing  play  a  large  role  Games  generally  lagging  behind  Facebook,  being   copied  here
  9. 9. A  happy  farming..
  10. 10. Social  games  conPnuing  growth  Zynga  acquires  XPD  (Medical  Mayhem),  joins  Rockyou   and  others  in  sourcing  games  from  China  Increasing  government  control  -­‐  “pick”  don’t  “steal”   vegetables  Most  games  aren’t  making  money  domesPcally,  simply   posiPoning  for  the  long  run  Shameless  plug:
  11. 11. Social  Market  Intelligence. 3  Hot  Startup  Models  in  China Lucas  Englehardt
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