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Olympic Games Fast Facts


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The team at is very excited for the 2012 London Olympics. As we count down the days to the start of the Olympic Games we started asking a few questions about Olympic history. In this graphical presentation, presents a few Olympic Games Fast Facts to get you excited.

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  • The color of the rings is not correct:
    Green = Australia
    Blue = Europe

    Very nice presentation though...
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Olympic Games Fast Facts

  1. FASTER, HIGHER, STRONGERTHE OLYMPIC GAMES Ever wondered what the five rings on the Olympic flag symbolize? How have the modern games changed over time? Find out the answers to these questions and more about the Olympics. Create� b�
  2. 1896 The first Olympic Games in 1896 had nine sport competitions. Since then many sports have been added (and removed) from the program. MARATHON The first modern Olympic Games in 1896 included a marathon, which was designed specifically to pay homage to Ancient Greece. 730
  3. Five sports that have been partof every summer Olympic Games Track and Field Gymnastics Cycling Fencing Swimming
  4. BROADCASTINGThe first Olympic Games The Olympic Games werentto be televised were the televised worldwide until theBerlin Olympics in 1936. Rome Olympics in 1960.
  5. TOP FIVE MOST POPULAR EVENTS 1Track and field 2 Swimming 730 3 Soccer 4 Gymnastics 5 Basketball
  6. TORCH RELAYThe modern use of the Olympic flamebegan in 1936. Greek ritual alsoincluded torch relays, although this wasnot actually part of the Olympic Games. Traditionally the Olympic flame originates in Olympia, Greece and is rekindled every two years using the suns rays and a concave reflective mirror.
  7. 1908The first time athletes marched intothe stadium behind their nationsflags was in London.1908The first time a swimming pool wasused for swimming events.1912The first Olympic Games to includecompetitors from all five continents.
  8. OLYMPIC FLAG The five interlocking rings of the Olympic flag symbolizethe five continents of the world LINKED TOGETHER IN FRIENDSHIP. AUSTRALIA AFRICA AMERICAS ASIA EUROPE
  9. HOW MUCH GOLDIS THERE INAN OLYMPICGOLD MEDAL?The Olympic Gold Medal is made ofsilver with a 6 gram coating of gold.
  10. The most Gold Medals ever won by a single individual in a single Olympics. Michael Phelps, USA, won them in1920 the 2008 Beijing Olympics.The only Olympian 8ever to be awarded theNobel Peace Prize wasPhilip Noel-Baker ofGreat Britain, who won 1984the silver medal in the First time professional1500-meter dash. athletes were officially allowed to compete in the Games. THE VICTORY PODIUM WAS FIRST USED IN 1932.
  11. LONDON 2012The 2012 Summer Olympics, which open onJuly 27, will make London the first city in theworld to host the Olympic Games three times.Sources Create� b�