Furniture Brand Project Group One


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Furniture Brand Project Group One

  1. 1. Brand Marketing Plan Creative Interior Decoration
  2. 2. Outline 7. Q&A 6. Mersure 5. IMC 4. Brand identity 3. Consumer insight and segmentation 2. Brand/product concept 1. Market Overview
  3. 3. Demand trend Social trend Economy condition Social trend SWOT Analysis
  4. 4.  Demand trend  Need of expanding living space increases leads to need of new interior decorations  However, almost brands focus on model, price quality but ignore the real demand of increasing living space  Creative decor becomes the best solution  Social trend  People tend to use modern, stylish product.
  5. 5.  Economy condition Affordable price is the most consideration  Law and Regulation WTO creates opportunity to develop decor industry Government encourages purchasing
  6. 6.  Competitors focus model, price; the demand of expanding living space is not hold in esteem.  Famous brands are too expensive while the models of affordable products are not multiform. The biggest consumption in the market comes from small shop with no brand  Most of Vietnamese brands focuses on exporting product for profit and make light on domestic market and ignore branding. Most of Vietnamese brands are most familiar with domestic customers
  7. 7.  Creative in designing, affordable price  Multifunctional product  Premium service: consulting for designing, design based on science of the winds and waters and fortune  Each product has sample material with which customers believe in Alinia brand
  8. 8. Geographic Demographic Target segment
  9. 9.  Consumer insight: Customers like to increase their living space , and they care about nice models, quality, and price when buying interior decoration.
  10. 10. Segmentation: Geographic: - Domestic: Citizens ( HCMC,HN, Da Nang….) - Global market: EU, Japan, USA, China
  11. 11. Segmentation:  Demographic: Income Age Characteristic (million VND) Intellectual and like to experience 25-50 5-10 new things. 27-40 5-13 Love beauty
  12. 12. 8c2a7b6e Target segment  Citizens aged from 27 to 45, married. They are officers or whole a small business. Their incomes belong to the middle-end class in big cities. They may own or rent accommodation, but their area are small.  They love beauty and like to experience new things
  13. 13. Vision Mission Objectives Brand name Logo Slogan Core Value
  14. 14.  Vision: The leading brand in the Vietnamese interior decoration market and become one the famous global brand.  Mission: brings our customers comfortable living space by saving every centimeter square.
  15. 15.  Objectives:  The 1st year  Relationship with trading partners  Recruit intelligent designers.  Production goes in to stable performance.  The 2nd year  Export to foreign markets,  Growth rate is about 40% and revenue exceeds $ 10 million.
  16. 16. Brand name: “Alinia” (all in) Slogan: “Space your World UP”. Core value: Creativeness makes us different
  17. 17.  Position statement To people who live in urban and have average income in comparison with the most of population, Alinia is a brand of creativeness. We will help you use your space efficiently because like you, we understand the urgent demand in using space.
  18. 18. Ad on newspaper and magazine Public Relation & Sponsorship Print brochure & Guidebook Direct mail Trade Promotion Event Internet Ads Word of mouth Showroom
  19. 19.  Newspaper:  Tuoi Tre ( read most by the South residents),  Cong An Nhan Dan (most popular in the North)  Magazine:  Kien Truc & Doi Song,  Tiep Thi & Gia Dinh
  20. 20.  Creative, artful, professional and effective description.  Show them the creativeness and benefits of Alinia.  This increases positive image of Alinia in customers’ mind in resulting.
  21. 21.  High discount rate higher to attract wholesalers and retailers.  Vacation, commission when they reach highest sales.
  22. 22.  Invite journalists to come to our press conference  Our green-plan is designed to develop forest area
  23. 23.  “How comfortable you are in 20 square meter room?”  “Event for wholesalers and retailers”  VietBuild and Expo fair to build relationship with customers, trading partners, communication partners, etc.
  24. 24.  E-Mail Marketing.  We will buy list of email address of companies related to building and decor industries, and target customers.
  25. 25.  E-News:,, etc.  SEO: search engine optimization (Google, Yahoo, Live , etc.).  Famous e-commerce websites such as, etc.  Exchange website:,…  Social Network: Y!360,,,
  26. 26.  Alinia website is e-commerce channel  Design: friendly and should be familiar.  Virtual space (3D) as they really do as shop.  Updated frequently  Game online on website related to our products so that customers can relax and get Alinia’s information simultaneously.
  27. 27. Games Azada Hidden Expedition Amazon
  28. 28.  Every employee is cell of organization  Understand message of Alinia  Channel transfer to their social network
  29. 29.  HCM: Ly Thuong Kiet Str., Dist. 10  Ha Noi: Me Linh Plaza
  30. 30. Plan
  31. 31. Tools 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 $ x x x x x Ad on magazine 60,000 x x x x Print brochure & Guidebook 20000 xx xx x x x x x x x xx xx xx 250000 Trade Promotion x x x Public Relation 5000 x x Sponsorship 12000 xx Direct mail 1000 X x Event 50000 x x x x x x x x x x x x Internet Ads 50000 x x x x x x x x x x x x Showroom 100000 x x x x x x x x x x x x Word of mouth 0 Total 548000
  32. 32. Members of group one Vo Le Duy BA060087 Le Minh Hai BA060089 Nguyen Thuy Anh Thu BA06014