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Yammer Evolution Infographic


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This infographic represents the typical phases of a Yammerite's engagement and adoption.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Yammer Evolution Infographic

  1. 1. Evolution of a YAMMERITE You JOIN You LURK You like You share You reply You post You crave time thisinfographicrepresentsthe typicalphasesofayammerite’s ENGAGEMENTand ADOPTION activity It’s easy to move on up and LIKE a post! Go on… Like…Like…Like! You are replying to other posts. Watch your confidence grow! Remember… every post is a learning experience! Yammer is on all your devices. You check numerous times daily. Addictive! You see a post that you like and it’s safe to share. Sit back, people will like it!Yammer voyeurism at its best! Safe to lurk, read, watch and get a feel for how Yammerverse works. Infographic designed by Lena Ross, 2015