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Dan perri presentation


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Dan perri presentation

  1. 1. Dan PerriCharlie Harry Thabo Charlie
  2. 2. About Dan PerriDan PerriDan Perri has been a film and television title sequence designer for over 30years and has created main titles for more than 400 film and televisionprojects.Dan Perri’s most famous work includes Star Wars, Taxi Driver, TheWarriors, Raging Bull, Airplane! ,The Aviator, The Player , Nightmare onElm street , Robocop 2 and Gangs of New York.Dan Perri has also created many screen logos such as Orion pictures ,ABC Circle films, Miramax/Touchstone.
  3. 3. StyleDan perri style of title sequences is to make sure theaudience understands the setting and context of thefilm. He also introduces characters such as in ‘TheWarriors’ title sequence he shows all gangs that arefeatured in the film. Dan perri also signifies thesetting in ‘The Warriors’ by showing the subway werethe movie will be set.
  4. 4. Dan Perri- Raging Bull Angles & SoundDan perri uses lots of close up shots to identify keyfactors. His title sequences also build up tension by usingslow paced effects and long cuts. In ‘Raging Bull’ Danperri uses sound to represent Jake la Motta’s personality.As Jake la Motta’s aggressive and quick temperedpersonality this music shows that when he is in the ring heis at peace, and the only way he can express himself isthrough the poetic motion of fighting hence the musicbeing played is poetic and peaceful. The fog in thisparticular sequence could show that in La Motta’s mind hehas blocked the world out and is concentrating on hisfight.