Food blogging with WordPress


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This is an introduction to FoodBlogging using the WordPress platform.

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Food blogging with WordPress

  1. 1. Food blogging Sharing your passion for rations John LeMasney
  2. 2. Why are you doing this? Lost weight? Love a particular cuisine? Dislike McDonald's? Love local, fresh, cheap, clean? Recipe collection? Love to cook? Cook with your kids? Craft beer or wine enthusiast? beercritic foodographer?
  3. 3. Great food blogs manger not without salt Green Kitchen Stories
  4. 4. Photos videos and graphics Start making images to tell your story. Grocery Restaurant Street food Outdoor dining Fast food Your kitchen cooking eating
  5. 5. Sensory language What does the food, dish, restaurant, experience, drink, etc… taste (the lemon adds a bright bitterness) smell (the garam masala adds an earthy aroma) feel (the pasta and veggies still had bite) look (the reds of the tomatoes were brilliant) sound (you could hear the sizzle over the music) like?
  6. 6. A well defined point of view Nutrition? (diaryofcalories) Deliciousness? (food porn) Nostalgia? (diners, etc) Extremes (epic meal time) 'Humor' (my drunk kitchen) local food whole food seasonal homemade
  7. 7. Hardware Laptop Smartphone Camera Tripod Lights Digital audio recorder
  8. 8. Focus recipes photos storytelling politics techniques hardware experiences ideas
  9. 9. Methods WordPress Yelp Flickr Foodspotting Foursquare Tumblr Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  10. 10. Keep in mind clean clear legible audible angles stay on point
  11. 11. Thanks! John LeMasney