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Market intelligence for hp


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Our marketing intelligent services

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Market intelligence for hp

  1. 1. For all HP categories Primary Market Intelligence Portfolio Services xavier.olivella
  2. 2. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 2  Overview  Our Services  Methodology  Testimonials  How to get it Content
  3. 3. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 3 Market Intelligence target audience Sales PeopleRetailers Channel Partners Service Centers B2B Customers PrescribersTele operators B2C Customers Technical People Marketers
  4. 4. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 4 Market Intelligence target products PPS Enterprise Software Services
  5. 5. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 5 Market Intelligence data channels We use multiple ways to capture information data of your customer research at the right place with the best ROI Customer In depth interviews Online surveys Offshore territories Focus groups Phone interviews Social media
  6. 6. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 6 Market Intelligent Research Services Product Marketing Distribution Channels Customer Satisfaction Customer Services People’s Assessment
  7. 7. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 7 Product Marketing Research Product positioning Branding Product value Customer buying process Market sizing Competitive intelligence
  8. 8. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 8 Distribution Channels Research Compass services to compare and analyze your channel partners between themselves and in respect of what you expect
  9. 9. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 9 Customer Satisfaction Research Analysis of your customer satisfaction about product, services and people’s influencing factors PRODUCT SERVICES PEOPLE Loyalty Post-Sales Service Customer Care Price Availability and delivery Compromise Image The right price Sales
  10. 10. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 10 Customer Services Research Analysis of your customer services about customer care and quality of services influencing factors CUSTOMER CARE QUALITY OF SERVICES Security Efficacy Customer Corporate image Empathy Market price Personalized factors The right price
  11. 11. TimelinesConsolidationImplementationOverview 11 People’s Assessment Assessment of your sales force, product specialists, technical support,… about Knowledge, Processes, Behaviors
  12. 12. TimelinesConsolidationImplementation 12 Implementation
  13. 13. TimelinesConsolidationImplementation 13 Intelligence Discovery Toolbox Design Execution Market Research Findings Identify key values, segmentation data, market drivers Build the customer/channel tools. The right questions to the right customers Feed up survey tools with the right information by contacting customers Information provided by customers is analyzed, reported, presented and delivered with recommendations Our four steps Methodology
  14. 14. TimelinesConsolidationImplementation 14 Senior Consultants Consultants & Market Intelligence Tools Our Resources A Project Manager is assigned to coordinate all necessary resources Intelligence Discovery Toolbox Design Execution Market Research Findings Country and central team resources depending of the project scope Senior Consultants
  15. 15. TimelinesConsolidationImplementation 15 Our Marketing Intelligence Tools All our tools are Cloud based tools for quicker deployment Smart Customer Feedback CRM / PRM Online Surveys/Polls Multilanguage Reporting Quality Control
  16. 16. TimelinesConsolidationImplementation 16 Our Customers Large ITC Companies Channel Partners & Startups Service and Cloud/SaaS Companies
  17. 17. TimelinesConsolidationImplementation 17 Testimonials Business Strategy Market Development Market Intelligence
  18. 18. TimelinesConsolidation 18 Your Benefits Increase your competitiveness Achieve stronger position Multi countries projects Flexibility to your needs
  19. 19. TimelinesConsolidation 19 How to get your market research
  20. 20. TimelinesConsolidation 20 How to get your Proposal Lemon has been named by HP as Awarded Supplier under Agreement CW387232 for Marketing Intelligence in July 2014 for 2 years. Based on the approved pricing and services agreement with HP, Lemon can provide you a personalized proposal based on your expectations: o Research objectives o Coverage and territories o Market segmentation o Customer profiling o Expected deliverables o Expected project timing
  21. 21. Timelines 21 Next steps Define your objectives, markets, territories, expected deliverables and milestones Your call Get your Market Intelligence proposal In just a few days PO generation using HP Global Procurement pre-approved services Shortly Provide us all required information Start the project in less than 2 weeks
  22. 22. xavier.olivella @ Europe +34 620 076 797 USA +1 650 488 4284 Amsterdam – Barcelona – Brussels – Bristol – Madrid – Milano – München – Paris