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10 Red Hot Tips for Yammer Adoption in Your Organisation


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This presentation highlights 10 proven tips for Yammer adoption in your organisation, to promote collaboration and engagement.

Published in: Business
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10 Red Hot Tips for Yammer Adoption in Your Organisation

  1. 1. For yammer adoption in your organisation BY LENA ROSS
  2. 2. Leaders need to role model yammer presence > leaders need to be seen as early adopters and lead the way 2
  3. 3. Run lunchtime info sessions to demystify it > and get them to join up at your info sessions while they are there
  4. 4. Reward new adopters quickly with a ‘like’ or ‘share’ or comment > reward the behaviour straight away to encourage repeat posts and inject a burst of dopamine! 4
  5. 5. Feature use of yammer and building social capital in your employees’ scorecards > if it’s measured, it’s done-If it’s rewarded, it’s repeated
  6. 6. Have a couple of topics or blogs ready to post when things go quiet > sometimes your yammer group needs to be nudged-keep up the momentum
  7. 7. Back-channel from events-inside and outside of your organisation-in real time or just after. > Be sure to assign hashtags for events and topics for easy search afterwards 7
  8. 8. At an event, offer an incentive for the first three people to report back with a post > this can be at any event, such as a workshop or conference…
  9. 9. In emails, refer to yammer conversations and provide the link to the thread > a good way to drive traffic to your yammer site
  10. 10. Promote offers, such as free tickets to events or activities, only on yammer > Make it the place to go to find out about employee offers first
  11. 11. Add it to your new employee induction checklist > provide a quick reference guide along with info on which relevant groups to join
  12. 12. Oh-and just one more thing show your employees this social media adoption curve-larger on the next page
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Find out more About #changehacks on my website @LenaEmelyRoss If you enjoyed this presentation, please share it or like it, or both! There’s More blogs on social media and adoption on my website!