Ready for holidays


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Ready for holidays

  1. 1. vocabularyto plan ahead планировать заранееOn your marks! На заметку!goal цельfilm пленкаdisposable одноразового пользованияplot сюжетsuspense интерес, напряжениеally друг, союзникray лучmega супер, мега
  2. 2. olidays. What does the word mean to you? Sun and fun? Or long empty days when you wish you were somewhere else? Time passes slowly if you h Holidays. What does the word mean to you? Sun and fun? Or long empty days when you wish you were somewhere else? Time passes slowly if you have nothing to do. Plan ahead for a brilliant holiday!
  3. 3. On your marks!Get ready to fight boredom. Write a list of wonderful and exciting things youcould do, at home or away.
  4. 4. Think Big!Decide to become a champion swimmer, to climb thehighest mountain, to write a hit record.Write down all your wishes, big and small. They may not all happen but they will get you in theright mood.Holidays are more fun if you have a goal.
  5. 5. Lists! If youre going away, make a list of everythingyoure going to need: clothes, games to play in theevening, jokes to tell in traffic jams.Write your list with a friend.Its more fun and two heads are better than one!When your list is ready, stick it inside your bag soyou dont lose it.
  6. 6. If you cant live without music, choose yourfavourite tapes and make sure your Walkman hasbatteries.And while youre at it, buy some film for yourcamera.If you dont have a camera, buy a cheap disposableone.Photos and other souvenirs will bring somesunshine to the cold, dark months ahead.
  7. 7. Dont make the same mistakes twice!Play back your last holiday in your mind, like a film.Whats wrong with the film?Is it the sound? (There isnt enough laughter: youtalked too much or you didnt talk enough!) Or is it the plot? (Theres no excitement, nosuspense). Its hard to make things better unless you knowwhats wrong!
  8. 8. A word of warning: if you stay in the sun toolong, you burn.Thats a fact. This summera hat and a good sun cream could be your bestallies.Danger zones: your nose, shoulders andneck.Avoid going in the sun between middayand three oclock when the suns rays arestrongest.
  9. 9. Yippee!The big day is nearly here!The day before you leave, check the house from topto bottom: you may find some things you hadforgotten to pack. If you have a bad memory, post a note to yourselfon the bathroom mirror: Remember to take yourtoothbrush!
  10. 10. Smile! A big friendly smile is understood in everylanguage. On the beach, in a traffic jam on the motorway or atthe village shops, a smile is the best passport to amega holiday!